Lady and the Tramp Review

The slew of live-action and computer-animated remakes of Disney’s hand-drawn animated classics have largely managed to feel creatively bereft, but they have never been entirely pointless. Why does a remake of Aladdin or Dumbo or The Lion King exist? If nothing else, to further fill the coffers of the Walt Disney Company, so that its executives can pull a Scrooge McDuck and dive through the cash. It’s a cynical view, and arguably a point that doesn’t impact anyone who isn’t a shareholder or investor in the company. But these movies exist for at least that one reason.

What, exactly, is the point of a streaming-only remake of an animated film? This question exists now for us to ponder thanks to the upcoming arrival of Disney+, a company-owned streaming service that will house hundreds of older films, thousands of episodes of TV shows, and new content such as Lady and the Tramp. No, not the 1955 animated film about two dogs from different sides of the tracks in small-town America who fall in love. This is a live-action/CG hybrid remake of that same story, premiering on November 12 on Disney+. Though the service itself is designed to hopefully make Disney lots of money, what would the point be of a film like this, one of many that you can watch once the service is available? It can’t make Lion King money or even Dumbo money. The best thing to say about Lady and the Tramp ‘19 is that it’s tolerable, more so than the other Disney remakes released this year. But that’s not saying a whole lot.

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the grudge trailer

According to the tagline of the 2004 remake of The Grudge, “It never forgives. It never forgets.” And it apparently never goes away for very long, because there’s a new Grudge headed our way. But this latest incarnation boasts some serious talent. Nicolas Pesce, director of the stupendously creepy The Eyes of My Mother, is at the helm, and he’s assembled a cast that includes Andrea Riseborough, John Cho, and Betty Gilpin. The trailer for Pesce’s reboot just dropped, and you might like what you see. Watch The Grudge trailer below.

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craft reboot cast michelle monaghan

The Craft reboot continues to grow its coven. The latest addition is Michelle Monaghan, a great actress who deserved to break out big after her star-making turn in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Monaghan’s role in The Craft is being kept secret, but since the main story is about high school witches, she’s likely playing a parent, a teacher, or perhaps a surprise role we won’t see coming.

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Disney Pinocchio Remake

It’s been four years since Disney announced that Pinocchio would be getting the live-action remake treatment that the studio is obsessed with these days. Since then, directors like Sam Mendes (Skyfall) and Paul King (Paddington) have been linked to the project, but they both eventually fell away. Now Disney has lined up a new director, and this one has a hit or miss past with Disney.

Robert Zemeckis is now in early talks to direct Disney’s live-action Pinocchio, the story of a wooden puppet who magically comes to life and wishes to become a real boy. After the hellish and abysmal Welcome to Marwen, I’m not sure I want to see Zemeckis tackle a movie that has anything remotely resembling a doll or a puppet. But here we are. Read More »

the craft reboot cast david duchovny

The Craft reboot has summoned up a new cast member: David DuchovnyZoe Lister-Jones is writing and directing the remake of the 1996 horror favorite about a coven of high school witches, with Blumhouse producing. No word on who Duchovny might be playing, but I’m guessing he’s not one of the teen witches, because that would be weird.

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Elton John Found The Lion King Remake Disappointing

Disney released their questionably “live-action” remake of The Lion King this past summer and it was an instant box office hit. After a massive opening weekend of $191 million in the United States, the movie has raked in over nearly $542.5 million domestically, and over $1.1 billion overseas, making it the 7th highest grossing movie of all time around the world. But just because the movie was a huge box office doesn’t mean everyone walked away satisfied, especially if your name is Elton John. Read More »

lady and the tramp trailer

If you were thrown off by the photorealistic animals of Disney’s The Lion King, the upcoming Lady and the Tramp live-action remake has none of those problems. With real rescue dogs playing the beloved characters, Lady and the Tramp is kicking it old school, featuring voice actors narrating over dogs who are trained to share meatballs and chase after dog pound vans. While a little CGI trickery is used to make the dog’s mouths move, it’s all real and good doggos. Watch the Lady and the Tramp trailer below.

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Billy Porter Joining Cinderella and Little Shop of Horrors Remake

Billy Porter is fresh off an historic Emmy win last month, when he became the first openly gay black man to take home the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his work on the FX series Pose. Now he’s poised to make a leap to the big screen in Warner Bros. planned Little Shop of Horrors remake. Find out all the details below. Read More »

charlie's angels trailer

Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska are the new Angels in Elizabeth Banks‘ upcoming remake of the beloved spy franchise. But this time, they’re international private eyes as Charles Townsend’s agency takes his business international, upping the stakes and the action in the new Charlie’s Angels. Watch the new Charlie’s Angels trailer below.

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‘The Grudge’ Reboot Poster Lets Its Hair Down

grudge reboot poster

We’re still waiting on The Grudge reboot trailer, but how about a poster? The new take on the tale of a haunted house that spreads a curse to all who dare set foot in it comes from director Nicolas Pesce and producer Sam Raimi, and is set to give us all the creeps in January. Rumor has it that a trailer will be dropping any day now, but if you’re itching for something, this poster – which features the trademark long black hair that’s become synonymous not just with The Grudge franchise but also J-horror in general. Check out The Grudge reboot poster below.

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