The Last of Us series

HBO’s screen adaptation of The Last of Us is continuing its casting spree, and we now know who will play Joel’s daughter.

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the tomorrow war review

It’s almost the fourth of July weekend, and what goes better with barbecue and beer than an armored truck carrying a humanity-killing extraterrestrial?

The good news for Los Angeles residents is…they can have both! In a promotion for Amazon’s sci-fi flick, The Tomorrow War, the streaming service has deployed a “real” military convoy carrying a “real” White Spike — one of the murderous aliens that have killed off most of humanity in the Chris Pratt-starring feature. Here’s where you can find it starting tomorrow.  Read More »

alien instagram

Noah Hawley is a busy man these days. The fascinating storyteller is perhaps best known for creating the hit television series Fargo, based on the Coen brothers’ classic, as well as for several near-misses on projects that may or may not ever come to fruition. Last we heard, however, Hawley was gearing up for a surprising journey into the Alien universe — this time, in the medium of television. Now, we finally have some concrete information about just what to expect, straight from the man himself. Some tidbits makes perfect sense for a new series set in the world that Ridley Scott created, while others are a little more… interesting.

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Independence Day Bill Pullman Coronavirus PSA

You might think that after the disastrous misfire known as Independence Day: Resurgence, the pop culture cachet of the entire IP might be less valuable these days than it used to be. Well, dear reader, think again because you would be absolutely wrong. For Americans, the Fourth of July is fast approaching and no matter where on the globe you are, you probably know exactly what that means: dangerous and cruelly dog-frightening fireworks, shameless capitalism, and an entire heaping dose of Independence Day memes.

Budweiser has apparently picked up on the latter two of those points, at least, as they’ve released a new holiday-themed commercial starring none other than Bill Pullman. Check it out below. Or don’t. We’re not the boss of you.

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Anybody that has seen Quentin Dupieux’s Rubber knows that this man can make a movie about anything. His breakout 2010 feature is about a sentient tire that comes to life one day and has adventures rolling along down a desert highway. Oh, and it can blow up people’s heads when it wants to.

And yes, that movie rules. It’s like a hard-R weirdo Pixar movie and there’s nothing else like it.

So it should come as no surprise that a giant fly turns up in the trailer for Dupieux’s newest film, Mandibles, and everybody just rolls with it. Sure, why not?

Let’s take a look at the trailer, shall we?

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2021 Comic-Con Exclusive Hallmark Ornaments

Hallmark won’t be bringing a booth to any in-person conventions this year. But when the home version of Comic-Con International in San Diego and New York Comic-Con come around later this year, they’ll be offering limited quantities of a few exclusive ornaments that fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Ghostbusters will want to get their hands on. There’s also another exclusive collectible that might be of interest to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse fans. Read More »

riddick 4

Vin Diesel loves to talk about Vin Diesel projects, and who can blame him? You’d do the same if you were Vin Diesel. One of Diesel’s favorite topics involves sequels to his various films. Hell, last year he even teased a potential sequel to The Last Witch Hunter, which I’m pretty sure no one but Diesel has any interest in. Now old Vin is at it again, saying that we might get another Riddick movie.

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Transformers Jurassic Park Crossover Toys

Life finds a way. That’s exactly what the Jurassic Park franchise has taught us over the past couple decades, and now Universal’s blockbuster dinosaur films have found their way into the world of Transformers with an epic toy mash-up.

Today, Hasbro unveiled Transformers Jurassic Park crossover toys that turns the Ford Explorer from the dinosaur theme park into an Autobot. But that’s not all, because the Tyrannosaurus Rex has also been turned into a robot known as the Tyrannocon Rex. Only the JP93 Autobot can stop the terrifying Decepticon from wreaking havoc on Jurassic Park. Read More »

the tomorrow war mondo poster

Amazon’s The Tomorrow War, from director Chris McKay following his hilarious The Lego Batman Movie, is set to invade our eyeballs with some gnarly extraterrestrial warfare and some added spice involving, naturally, time travel. With a loaded cast led by Chris Pratt and featuring Yvonne Strahovski, J.K. Simmons, Betty Gilpin, and more, we also know that writer Zach Dean is including plenty of real-world ramifications and commentary intertwined throughout this tale, as all great sci-fi does.

Now, /Film is exclusively debuting the Mondo poster celebrating the release of The Tomorrow War, designed by German illustrator Max Löffler. His impressive portfolio of eclectic and talented work is well worth perusing, and his approach with this poster most definitely hints at the grand ideas and underlying tension within the film. Take a gander at the full image below.

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Star Wars Race to Crashpoint Tower Review

This contains minor spoilers.

Playing throughout the events of Cavan Scott’s new novel The Rising Storm, Daniel Jose Older’s Race to Crashpoint Tower (with illustrations by Petur Antonsson) tells the tale of Jedi padawans Ram Jomaram and Lula Talisola. Ram has a cameo in The Rising Storm and Lula Talisola features prominently in Older’s IDW High Republic Adventures comic book series.

These padawans are drawn into a mysterious plot on the planet Valo when they realize the communications are being jammed. Ram realizes the villainous Nihil are coming and jammed communications mean that the attack is imminent. So begins a race to the communications tower on planet Valo in order to clear the jamming. That way, the Jedi and planetary defenders coordinating the defense of the Republic Fair have a shot at communicating and the day can be saved. Unfortunately, everything stands in Ram’s way, from local security and the Nihil to even larger foes.

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