5. Sony Pictures: Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Hall H (Friday from 6:15pm – 7:15pm)

Two different Spider-Man universe titles, two very different projects. Venom has a lot to prove, and we’re anxious to see what Sony Pictures can do without the webslinger as opposition for the Marvel Comics villain/anti-hero. Tom Hardy helps sweeten the deal, but we still want to see more of what this movie is going to be. Meanwhile, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse looks like something completely different for comic book movies and it could open the door for some awesome adaptations of other comic books that might be too wild and crazy for live-action. We can’t wait to see more footage from that one. (Ethan Anderton)

4. AMC’s Better Call Saul and the Breaking Bad 10th Anniversary Celebration  – Hall H (Thursday from 3:30pm – 5:30pm)

I’ll be weird here and admit I’m much more excited about the Better Call Saul panel than I am the Breaking Bad reunion, because I’m that oddball who prefers Saul to Bad. That said, this panel should be amazing. The original cast of Breaking BadBryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and more – will all gather together with creator Vince Gilligan to reflect on the legacy of the show that helped change television as we know it. In addition to that, the majority of the Better Call SaulBob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks,  Rhea Seehorn and so on – will gather to offer insight into the new season of what might be the best show on TV right now.  (Chris Evangelista)

bumblebee sdcc

3. Paramount: Bumblebee – Hall H (Friday from 5:00pm – 6:00pm)

What does a Transformers movie without Michael Bay even look like? The first trailer for Bumblebee looked more like a live action 80s-set Iron Giant than a Transformers film, and that has me excited. The Paramount panel will give us an extended look at Travis Knight‘s live-action feature debut. And there is always the possibility that they could tease other future films in the Transformers cinematic universe. (Peter Sciretta)

Wonder Woman 1984 Photo

2. Warner Bros. Pictures – Hall H (Saturday from 10:30 am to 12:30pm)

With Marvel Studios sitting it out this year, is it any surprise that Warner Bros. is one of our most anticipated panels of this year’s convention? WB always brings big movies and surprise reveals to San Diego, and they know how to put on a show – they installed huge screens a few years ago that take over all sides of the auditorium. This year, Warner Bros. has kept everyone in the dark as to what they are bringing to San Diego. They have not announced any of the films, and they know that Hall H will be packed on Saturday morning regardless.

We expect WB to talk about the future of the DC movie universe, including closer looks at Aquaman, Wonder Woman 1984, and Shazam! But will we get any other announcements about the future DC films? Also expected is Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and we speculate that Mowgli, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldThe LEGO Movie 2, and possibly even Creed II could make appearances. Warner Bros. has two whole hours on that stage, and we have no idea what they will show us. In the past, they have announced films with concept trailers, so there may be some surprises that we have no idea about whatsoever. (Peter Sciretta)

Glass first look

1. Universal: Glass and Halloween – Hall H (Friday from 3:45pm – 4:45pm)

In all honesty, this panel might be the only thing I can say I’m 100% looking forward to at Comic-Con this year. Sure, a lot of the panels seem like they’ll be fun, but this is the be-all, end-all for me. I’m a ride or die M. Night Shyamalan fan – Philly, represent – and I’ve stuck with him even when his films got a bit dire. Now the filmmaker is in the midst of a comeback, and he’s unleashing Glass, a sequel to both his dark superhero movie Unbreakable and his thriller Split. The director will be bringing a trailer for the film to SDCC, and I can’t wait to see it.

Then there’s Halloween. David Gordon Green and Danny McBride hope to breathe new life into the stagnant Halloween franchise, and I couldn’t be more excited. Star Jamie Lee Curtis is expected to be in attendance as well, and while we’ve already seen a trailer for the film, the Hall H panel promises a “few riveting surprises.” (Chris Evangelista)

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