super bowl movie trailers

I remember when it was a big deal that a 30-second ad slot at the Super Bowl cost $1 million. But in the twenty-plus years since then, the price has climbed to new heights: this year, every 30-second spot during the game itself will cost $5.6 million. That price is becoming a bit too much for Hollywood, and a new report says Universal and Disney will be the only major studios releasing trailers during the game itself. Here’s what we’re expecting to see during the big game this Sunday.
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no time to die teaser

The first trailer for Daniel Craig‘s final outing as James Bond is almost here, but if you can’t wait much longer, this No Time to Die teaser might hold you over. This 25th entry in the Bond franchise finds Cary Joji Fukunaga at the helm, directing a cast that includes returning franchise members Ralph Fiennes, Naomie HarrisLéa SeydouxJeffrey Wright, and Ben Whishaw, and new additions Ana de ArmasLashana Lynch, and new Bond villain Rami Malek.

Normally, the trailer-for-a-trailer trend is frustrating, but this is the first real footage released for the new Bond film, and it’s pretty darn cool, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

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waves trailer new

Waves is one of the most emotionally devastating movies you’ll see all year. Written and directed by Trey Edward Shults, the film follows the trials and tribulations of a family living in South Florida. Like Shults’ two previous films – Krisha and It Comes at Night – Waves is tense, raw, and often anxiety-inducing. But it’s also a movie about redemption. Watch the Waves trailer below.

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predict audience behavior

Making movies is always a gamble, and film studios are constantly searching for ways to minimize their risk. Now they’re turning to artificial intelligence in an effort to predict audience behavior.

A new study says that 20th Century Fox is using A.I. to analyze movie trailers in the hopes of finding things that audiences respond to, so the studio can then recreate those elements in trailers for other movies. Read more from the study below, including a breakdown of how they applied this technique to last year’s superhero film Logan. Read More »

Malevolent trailer

It’s officially October, which means it’s time to kick-off spooky season, the most wonderful time of the year, and make with the horror movies. Netflix is here to help with Malevolent, a scary-looking haunted house story full of creepy children, moving mannequins and more ghoulish goings-on. Florence Pugh plays a con artist posing as a medium who ends up running afoul of some real pissed-off spirits. What could go wrong? Watch the Malevolent trailer below.

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Glass teaser - Samuel L. Jackson

Learn when we will see the new trailers for upcoming films in our continuously updated movie trailer release date calendar.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the first trailer for M. Night Shyamalan‘s long-awaited comic book movie sequel Glass. The film is going to be the subject of a panel at San Diego Comic-Con International tomorrow, and now one more teaser trailer is here ahead of the full trailer reveal. Check it out below.

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Golden Trailer Awards

Last night, the 19th annual Golden Trailer Awards were held at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, celebrating the best movie marketing of the year. And while Wonder Woman reigned supreme at last year’s ceremony, a trailer for Disney and Marvel Studios’ Black Panther ended up taking home the top prize last night. Watch the winning trailer and get the full list of winners below.
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The Predator 3D

Good news, everyone: we’re getting a new Shane Black movie this year. The filmmaker behind Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man 3, and The Nice Guys is roaring back with The Predator, a sequel to the stagnant sci-fi franchise about a race of alien hunters perpetually searching for worthy prey. Now we know the action is going to be even more immersive: co-writer Fred Dekker (The Monster Squad) has revealed that the film is getting the 3D treatment.
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The Best Movie Trailers of 2017

Best Movie Trailers of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, it’s time to look back at some of the best movie marketing of the year. Yes, trailers are literally just commercials for products, but the very best trailers can be an art form unto themselves. When studios and editors buck the trends and set out to create something that truly stands out from the pack, it can make for something worth celebrating. So let’s talk about the Best Movie Trailers of 2017.

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Avengers Infinity War Trailer

Are you ready to go crazy on twitter and use an excessive amount of exclamation points? After months of hype, the Avengers: Infinity War trailer is finally going to grace us with its presence, and we now have an announcement video to prove it. Usually, the trailer-for-a-trailer trend can be frustrating, but Marvel decided to turn the concept into something of a celebration.

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