modern love trailer

What the world needs now is another ensemble romantic-comedy that looks like it could get dangerously cheesy. But in all seriousness, Modern Love looks like a promising Amazon anthology series, despite the familiar trappings of every other star-powered ensemble comedy that tried to replicate the success of Love, Actually. Written, directed, and produced by Sing Street director John CarneyModern Love stars award-winning actors like Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, and Dev Patel in an anthology series based on the popular New York Times romance column. Watch the new Modern Love trailer below.

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watchmen trailer new

Things start to get out of hand in the latest Watchmen trailer, giving us yet another look at what HBO has in store for their take on the iconic graphic novel. And if you had any lingering doubt about whether or not this show was going to be a traditional adaptation of the comic, this footage puts things to rest. Everything here is new – which means audiences really have no idea what’s coming. Watch the Watchmen trailer below.

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castle rock season 2 trailer

Castle Rock season 2 just dropped its first ominous trailer, setting up a whole new season of Stephen King-influenced thrills and chills. This year, the series will feature Annie Wilkes, the demented nurse from King’s novel Misery. The trailer below gives us our first look at Lizzy Caplan as the character, as well as some shots of some old familiar places – like Jerusalem’s Lot. Watch the Castle Rock season 2 trailer below.  Read More »

are you afraid of the dark reboot trailer

Are You Afraid of the Dark?, the classic Nickelodeon TV series in which Canadian kids sat around a campfire and told spooky stories, is getting a new lease on life. The show has been rebooted into a new limited series that pits a new group of youths against things that go bump in the night. The original ambitious plan was to have the limited series lead directly into a feature film, but the fate of the movie is now in limbo. For now, we can get our thrills and chills from the reboot arriving this October. Watch the Are You Afraid of the Dark reboot trailer below.

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riverdale season 4 trailer

Never was there a group of students that had a more drama and murder-filled high school experience. And yet here are Archie (KJ Apa) and co., celebrating their senior year “in all its glory.” And glory includes one of their close friends, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) going mysteriously missing, sending the town in a tizzy. But, as Veronica (Camila Mendes) slinkily says, Riverdale is no stranger to scandal. Watch the Riverdale season 4 trailer below.

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See trailer

We caught a brief glimpse of footage from See, the upcoming AppleTV+ series from Steven Knight (Eastern Promises, Peaky Blinders) which stars Jason Momoa (Aquaman), during the company’s sizzle reel earlier this year. But today, Apple CEO Tim Cook debuted the first full trailer for the series, and this thing looks ambitious as hell. Check it out below. Read More »

catherine the great trailer

Helen Mirren doesn’t need to play an empress to prove that she rules. But it doesn’t hurt. Mirren stars as the legendary Catherine the Great, one of history’s most powerful — and according to this HBO limited series, most passionate — monarchs. Watch the Catherine the Great trailer below.

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Limetown Trailer

It’s kind of wild that entertainment has reached a point where we’re getting a show based on a podcast that will be premiering on Facebook. But here we are with Limetown, a new series which tells a fictional story through the perspective of a radio journalist who investigates why 326 people have disappeared without a trace at a neuroscience research community in Tennessee. The podcast has been described a mix between the hit podcast Serial and The X-Files, and the Facebook Watch adaptation of it looks like it has the same vibe. Watch the Limetown trailer below to see for yourself. Read More »

The Good Place Season 4 First Look

As we learned over the summer, The Good Place is coming to an end with the upcoming fourth season. Thankfully, the show wasn’t canceled by NBC, but creator Michael Schur just thought now was the best time to finish the story on his own terms. We haven’t seen any new footage from the show’s final season, but thankfully, that changed today.

The Good Place season 4 first look has arrived, and it’s basically a featurette taking us behind the scenes of the final season, as well as a reminder of what happened at the end of the third season (spoiler alert), and a glimpse at some of the new elements in play after yet another gamechanging finale. Watch below! Read More »

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disenchantment part 2 trailer

In part 2 of Disenchantment, Dreamland is going to hell. Literally. The second part of Disenchantment season 1 is coming soon to Netflix, which has released an official trailer for Matt Groening‘s animated fantasy-comedy series. Part 2 picks up immediately after the events of part 1, where things have turned a little…rocky for the residents of Dreamland. It’s up to Bean (Abbi Jacobson) to save her kingdom, and she may have to venture into the depths of hell to do it. Watch the Disenchantment part 2 trailer below.

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