silicon valley season 6 trailer

With its final season, Silicon Valley gets real. Or at least, it goes up against some very real tech giants, with Amazon, Facebook, and Google getting called out by name in the show’s sixth and final season, which sees Pied Piper CEO Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) going to Congress to take a stance on internet privacy. Watch the Silicon Valley season 6 trailer below.

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the crown season 3 trailer full

The Crown returns next month with an all-new season and an all-new cast. To better encapsulate the passage of time, the Netflix series about Queen Elizabeth has brought in older actors to play its lead characters, with Oscar-winner Olivia Colman stepping in for previous Queen Elizabeth actress Claire Foy. A full The Crown season 3 trailer has just arrived to give us a better look at the new royal family.

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watchmen season trailer

How many twists can you pile into one series? If anyone can overload a series with shocking turns, it’s Damon Lindelof, who practically made twists his bread and butter in series like Lost and The Leftovers. And it looks like HBO’s Watchmen will be no exception. In the wake of the cliffhanger at the end of last night’s Watchmen premiere, HBO has released a Watchmen season trailer that somehow teases even more twists and turns for the comic book series. Watch the Watchmen season trailer below.

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the laundromat trailer

Whenever a trailer arrives for a smaller movie, or a documentary headed straight to streaming, we tend to avoid giving it its own specific post. But that doesn’t mean we want to ignore those films. That’s where a trailer round-up comes in handy. Below you’ll find trailers for Fire in ParadiseHoliday in the WildThe Man Without GravityCold BrookThe ApolloAtypical, and The LaundromatRead More »

the sinner season 3 trailer

It’s time yet again for Detective Harry Ambrose to solve a weird mystery. The Sinner season 3 brings back Bill Pullman‘s bearded detective for a new case: one involving a car crash that looks like an accident but might in fact be…foul play. Cue the ominous music. Matt Bomer and Chris Messina also star. Watch The Sinner season 3 trailer below.

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dickinson trailer

Emily Dickinson is a woman ahead of her time, quite literally in the case of the upcoming Apple TV+ series starring Hailee Steinfeld as the legendary female poet. Dickinson is a coming-of-age comedy series set in the mid-1800s that is all about those anachronisms, Steinfeld and her co-stars happily sling around words like “dude,” and “gross.” But it certainly makes Dickinson stand out from the crowd of stuffy biographical dramas — that and seeing John Mulaney rock an old-timey beard as Henry David Thoreau. Watch the new Dickinson trailer below.

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Imagineering Story Trailer

We’re under a month away from The Walt Disney Company entering the streaming wars with their Disney+ streaming service. The full roster of programming coming to the Disney+ was recently revealed, but it looks like one of their launch day shows was left out of the mix.

The Imagineering Story is a new documentary series, coming exclusively to Disney+, that will take a look behind the scenes of all the theme park magic that happens at Disneyland, Disney World, and more. Watch The Imagineering Story trailer below. Read More »

the outsider trailer new

The Stephen King adaptation craze keeps on keepin’ on with The Outsider, a new HBO series base on one of the Master of Horror’s recent novels. The story concerns what appears to be an impossible murder: after a child in a small town is killed, a mountain of evidence points towards one man. The only problem is this suspect’s alibi is airtight, placing him miles away from the scene of the crime. Watch The Outsider trailer below.

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man in the high castle season 4 trailer new

The final season of The Man in the High Castle arrives on Amazon Prime Video next month, so it’s time to prepare yourself with a new trailer. The alternative history show’s final season promises to be epic, bringing to a close a saga that started back in 2015, which feels like a very, very long time ago at this point. Watch the Man in the High Castle season 4 trailer below.

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the marvelous mrs. maisel season 3 trailer

It’s Amy Sherman-Palladino‘s world, and we’re all just living in it. The creator of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is bringing the best of both worlds in the third season of the Emmy-winning Amazon series, which features not one, but two Palladino-verse veterans making an appearance in the official trailer. The trailer follows Midge Maisel (Emmy winner Rachel Brosnahan) as she embarks on a jetsetting USO tour and meets a slew of new and familiar faces along the way. Watch the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 3 trailer below.

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