mary poppins returns featurette

How do you recapture the magic of a classic movie like Mary Poppins? By casting a lead actress who is practically perfect in every way. Emily Blunt gets the spotlight in the latest Mary Poppins Returns  featurette released by Disney, which delves into how the story continues for the magical nanny and the Banks children.

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Stan and Ollie Featurette

Laurel & Hardy were one of the most famous duos of all time. While their antics on-screen were light, fun and hilarious, behind the scenes, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy had some serious drama between them as they came to terms with the end of their careers. That’s what the new biopic Stan & Ollie focuses on, following the duo (played by Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly respectively) as they embark on a variety show tour in the United Kingdom in 1953, and a new featurette takes a closer look at this touching story.

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Mortal Engines Featurette

Peter Jackson and producing partner Philipa Boyens accomplished quite the task by bringing J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved fantasy world of Middle-earth to life in the incredible Lord of the Rings trilogy, and to a lesser extent, The Hobbit trilogy. Now the producing team is trying to kickstart another literary saga in the form of Mortal Engines, based on the book series of the same name by author Philip Reeve.

Mortal Engines doesn’t seem to have a lot of buzz right now, which is a shame, because the world in which the story takes place looks cool as hell, and it has flares of the films of the Wachowskis. But a new featurette brings Peter Jackson and Philipa Boyens in to help push the project to Lord of the Rings fans, not to mention bringing in the full support and satisfaction of Philip Reeve. Read More »

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Shorts

Earlier this week, we learned about a new animated endeavor called Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures that was specifically geared towards kids in an effort to introduce the classic themes, pivotal moments, and iconic characters from the Star Wars saga to the next generation of fans. Now the first animated shorts from the newly founded have arrived online, and the animation is stylish and cool, adding some real flare to key Star Wars moments that we’re all familiar with.

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Bumblebee Featurette

The Transformers franchise from Paramount Pictures saw a great deal of box office success, but it certainly wasn’t something that most fans of the original animated series and Hasbro toys found themselves loving. A large part of that disconnect came from the designs of the Transformers themselves, which went more for industrial realism by having hundreds of moving parts rather than adhering to any previous designs that fans loved.

But that problem is about to be rectified in the upcoming Transformers spin-off Bumblebee. A new featurette from behind the scenes of the film focuses on the updated designs of the Transformers, which aren’t really updates, but throwbacks to the original animated series. Will that be enough to bring fans back to this franchise? Read More »

spider-man into the spider-verse clip

It’s hard for Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) to get into the swing of being Spider-Man in the latest Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse clip released by Sony. So it’s a good thing he’s got Peter Parker (Jake Johnson) by his side to teach him the ropes (or is the webs?) of being your friendly neighborhood webslinger — as they’re being pursued by evil, laser-wielding scientists. But their teaching session is cut short by the interruption of one other spider-hero: Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld).

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searching clip

Searching, the latest film to employ the ScreenLife method of having all the action take place on various computer and phone screens, hits Blu-ray this week. The film, from writer-director Aneesh Chaganty, stars John Cho as a man trying to locate his missing daughter. It’s one of the best examples of how this method of movie making can be employed, and worth checking out. In honor of the Blu-ray release, we have an exclusive clip below.

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nightflyers opening scene

Alien first popularized the tagline “In space, no one can hear you scream,” but the upcoming Syfy series Nightflyers takes that mantra to heart within the first 5 minutes of the first episode. The network has released the Nightflyers opening scene that made shockwaves when it was teased at this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con. The brutal opening scene sets the tone for the horror-sci-fi series based on the novella of the same name by writer George R.R. Martin.

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Mary Poppins Returns Clip

Sequels dominated the Thanksgiving box office last weekend, including Disney’s sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet. The Christmas season will see yet another sequel from the House of Mouse likely raking in a truckload of cash, too.

Mary Poppins Returns arrives in theaters just before Christmas, and Disney has released a new clip and TV spot from the family friendly musical to announce that tickets are now on sale. Check out both of them below. Read More »

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anna and the apocalypse music video

So this is how the zombie apocalypse will go down: in song. Anna and the Apocalypse, the acclaimed horror-musical-comedy that broke everyone’s brains at Fantastic Fest (in a good way), has a new music video for the song “Soldier at War,” performed by Ben Wiggins. In the new Anna and the Apocalypse music video, we see how the residents of the sleepy town of Little Haven deal with the zombie apocalypse.

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