The hypnotic intro to M*A*S*H, alongside China Beach‘s, was forever instilled in my head as a kid, even though I habitually fell asleep beside my dad two minutes into the actual show. And of course, Robert Altman’s 1970 film is one of his classics. Twenty six years later, a retired chemical engineer named Andreas Kyriacou and several other fans on behalf of the Malibu Creek State Park in California (where the original show and movie were filmed) are recreating the set.

The first order of business was to accurately recreate the famous makeshift signpost (below), but TV writer Ken Levine says much more is in store on his blog

“Using original blueprints they are also roping off the areas where the Swamp was, the Mess Tent, etc. The park may eventually institute organized overnight camping trips and videos projected on a bedsheet for campers. But step one is a formal ceremony to commemorate the anniversary of the show’s finale on February 23rd. So this summer, for the first time in 26 years you’ll be able to actually walk around the MASH camp. Bring water, sunscreen, a portable fan, and your favorite memories.”

I wish I could make the trek out there. If any /Film readers do, let us know. We usually reserve Cool Stuff for memorabilia and collectibles, but as the old saying goes, this kind of experience is priceless. This is dedication on the part of film fans, and knowing that the original set was destroyed in a fire back in ’82, it’s a nice bit of commitment on their part.

 Source Link: Ken Levine / LAT

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