lord of the rings tv series will poulter

The Lord of the Rings giveth, The Lord of the Rings taketh away. Will Poulter, seen recently stealing the show in Midsommar, was named as a star of the upcoming Lord of the Ring TV series – but that’s no longer happening. To be fair, Amazon never confirmed Poulter’s casting. But according to reports, Poulter really was in talks to join the Lord of the Rings TV series cast but has since dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

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the witcher trailer final

The Witcher is a week away from working his magic on us all, which means its time for one final trailer. Henry Cavill stars in the new Netflix series based on the fantasy book series of the same name, and it’s pretty clear the streaming service is hoping that this becomes their Game of Thrones. This is certainly the biggest trailer yet, emphasizing scale, special effects, and lots of shots of Henry Cavill looking very, very serious. Watch the final The Witcher trailer below.

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disenchantment part 3 release date

More Disenchantment is coming your way. With the second season of the Matt Groening animated fantasy-comedy series still fresh in our minds, Netflix has announced that part 3 is already on its way, with a Disenchantment part 3 release date set for 2020. A new promo announces the third part, which will be dealing with some intense mommy issues. Watch the Disenchantment part 3 release date promo below.

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lord of the rings tv series cast Ema Horvath

The Lord of the Rings TV series cast has added another name, and as is par for the course for this show, we have no idea who they’re playing. Ema Horvath is the new addition, and the actress is probably playing an orc, or an elf, or a hobbit, or something. We can only guess, because nearly every detail of this show is being locked up tighter than Fort Knox.

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his dark materials the daemon-cages review

His Dark Materials gives us our most action-packed episode yet, but one that may not be totally emotionally satisfying to longtime book readers. After ramping up the stakes in last week’s episode, where we saw the horrifying consequences of a child being cut from his daemon, the season-long conflict wraps up a little too neatly in “The Daemon-Cages.

This is the climax, supposedly, of all the child-kidnapping plots, all the intrigue, all the somber exposition about how daemons are the irreplaceable souls of humans beings. And while the majority of the episode’s plot is the stuff of thrilling prison breaks — whispered schemes, snowballing distractions, and lots of crawling through vents — “The Daemon-Cages” is lacking the soul that made the stakes so high on the page. I’m referring to, of course, the noticeable lack of the titular daemons in this episode. The absence of daemons onscreen isn’t a problem with only this episode — the animal-soul companions of the human characters have shown up sporadically throughout the series, usually to flit through the sky or jump on a box before disappearing again — likely as a result of TV budget constraints. But in an episode that hinges on the viewer noticing daemons and knowing of their importance, the absence of onscreen daemons is more deeply felt than ever. Read More »

his dark materials the lost boy review

After last week’s buoyant episode teased the prospect of His Dark Materials, well, lightening up, the HBO fantasy series returns to the shadows with “The Lost Boy.” There are really two “lost boys” in this episode, one of which is a character that does not appear until the second book, The Subtle Knife. It’s clear now more than ever that the series is eager to get to the endgame of Philip Pullman’s ambitious story, even if it means sacrificing some of the fun that Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Lee Scoresby so briefly brought last week (don’t worry, we still get a little hit of that rascally banter with him and Dafne Keen’s Lyra).

But as His Dark Materials season 1 rushes headlong into adapting the final act of The Golden Compass, its jarringly dark tone finally begins to align with the story. When The Golden Compass was first published as Northern Lights in 1995, Pullman pulled the rug under his readers who had, until the final chapters, were happily following an escapist children’s adventure story. That adventure gave way to tragedy as Pullman pulled the veil from his readers’ eyes and revealed his ambitious tale of alternate worlds and corrupt deities. With His Dark Materials doubling down on the weighty tone of Pullman’s later books, that heel-turn probably won’t be quite as effective, but at least the change won’t be quite so drastic.

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his dark materials armour review

Hey, did you know His Dark Materials was based off a children’s book series? You wouldn’t guess based on the somber tone of the HBO series, which has become so self-serious that it almost fails to find the fun in talking animals and armor-wearing polar bears. But in the fourth episode, “Armour,” in swoops Lin-Manuel Miranda to the rescue in a hot air balloon, singing a duet with his rabbit daemon and injecting some much-needed levity just as the story is about to take a turn for the dark.

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white snake review

For all the dominance that China has asserted on the movie industry in recent years, the country has not yet been able to gain a foothold in the animation market. There have been a few Hollywood productions co-financed or co-produced by Chinese studios, but no original films from China have yet to make a mark on outside of the country’s borders. And considering China’s rich cultural history and mythology — which has frequently been cribbed by Western animators — it seems like a long time coming.

White Snake, the second feature film from Beijing-based CG animation studio Light Chaser Animation, bears all of this baggage on its back and delivers a breathlessly imaginative and visually stunning animated film that is easily one of the most beautiful animated films this year. But for all its visual splendor, the story itself feels like an afterthought, too heavily inspired by the Disney films that it emulates.

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lord of the rings tv series season 2

Amazon spent a lot of money on their Lord of the Rings TV series, so it was all but a sure thing that they’d go ahead and give it a second season. And now they have. We haven’t seen a single frame of the show, but Lord of the Rings TV season 2 is officially a go. The series sets out to tell a whole new story in Middle-earth. Don’t expect to learn too much about the second season, though – filming hasn’t even begun on the first.

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his dark materials the spies review

It took long enough, but it finally feels like we’ve gotten to the plot of His Dark Materials. It was partly on the fault of the series, for taking the Game of Thrones approach that unwisely split up our disparate storylines to give the impression of an epic, sprawling saga.

But for the first time, His Dark Materials feels focused toward an end goal that unites our two biggest groups of characters: Lyra and the Gyptians. It was a major misstep to separate these two storylines in the first place – the familiarity with which Lyra greets the Gyptians in the third episode of His Dark Materials, “The Spies,” feels out of step with the cushy isolation that she existed in before. But now that Lyra and the Gyptians’ storylines are united, His Dark Materials finally feels like it’s settling into itself.

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