Chadwick Boseman Hosted Saturday Night Live

Whenever anyone says Saturday Night Live isn’t funny anymore, it’s because they tuned in on a night when the writers and cast didn’t come together for a good episode, and they used that as a judgment for the entire series. And anyone who tuned into this weekend’s episode with Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman hosting for the first time certainly got fuel for that misguided fire.

Chadwick Boseman did a decent enough job hosting the show, but overall this was a supremely disappointing episode, especially in the second half after Weekend Update. After that, the show completely went off the rails and could barely muster a chuckle in some of the worst sketches I’ve seen in a long time. So where did SNL go wrong this weekend? Find out as we recap the best and worst sketches in the Chadwick Boseman hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Black Jeopardy – It’s so great that SNL has found another successful recurring Jeopardy sketch after their wildly successful Celebrity Jeopardy run when Will Ferrell was still on the show. Even better is that it allows for some great racial material to shine at SNL. In this case, incorporating Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, who is a little out of touch with black culture in the United States, was a nice touch that made this another great installment of the recurring sketch.

Nike Women’s Ad – Commercial parodies are consistently the strongest part of SNL, and this one is no exception. Selling Nike workout pants in the manner in which they’re most predominantly used (as pajamas and couch clothes), but in the same intense way that they sell the rest of their athletic gear? Brilliant.

The Game of Life: DACA Edition – Even though SNL’s political satire has been lacking for the most part this season, every now and then they still find a great way to offer up some commentary on relevant matters. In this case, the game of Life gets some dark twists and turns as it makes immigrants go through a terrible bureaucratic process designed to work against them. Plus, I love the joke at the end about the game not fitting in the box.

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