Sweetheart Clip - Kiersey Clemons

When Tom Hanks got stranded on an island in Cast Away, all he had to deal with was finding food and shelter. But when Kiersey Clemons gets marooned on an island in the upcoming horror movie Sweetheart, there’s something much more terrifying waiting for her.

Sweetheart finds a young girl forced to reckon with a hungry monster on a deserted island, and a new clip reveals how she starts to make this discovery when she stumbles upon a makeshift graveyard of those who have perished on this island before her. It’s enough to make you fear for your life, especially when all you’ve got is a swimsuit and jean shorts. Watch the Sweetheart clip below. Read More »

jojo rabbit clip

Scarlett Johansson knees Sam Rockwell in the crotch in an office filled with Nazi clones: It sounds like the beginning of the most absurd joke, but it is in fact part of Taika Waititi‘s anti-hate satire Jojo Rabbit. 20th Century Fox has released a new Jojo Rabbit clip which unveils just a little more of this bizarre, heartfelt comedy about a young German boy (Roman Griffin Davis) in Nazi Germany whose imaginary friend is Adolf Hitler. Watch the new Jojo Rabbit clip below.

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El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie behind the scenes

Thanks to AMC’s successful ongoing prequel series Better Call Saul, fans of Breaking Bad didn’t have to leave the world of their favorite show behind for long after Breaking Bad ended six years ago. But now they’re finally going to get a chance to find some closure for one of the mothership series’ major characters: Aaron Paul‘s Jesse Pinkman, the tortured meth maker who escaped from captivity in the series finale and drove away like a madman into the night. Netflix’s upcoming El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie picks up that story right where it left off, and now the streaming service has released a new behind the scenes look at the making of the movie. Check it out below.

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terminator dark fate character featurettes

Terminator: Dark Fate is stepping up its marketing campaign with the release of a set of five new featurettes spotlighting the main characters of the new Terminator sequel. While Sarah Connor and the T-800 need no introduction, the long gap in between Dark Fate and its canonical predecessor T2: Judgment Day requires a little explanation as to what they’ve been up to these past 28 years. And how do the new characters of the Grace, Dani Ramos, and the Rev-9 come into play? Watch the Terminator Dark Fate character featurettes below.

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are you afraid of the dark clip

The new Are You Afraid of the Dark? reboot is arriving this week, just in time for Halloween season. A whole-new Midnight Society will gather to tell some scary stories – only this time, the stories are coming to life. A new, and surprisingly long, Are You Afraid of the Dark clip brings the Midnight Society together at a creepy carnival. Plus: the reboot’s writer spills the beans on the many horror references fans will encounter along the way.

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el camino featurette

Netflix loves catering to the teens, which means every now and then we get a very perplexed cast of serious actors promoting their prestige film with a YouTube reaction video. Breaking Bad was a Peak TV sensation before the era of streaming, but with the upcoming arrival of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, the cast must now do their internet due diligence.

Netflix gathered the cast of El Camino in a recreation of the old Breaking Bad meth-making RV to read YouTube comments on the film’s trailer. It’s a pretty lackluster piece of marketing that’s made enjoyable to watch thanks to Aaron Paul’s sheer enthusiasm and willingness to say emphatically say “bitch” every five seconds. Watch the El Camino featurette below.

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Harpoon Review

As aquatic horror further dominates 2019’s slate, Rob Grant’s Harpoon flashes sharpened fangs despite a lack of predatory creatures. No sharks, no crocodiles, just three “friends” airing their grievances while stranded at sea. After catching the film in Montreal at the Fantasia Film Festival, I’m still waiting for a rival title to dethrone Harpoon’s signature mean spirit and hostility. As per my full review back in August, you’re in for a devastatingly dark good time. Yellow Veil Pictures and Dread continue to rep challenging, out of the norm genre cinema (Luz, y’all), with this “psychos at sea” title confirming no such change.

The film opened in limited cinemas on October 4, but fret not – Harpoon hits Video On Demand platforms today! In honor of Grant’s cruise into madness hitting wider audiences, here’s an exclusive clip that shows desperation in its bloodiest form.

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joker opening scene

Todd Phillips got together with the good folks at Vanity Fair to break down the opening scene of his movie Joker. The scene is our first introduction to the tormented Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), the man who will one day become Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime. Love or hate Phillips’ film, this is an interesting video and gives you a glimpse into what Phillips was going for with his ultra-dark comic book movie. Watch the Joker opening scene breakdown below.

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cowboy bebop first look

You can’t have Cowboy Bebop without the classic anime’s very good corgi, and the Netflix remake is bringing Ein to the forefront in its first behind-the-scenes look at the production. The western sci-fi series begins filming today, and Netflix celebrated the occasion with a special corgi-cam video of the behind-the-scenes production.

The corgi playing the beloved “data dog” gets to wander around the Netflix offices and drink from a special embossed bowl while Cowboy Bebop stars John Cho, Daniella Pineda, Mustafa Shakir, and Alex Hassell fawn over it in a behind-the-scenes Cowboy Bebop first look.

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gemini man clip new

If you’ve ever wanted to see Will Smith bicker with himself, it looks like Gemini Man is going to be the film for you. Ang Lee‘s special effects-driven action flick has old man Will Smith fighting young man Will Smith, which means the Will Smiths get to shout insults at each other in between bullets. A new Gemini Man clip has the Smiths engaged in a standoff. Things don’t go well.

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