in-rang the wolf brigade netflix

Netflix has picked up the next Kim Jee-Woon film for international release. The Korean auteur behind acclaimed works like A Tale of Two Sisters and The Good, the Bad, the Weird, will soon be thrilling South Korean audiences with his adaptation of the classic manga series Kerberos, but a global release was nowhere in sight — until now. Illang: The Wolf Brigade will soon be brought to international audiences on the streaming service.

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pop culture imports

(Welcome to Pop Culture Imports, a column that compiles the best, wackiest, and weirdest foreign-language movies and TV shows streaming right now.)

It’s that time of month again: the time when I recommend you a bunch of stuff with subtitles, and we all take refuge indoors from the sweltering heat to watch the best foreign-language TV shows and movies. This week, we have the superhero anime that everyone is raving about, Netflix’s bold and brilliant first Indian TV series, an Ecuadorian thriller starring John Leguizamo, a Chinese romantic drama that will reduce you to tears, and an intriguing French mystery miniseries.

Let’s fire up those subtitles and watch the best foreign movies and TV shows streaming now.

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On the heels of its buzzy first Indian original series, Sacred Games, Netflix is taking its first dive into Indian horror with Ghoul, a series that will partner the streaming giant with Blumhouse for the first time. Blumhouse Productions, the studio behind acclaimed low-budget horror hits like Get Out and Split, has become the go-to studio for high-concept, low-budget horror. And now with Netflix quickly expanding its catalogue of foreign titles, Ghoul is an exciting new venture into Indian horror for both companies.

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Freud Netflix

Who needs Sherlock Holmes when you can have Sigmund Freud? Netflix just gave the go-ahead to Freud, a German-language series in which a young (presumably sexy) Sigmund Freud teams-up with a psychic to solve mysteries.

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Fred Armisen - Los Espookys

HBO is a prime destination for great comedy with shows like Silicon Valley, Veep, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Larry Sanders Show and more in the cable network’s roster. But their new collaboration with Fred Armisen and Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels is something much different.

HBO has given the greenlight to a new half-hour comedy series called Los Espookys that will follow a group of friends in a strange and dreamy version of present-day Mexico turning their love for horror into a peculiar business. Sounds like your typical quirky comedy series from HBO, but what makes this one stand out is that it will be entirely in Spanish. Read More »

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in-rang the wolf brigade trailer

Maybe Hollywood has a problem adapting beloved anime and manga properties, but it looks like South Korea won’t. The latest movie from acclaimed director Jee-Woon Kim (A Tale of Two Sisters, I Saw the Devil) is a remake of a classic manga series that has already seen three successful Japanese adaptations.

The title is probably best known as Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, the classic 1999 anime film that still stands today as one of the seminal sci-fi films of the past few decades. Kim’s adaptation renames it In-rang: The Wolf Brigade, and transplants Mamoru Oshii‘s classic sci-fi story to a near-future reunified Korea. The first international trailer has been released, and though it doesn’t have subtitles, you don’t need to know Korean to know that the film is going to be great.

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pop culture imports june 28

(Welcome to Pop Culture Imports, a column that compiles the best, wackiest, and weirdest foreign-language movies and TV shows streaming right now.)

Welcome back to Pop Culture Imports, lovers of foreign movies and TV shows. It’s nearing the end of June, and hey, what better way to close out Pride Month than to feature an early Ang Lee gay comedy of manners? We’ll round out our list of recommendations with a revival of the beloved anime Cardcaptor Sakura, a documentary about a couple of tortured artists, a devastating Spanish family drama about an estranged family, and Netflix’s latest collaboration with Bollywood.

And now, let’s dive into the best foreign-language movies and shows streaming now.

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pop culture imports june 14

(Welcome to Pop Culture Imports, a column that compiles the best, wackiest, and weirdest foreign-language movies and TV shows streaming right now.)

Hello lovers of subtitles and soapy Asian dramas! June is here, and that means a whole new batch of foreign-language titles are coming your way. Our offerings this month include a zippy Thai heist film that broke box office records all over Asia, a Palestinian thriller with a tender love story, the hottest Korean romantic drama out right now, a biopic about a young and sexy Karl Marx, and a South Korean variety show that makes American variety pale in comparison.

Let’s dive in.

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believer review

Believer has all the hallmarks of what you’d expect from a drug crime movie: a femme fatale, an untrustworthy ally, multiple severed limbs, and even more gut-churning twists. And while Believer somewhat subscribes to the character types and recognizable tropes of the genre, the twists feel fresh enough and the tangled webs of drug world conspiracies are riveting enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Director Lee Hae-young‘s remake of the Johnnie To film Drug War transports the story from Hong Kong to South Korea, giving To’s gritty crime thriller a sleek and moody makeover that alternates between fits of cartoonish violence and moments of poignant contemplation. But while the basic beats of To’s 2012 film are there, Lee takes Believer to another level of brutal introspection — which sometimes works.

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believer clip

If you could believe it, the No. 1 reigning movie at the South Korean box office right now is not Solo: A Star Wars Story, but a homegrown crime thriller called Believer. That’s right, Lee Hae-young‘s taut and brutal remake of Johnnie To’s gritty Hong Kong crime epic Drug War has currently blasted Solo right out of the top spot — and now it’s coming to the U.S.

Ahead of Believer‘s stateside release this weekend, we’re debuting an exclusive Believer clip featuring a drug deal gone wrong.

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