far cry anime

We’re getting not one, but two Far Cry anime series from Netflix. The streamer is teaming up once again with Ubisoft Film & Television – with whom it’s currently developing a Splinter Cell anime and an Assassin’s Creed live-action series – for two new adult anime series based on the Far Cry video game franchise.

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The Witcher Season 2 Stopped Production

Netflix’s Geeked Week is almost over, but there’s a whole lot of Witcher news the streaming platform has thrown at us before we all gallop off into the weekend.

We already knew that season 2 of the show, which stars Henry Cavill as the gruff and sometimes shirtless Geralt of Rivia, is coming sometime in 2021. And while the Geeked Week presentation still didn’t reveal the official release date, we did get some footage of Ciri (Freya Allan), who had her own journey in season 1 and will likely play a larger role in season 2.

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resident evil infinite darkness opening

Netflix has released the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness opening scene ahead of the CG anime series’ debut in July. The roughly three-minute sequence plays out much like a video game cutscene, right down to the almost fully realistic graphics which look like they belong on a PlayStation rather than a TV show. Watch the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness opening scene below.

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Scott Pilgrim vs the World Expanded Soundtrack

The Scott Pilgrim vs the World soundtrack was already one of the best of its kind – a brilliant collection of songs from a brilliant movie. But this year, it’s getting a lot better with the release of the expanded edition of the soundtrack, featuring previously unreleased songs from the movie. That includes the long-demanded full version of The Clash at Demonhead’s cover of Metric’s song “Black Sheep,” as performed by none other than Captain Marvel star Brie Larson. Read More »

borderlands movie images

Earlier this week we got our first official look at Eli Roth‘s Borderlands movie, featuring Cate Blanchett as Lilith, in silhouette form. But that was just the beginning. Five new images of five different characters have been released, and while they, too, are silhouettes, they still give us an idea of how the characters are going to make the transition from video game to film. Check out the new Borderlands movie images below.

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Super Mario Bros. Movie Extended Cut

A group of inexplicably passionate and loyal fans of the box office bomb Super Mario Bros. have released an extended cut of the film that restores 20 minutes of previously unreleased (and at one time, undiscovered) deleted scenes. Because if there’s one thing that people have always said about bad movies, it’s that they wish they were much longer. Read More »

Borderlands Movie First Look

Eli Roth‘s star-studded movie adaptation of the video game series Borderlands is currently filming, and the first official images and art from the flick arrived today. We have a look at the candy-colored movie logo and a behind-the-scenes image of Cate Blanchett as Borderlands character Lilith. To be fair, the image is just Blanchett’s silhouette, but it looks cool anyway.

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werewolves within trailer

A small town is besieged by a mysterious wolf-like predator. The town take shelter indoors, in one closed space together, and they slowly get picked off from inside. It sounds like a solid premise for a horror movie, but an even better one for a video game, and Werewolves Within is actually both: it started out as an Ubisoft multiplayer VR game published in 2016 which has now inspired a horror comedy movie starring Sam Richardson. Watch the latest Werewolves Within trailer below.

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portal movie

It’s been eight long years since J.J. Abrams and video game producer Gabe Newell brought together their Bad Robot and Valve companies to collaborate on feature film adaptations of Valve’s wildly popular video game franchises Portal and Half-Life. And it’s been five years since we’ve heard an update on either film. But Abrams finally has an update on the long-awaited Portal movie, which the producer and filmmaker says is back on track.

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uncharted wrapped

Video game movies have a spotty track record in Hollywood. In fact, there’s still chatter about a “video game movie curse,” because the vast majority of films based on a video game are critical bombs, and often box office bombs. But expect dozens more shows and movies based on your favorite games in the future, because Hollywood is doubling down on video game adaptations. And Sony, naturally, is leading the charge.

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