nomadland release

Nomadland is one of the best movies of 2020 that barely anyone has seen. But that will soon change, as distributor Searchlight Pictures has set a Nomadland release in both theaters and streaming next month, just ahead of the Oscars.

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falling trailer new

Viggo Mortensen makes his directorial debut with Falling, the story of a gay man dealing with his estranged, conservative father who is suffering from dementia. Mortensen also stars in the pic, which features great character actor Lance Henriksen as the antagonistic father. Falling played at both Sundance and at TIFF last year, where it was met with mixed reviews. Now it’s headed to theaters and digital in February. Watch the trailer below.

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white noise

There are few working filmmakers today who can so perfectly capture that certain type of hyperverbal, self-loathing upper-middle class person, and Noah Baumbach stands proudly within that echelon. The Marriage Story director is about to take on an adaptation of a novel full of those kinds of characters, with frequent collaborators Greta Gerwig and Adam Driver joining him to star in the feature.

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killers of the flower moon production update

Despite the pandemic, Martin Scorsese is hard at work on Killers of the Flower Moon, his upcoming film that reunites him with both Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio. Based on the book by David Grann, Killers of the Flower Moon tells the true story of how wealthy members of the Osage Nation were murdered in Osage County, Oklahoma in the early 1920s. Killers of the Flower Moon has suffered from some delays due to the pandemic and from original studio Paramount balking at the film’s budget. On top of that, Scorsese said in a recent interview that he was worried he had lost some of his spark following work on The Irishamn. But in a recent interview, the filmmaker says he’s already deeply engrossed in the pre-production work – a statement that comes with news that the film is gearing up for a seven-month shoot.

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cherry trailer full

Tom Holland is ready for his most challenging role yet in Cherry, a very dark comedy-drama based on the book by Nico Walker. A far cry from his Spider-Man performance, Cherry finds Holland getting dark and gritty, playing a drug-addicted bank robber. But it also has him re-teaming with the Russo Brothers, marking their first post-Marvel Cinematic Universe excursion. The first Cherry trailer is here, and you can watch it below.

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The Future

HBO Max is developing a sci-fi tech drama called The Future, which is based on author Dan Frey‘s upcoming book. Matt Reeves (The Batman) is set to executive produce the series alongside Aneesh Chaganty, Natalie Qasabian, and Sev Ohanian, the trio behind films like 2018’s innovative Searching and last year’s thriller Run.

Plus, Sony’s Stage 6 has announced that it has found a pair of directors to helm Searching 2, which will be set in the same universe as the first film but follow a whole new cast of characters. Get the details on both of these projects below. Read More »


Danny Boyle got his chance to explore the mod rock icons the Beatles with Yesterday, and now he’s shooting straight for ’70s punk rock with Pistol, an FX limited series that follows the life of Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones.

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cherry clip

Now that the Russo Brothers are done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they’re moving on to other things. They’ve already produced several films, and their first post-Marvel directorial effort is arriving in time for awards season. It’s called Cherry, and it stars Tom Holland as a former soldier with PTSD who starts robbing banks to pay for his drug habit. The first Cherry clip has arrived to give you a glimpse of what the Russos have in store.

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The Shawshank Redemption Honest Trailer

The Shawshank Redemption may be a beloved drama that you’ll watch every single time it’s playing on AMC, TNT or whatever cable channel is playing it on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But as the Honest Trailer for the film from Frank Darabont reminds us, when it arrived on the big screen in September 1994, the movie only earned $16 million in its initial theatrical release. Meanwhile, Forrest Gump was in the middle of an insane 42-week theatrical run. Just like Andy Dufresne, the movie had to trek through a lot of shit on its way to redemption as an Oscar nominee. Read More »

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the lincoln lawyer

Netflix is taking the wheel on a new The Lincoln Lawyer series. The streaming giant announced a series order for The Lincoln Lawyer series adaptation from executive producer and writer David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies), who will be penning the Manuel Garcia-Rulfo-starring series with showrunner Ted Humphrey (Wisdom of the Crowd).

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