Nathan Fillion Uncharted

Yesterday morning, director Allan Ungar (Gridlocked) unveiled an Uncharted fan film that gave fans something they’ve been wanting to see for ten years: a live-action Uncharted story that starred actor Nathan Fillion as treasure hunter and video game protagonist Nathan Drake. I spoke with both Fillion and Ungar on the phone about filming their adaptation, Fillion’s history with the franchise, if a sequel is in the works, and more. Read our full Nathan Fillion Uncharted interview below. Read More »

Uncharted fan film

Ever since the first Uncharted video game arrived back in 2007, fans have wanted to see actor Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) play the lead role of Nathan Drake, a treasure-hunting adventurer/thief, in a movie adaptation. The actor bears a striking physical resemblance to the video game protagonist, and Fillion has proven capable of matching the character’s sarcastic temperament and quick wit in parts he’s played in the past. An Uncharted movie has been in the works for years at Sony, but since Fillion isn’t going to be involved with that project, he’s taken matters into his own hands.

In this unofficial live-action Uncharted fan film, Fillion finally suits up as Nathan Drake – and he’s joined by a cast of familiar faces in key supporting roles. Check out the short film below.
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Metal Gear concept art

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) has been interested in making a Metal Gear movie for years. He’s totally immersed himself in the world of the popular video game series, even befriending creator Hideo Kojima, and I can’t wait to see what he eventually does with a movie version.

To celebrate the 31st anniversary of the original Metal Gear game, Vogt-Roberts has announced that over the next 31 days, he’s going to be sharing pieces of fan art that might influence the look of the eventual film – assuming it ever makes it into production. Even if you’ve never played any of the games, I think you’re going to want to see this version of the movie after you check out these images. Read More »

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Cast

All the way back in 1994, Jim Carrey was at the top of his game. Following a run of hits with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask and Dumb and Dumber, he headed into blockbuster territory by playing the over-the-top villain The Riddler, a mad scientist named Edward Nygma turned psychopath in the critically scorned Batman Forever. Now the actor is heading back to villainous genius territory for an upcoming video game adaptation.

Sonic the Hedgehog will give the speedy blue critter from SEGA his own big screen adventure. James Marsden has already been tapped to co-star in the movie, but not as the titular speedster. And now Jim Carrey is boarding the project as Sonic’s arch nemesis, a diabolical scientist named Doctor Eggman, also known as Robotnik. Read More »

Halo TV show

Showtime has just announced that they’re adapting the mega-popular Xbox video game series Halo into a TV show, and it will begin shooting early next year. That sound you’re hearing? That’s the sound of fans’ heads exploding all over the damn world. Read on for more info about the Halo TV show below. Read More »

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Call of Duty Movie Details

Sicario: Day of the Soldado director Stefano Sollima spoke with /Film this week about the Sicario sequel. We’ll bring you the full interview at the end of June, but Sollima is attached to a movie based on the Call of Duty video game franchise. During the interview, Sollima explained how Call of Duty will differentiate itself from other video game movies and other war movies.

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Teras Kasi in Solo

Solo: A Star Wars Story is chock full of winks and nods referencing future events in the Star Wars trilogy, almost to the point that it’s annoying. But there are also some obscure references for hardcore Star Wars fans that are a little more interesting. One of them comes from a single line of dialogue referencing one of the worst Star Wars video games every made…but it also has a place in the history of Star Wars and even sets up the major reveal everyone has been talking about.

Find out what we’re talking about below, but beware of spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Read More »

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Cast

Paramount is really going ahead with this whole live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie idea, and now they’ve found their lead: James Marsden, of Westworld and X-Men fame. There’s no word on who Marsden is playing, though.

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Ready Player One Blu-ray, DVD and Digital

This past March, director Steven Spielberg took us into the world of The OASIS and made overwhelming amounts of nostalgia and video game nerdity palatable on the big screen with the adaptation of Ernest Cline’s best-selling book Ready Player One. Now you’ll be able to bring The OASIS home.

Ready Player One will be hitting digital services, Blu-ray and DVD just in time for movie nights this summer in July. Coming with it will be a slew of special features showing how Steven Spielberg and his crew created the digital world of The OASIS and more. Find out when you can bring the Ready Player One Blu-ray/DVD home or download it through your preferred digital service below. Read More »

God of War Lessons

Let me start by saying that the latest installment of God of War is one of the greatest games I have ever played. And by the reactions on some of my favorite gaming outlets, I am not alone. Just as Game of Thrones has accumulated fans across all genre preferences, there seems to be something about this new take on an old popular series that distinguishes it amongst the pack, and transcends people’s typical gaming biases.

About halfway through the game, I realized something even greater: God of War is perhaps one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. More specifically, it is one of the greatest cinematic recreations of mythology. While novels and comic books inspire some of the most award-winning and highest grossing films of all time, mythology seems to be an Achilles’ Heel in the adaptation-happy town of Hollywood. Time and time again, films like Gods of Egypt, Exodus: Gods and Kings, and Clash of the Titans, to name a few, have taken some of the richest stories and characters in human history and reduced them to little more than emotionless, culturally inaccurate, CGI money-grabs.

So, what can Hollywood learn from this action-packed, mythologically based game that succeeded where so many movies have failed? Let’s talk about it. And I’ll keep it as spoiler-free as possible.

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