little women clip

It’s a conversation that plenty of people will have just heard from their relatives coming off the Thanksgiving holidays, and can probably look forward to hearing come Christmas: when will you get married? Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel Little Women may have been published in 1868, but it continues to prove itself timeless, especially in its depiction of meddling aunts. Meryl Streep plays the aunt in question in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming film adaptation of Little Women, needling Saoirse Ronan‘s headstrong writer Jo March about her future in the latest Little Women clip.

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Portrait of a Lady on Fire Criterion

Portrait of a Lady on Fire, one of 2019’s very best movies, will become the newest addition to the prestigious Criterion Collection library next year. This will mark the first Criterion entry for up-and-coming distributor Neon, which has only been operating since 2017.

You can read more about the inclusion of director Céline Sciamma‘s film in this distinguished group, and find out when you can see it for yourselves below.
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George Miller next mad max

George Miller is set to start filming his next film, Three Thousand Years of Longing, with Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton this coming March, but already the director is thinking about his next Max Max sequel.

The sequel has been long coming since Mad Max: Fury Road transcended expectations to earn a Best Picture nomination at the 2016 Oscars. But in the time since Miller has directed Fury Road, genre movies — and debates about whether they can be called “cinema” — are all the rage. So naturally, Miller is the latest auteur to weigh in on that discussion.

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The Assistant Trailer

The monstrous behavior of Harvey Weinstein finally met its match a couple years ago when women in Hollywood took a stand against the heinous abuse and sexual harassment that came from one of entertainment’s most infamous producers. It sparked the #MeToo movement and made waves across show business, targeting the manipulative men who had been taking advantage of women and behaving inappropriately for years. Now, a new drama called The Assistant shines even more light on the toxic environment that too many women have had to put up with, and the first trailer has just arrived. Read More »

you season 2 trailer

When You, based on the Caroline Kepnes novel of the same name, premiered on Lifetime back in 2018, the drama about romantic obsession turned sinister, barely made an impression before the network unceremoniously canceled it. But then it got dropped on Netflix, where it became an overnight sensation. Now Penn Badgley returns as Joe Goldberg in season 2 of You, with a new identity and a new hunting ground — and presumably new victims to add to his body count. Watch the You season 2 trailer below.

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richard jewell clip

Richard Jewell is the tragic tale of the unmaking of an American hero. And a new clip and featurette from the Clint Eastwood-directed drama reveals what goes into the making of that tragic tale. Warner Bros. has released two new Richard Jewell clips ahead of the drama’s release, one of which is a featurette on how Eastwood brought the story of the falsely accused security guard to life. Watch the Richard Jewell clips below.

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dark waters real people

In any other whistleblower drama, Tim Robbins‘ Tom Terp would be a villain. The supervising partner to Mark Ruffalo‘s corporate environmental defense attorney Rob Bilott in Todd Haynes legal drama Dark Waters (opening wide this weekend), Terp is initially skeptical about Bilott’s budding crusade against the big chemical corporation DuPont. Understandably so: One of the biggest clients for the firm where they both work, Taft Law, is DuPont. Both Terp and Bilott are close buds with DuPont’s in-house corporate counsel Phil Donnelly (Victor Garber).

But as the film heads into its eye-opening reveal of DuPont’s history of chemical cover-ups, Dark Waters pulls the rug from under our expectations of Ruffalo, Robbins, and even Garber’s characters.

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Babette's Feast remake

Filmmaker Alexander Payne has hit a bit of a rough patch lately. His most recent movie, 2017’s Downsizing, made just $55 million worldwide on a reported $68 million budget, and though it seemed like he was lining up a new Netflix project earlier this year, that was abruptly cancelled in October due to a rights issue. But it looks like Payne didn’t take much time to bounce back, because he’s already moved on to another movie: a remake of the 1987 Danish Oscar winner Babette’s Feast. If you’re a foodie, you should definitely have this on your radar. Read More »

The Aeronauts Review

The Aeronauts is designed to dazzle, both visually and in terms of its time-hopping storytelling structure, yet its impact is as wispy as the air that its hot-air balloons soar through. In what feels like the umpteenth true-story drama of the 2019 awards season, The Aeronauts is a moderately handsome production without actually being dramatically involving. As often as the film takes to the air, its earthbound scenes are dry and dull, giving off the vague whiff of dramatic leftovers.

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Richard Jewell Review

A long time has passed since Clint Eastwood directed a movie that wasn’t ostensibly about the quiet, undersung heroes of the American fabric. It’s been nearly a decade since he directed a film that wasn’t, in some way, inspired by true events. (That would be the forgettable 2010 supernatural drama Hereafter.) In the intervening years, Eastwood has directed films about war heroes, savior pilots, a trio of young men stopping a horrific attack from occurring overseas, and now another story of a common hero beleaguered by bureaucracy. Richard Jewell focuses on a man whose heroism was quickly flipped into villainy by a scornful government and media, yet it’s only the characters on the sideline who are of any dramatic interest.

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