star wars poster series

ACME Archives is celebrating the original Star Wars trilogy with a series of three new posters created by artist Devin Schoeffler. The three posters, designed in homage to Star Wars: A New HopeStar Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, are available to purchase individually or as a set in a timed release.

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tenet details

Following the most recent delay of Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated espionage thriller Tenet to mid-August, Warner Bros. has released a new poster with the new release date. The poster, which features star John David Washington in front of a tilted cityscape, suggests that Warner Bros. is set on the new August 12 release date, despite delaying the film once before, from its original July 14 release date to July 31. See the new Tenet poster below.

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Star Trek Lower Decks release date

Star Trek: Lower Decks isn’t the first animated Star Trek series, but it’s the first that was designed as an outright comedy – and now we know exactly when the sci-fi-tinged laughs will begin. CBS All Access has announced the show’s release date, and the streaming service has unveiled some new teaser art to boot.  Read More »

Back to the Future 3 poster

If you’ve been to a movie theater in the United States during any period starting from the 1970s and lasting all the way up until today, there’s a very good chance you’re at least passingly familiar with the work of legendary poster artist Drew Struzan. His movie posters are some of the most iconic in history, and over the past few years, our friends at New York City’s Bottleneck Gallery has teamed up with him to translate some of his gorgeous paintings into screenprints.

Now Bottleneck is back with a screenprint of Struzan’s poster for the 1990 sci-fi western Back to the Future Part III. That’d be cool on its own, but even cooler is the fact that the site is also selling prints of Struzan’s alternate, unused designs for the movie’s poster. Get all the details below.
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empire strikes back poster

Artist Matt Ferguson has been paying tribute to several beloved franchises this year, following up his Batman Begins poster with a gorgeous new poster for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in honor of the landmark sci-fi sequel’s 40th anniversary. Ferguson’s poster, which debuted in May to mark the anniversary of Empire Strikes Back‘s theatrical debut, is available for sale now.

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peninsula posters

In a normal world, Peninsula, the eagerly-awaited sequel to Train To Busan, would’ve already played at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. But of course, we don’t live in a normal world, and this year’s Cannes was canceled. Thankfully, we’ll eventually get to see Peninsula, but for now, let’s make do with two new posters. They’re appropriately moody without giving too much away, and that’s just the way we like it around here.

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da 5 bloods posters

A new Spike Lee joint is always worth getting excited about, but to have one arrive now, at this particular time, seems essential. Lee’s latest, Da Five Bloods, is hitting Netflix next week, and ahead of that streaming release, several fantastic new posters have found their way online. You can see the posters, along with some words from Lee, below.

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Palm Springs release date

Palm Springs, the delightful time-loop romantic comedy produced by The Lonely Island, was acquired for more money than any other film in Sundance Film Festival history after it premiered at the festival earlier this year. The movie, which stars Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Cristin Milioti (Fargo, Black Mirror), and J.K. Simmons (Whiplash), finally has an official release date and a summer-friendly poster to go along with it. Read More »

wonder woman 1984 poster

Everything is new and shiny in Wonder Woman 1984, which brings the superhero into the age of materialism and big hair. But some things stay the same, regardless of ’80s fashions or fancy new suits of armor. One of those things which we can always count on Diana of Themyscira to wield is her trusty lasso of truth,which makes an appearance in the latest Wonder Woman 1984 poster.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Frankenstein poster

Nearly one hundred years after they first hit theaters, the classic Universal Monster films remain timeless allegories about the complicated, conflicted nature of mankind. Now Vice Press and Bottleneck Gallery are aiming to pay homage to films like Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, and more with a new poster and print collection dedicated to the Universal Monsters, and it kicks off this week with Anthony Petrie‘s twisted take on Frankenstein. Check out the full piece below and find out how to get your hands on one.
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