Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Trailer

PETER: It’s exciting. And in the last few episodes of Star Wars Rebels , you’re getting pretty dark.  And I like it.  As an adult watching the show, I like it.  But I do think it is, I mean, no offense, but it is a kids show.  What I’m wondering is can you really kill off a beloved character like Ahsoka or turn a main character that’s beloved like Ezra to the Dark Side on a kid’s show?  Like is that actually possible?

DAVE: You know I would say absolutely you can.  And I would say that I don’t mind at all you saying on a kid’s show, because talking to George he would always remind us that Star Wars is for kids.  You know, I think that over the years as adults we’ve kind of taken something we grew up with as children and morphed it into something that’s incredibly powerful to us and important to us.  But when my parents loved Star Wars.  They say they loved it.  They liked it because it was relevant to a lot of things they knew.  And my Father was big into opera and music and those things.  And so he could relate to some themes and things in Star Wars.  But there wasn’t this big adult culture around me that was like certainly dressing up like Stormtroopers and fans.  That has changed in the course of my life.  Now whereas fans, we kind of hold onto these things so hard.  At times I think we change them too much and darken them too much and we forget their initial purpose.  Our fundamental responsibility at least for me as a storyteller needs to be captivate the imagination of kids.  You know, because they’re the ones that we need to give them the ability to 30 years later still love it like we do now.  If we change it too much and make it too dark, then we kind of deny them that ability because they’re too frightened by it.  But yeah, you can, you can, you know, you can kill off characters.  You can turn them if it serves the story.  That’s something George always warned me about.  You know, if you do this, do it for a reason.  A reason that kids will understand.  But don’t just do it to do it.  Which is sometimes a hard thing not to do, to be tempted by.  But, we’ll see.  It’s good to get you to the edge.

Darth Vader in Star Wars Rebels

PETER: Watching that trailer, which is great, I was taken by just as much of what wasn’t there and what was there.  We didn’t see Darth Vader.

DAVE: That’s right.

PETER: And he was a big part of last season.

DAVE: Yeah.

PETER: Is he gonna be in this season?

DAVE: I’ve kind of gone on this course, which is pretty, pretty direct about certain things ’cause I don’t like to tease people along and then have them be disappointed.  So it’s really an elected decision to not have Vader around because he’s, as we get closer to A New Hope, I want him to serve as that story.  And I don’t wanna take up too much of, it sounds funny, Vader’s time.  I don’t wanna fill in every hole of his story.  I don’t know what we benefit from that.  As much as you need to say, okay, this is a major point in his life when he’s confronted by his former apprentice.  That is worth doing.  Him chasing the rebels of the Ghost crew around is never something that really interested me.  Mainly because I didn’t think they could survive it for very long.  And now that I have Thrawn, it’s more interesting to me to setup this completely different kind of villain that’s gonna play a long game against our guys that they’re not typically used to.  So that and I appreciate James Earl Jones‘ time.  He’s a very busy man.  He is performing on stage all the time and he is gracious to take time to come and perform for us.  And to play the role of Vader.  And I really appreciated that.  And I just wanted to make sure that it was a limited thing and, you know, could he ever come back?  Possible, but not presently.

Star Wars Rebels Inquisitors

PETER: The other thing missing from the trailer is Inquisitors.  Are they gone?  Is that done?

DAVE: I’m not gonna define if they’re done not or yet.  But I feel like you have to start to phase those things out.  Because you get the feeling when Tarkin’s talking to Vader in A New Hope that Force wielding usage wasn’t something that was very prevalent in A New Hope.  He talks about it like something that’s a bygone era.  So it was risky to me to have these kind of modern Force wielding guys around as close to the timeline as we were.  And so I’ve kind of tried to push them away and kind of got rid of them a lot in one fell swoop last season.  And now I’m bringing in more of a military man who I think actually fits that type of feeling and time period more like the Piett’s and the Togg’s and those kind of bad guys.  ‘Cause when I was a kid and remember Tarkin says that line to Vader about basically being their fire’s got out in the galaxy.  I felt like it was hundreds of years.  You didn’t realize as a kid how recently it was.  It was in Tarkin’s lifetime that the Jedi were running around.  But yeah, it’s gotta be feeling like it was a while ago.


PETER: I love the idea of the Force neutral creature.  And I was wondering where did that come about?  Like did you talk to George Lucas about like the idea of that there could be Force neutral beings in this galaxy?

DAVE: I had a lot of discussions with George about the Force and a lot of that stemmed out of our discussions for Mortis that a lot of it dealt with our discussions on the characters that were the kind of multi-personality being that Yoda finds, the Priestesses in the end of The Clone Wars.  And so we were really getting into the nature of the Force as being the cosmic Force and the living Force and what that all means.  And so Bendu for me is an extension of those conversations I had with George.  And I’m trying to really get down in the story lore a lot of the things he and I talked about.  So he wasn’t a character we talked about, but I knew there was opportunity for a character like that.  Once you get beyond the concept of the Jedi and the Sith where kind of religion’s working using the Force, there is the Force itself which exists all around us.  It’s just life itself.  And the balance of the Force never speaks in terms of destroying one side or the other.  That’s an attitude we put on it saying okay, the light must vanquish the dark and the dark wants to stop the light.  Those are imbalances, which nature corrects all the time.  So there were a lot of conversations around the nature of what the chosen one is and how these things operate that Bendu kind of speaks to.  And but mainly my influence for Bendu was Tom Bombadil, the character from the world of Tolkien.  Someone that’s not really on either side, but seems to be more on the good than the bad.  But he’s not really influenced by either.  And he’s so old, it’s just a whim to him and a fun thing.  But if he tires of you, he will tell you to leave.  So yeah, Tom Baker of course does an excellent job portraying this character.  And he understands this mythic lore type of storytelling better than anyone.  And you can see his voice is just fantastic.

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