Yes, Party Boy. In a bit of casting news already earning groans from snobs and wooo’s from slobs, Jackass‘s Chris Pontius will co-star in Sofia Coppola‘s ode to Hollywood’s storied Chateau Marmont hotel, Somewhere. Pontius will play “Sammy” in the 2010 flick, best friend to the main character, a “hard living actor,” to be played by Stephen Dorff, of S.F.W. fame. Further casting choices have not been announced. Dakota’s younger sister, Elle Fanning, plays the daughter to Dorff’s character, who causes him to “reexamine his life after a surprise visit.” Twinkle, twinkle.

With Somewhere, Coppola is working again inside her signature niche of privileged tales of excess and woe for the cool kids. In a previous post, /Film posited that “former bad boy” Dorff is being set up for a Mickey Rourke-like comeback with the film. Maybe Pontius, an L.A. scenester himself, will offer some characteristic rites of passage, like hoovering blow chopped with Lohan cancer cells.

Let us know what you think about the casting in the comments. And in semi-related news, feel free to discuss Steve-O‘s recent, unflinching Demise and Rise. Episodes of Pontius’s strangely hypnotic nature show, Wildboyz, are available in full at Hulu. Also, if Alyssa Milano is actually being considered for Ghostbusters 3, they might as well throw out the book, make a phone call to Jackass HQ and do this instead.

H/T Vulture

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