Pet Sematary Prequel Casting

Much like its many victims, it seems like we can expect Pet Sematary to keep coming back. Paramount rebooted Mary Lambert‘s original film in 2019 and now they’re headed back to that particular bit of sour ground beyond the deadfall for another attempt at Stephen King‘s world. This time they’re doing a prequel story which will debut on the Paramount+ streaming service, and the Pet Sematary prequel cast that was recently announced may hint at what the story will entail. Read More »

dune cast

Dune may be one of our most anticipated pandemic-delayed movies currently on the calendar. Let’s put it this way: if vaunted filmmakers such as Alejandro Jodorowsky (whose planned project ultimately fell through, though that doesn’t mean he has any shortage of Dune opinions) and David Lynch (whose idiosyncratic 1984 film of the same name, love it or hate it, is set for a 4K release) found the appeal in adapting Frank Herbert’s touchstone novel, we should be on pins and needles to see what auteur and Film Twitter favorite Denis Villeneuve has up his sleeve for his two-part blockbuster. Now, courtesy of an interview with /Film’s very own Jack Giroux, we have some more insights straight from cast member (and apparent Dune super-fan) David Dastmalchian.

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What a time for David Dastmalchian. For starters, we’ll soon see him as Polka-Dot Man in The Suicide Squad. What was once an obscure comic book character may soon be, thanks to James Gunn and the actor, a character we won’t soon forget. Dastmalchian is also in the adaptation of one of the most celebrated science fiction novels of all time, Dune. It’s the actor’s third collaboration with filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, who previously cast him in Prisoners and Blade Runner 2049.

Plus, the actor recently finished writing a script for a horror movie he sounds jazzed about. Genre is his jam, having grownup with horror movies and comic books. He even wrote a Dark Horse Comic, Count Crowley: Reluctant Midnight Monster Hunter, which was a dream come true for him. Dastmalchian is making big impressions on the screen, but he’s also making them on the page with two personal dramas he wrote: All Creatures Here Below and Animals.

Recently, the actor talked to us about the year he’s having, his past roles, how David Lynch changed his life, and one suggestion he has for anyone after they read this interview.

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Let the Right One In TV series

The Showtime series Let the Right One In, inspired by the Swedish novel of the same name, has cast the rest of its leads. Apart from the father-daughter duo played by Demián Bichir and Madison Taylor Baez, Showtime announced additional cast members and their characters, and it appears the series diverge pretty significantly from the novel and previous film adaptations.

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If you’ve never ridden the Jungle Cruise ride at a Disney theme park, the basic gist is that you board a replica steamboat captained by a trusty skipper who constantly makes puns and tells dad jokes as they narrate your voyage through the “dangerous” waters of the attraction. Now that Pirates of the Caribbean, The Country Bears, Tomorrowland, and The Haunted Mansion have been adapted into live-action feature films, here comes Jungle Cruise, which puts Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt on a riverboat adventure.

Disney purists out there will be happy about at least one aspect of this forthcoming film: according to what we learned on the movie’s set, Johnson’s skipper character keeps the spirit of the ride alive by constantly dropping puns and one-liners throughout this adaptation, taking inspiration from the very first skipper: Walt Disney himself.
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Jungle Cruise Sequels

Disney is hoping Jungle Cruise will follow the path of success paved by their theme park-based action adventure franchise Pirates of the Caribbean. Not only do they want it to be a box office banger, but producer Beau Flynn says audiences shouldn’t rule out the possibility of seeing Jungle Cruise sequels, perhaps forming an entire universe of stories that take place within the adventure world being explored by Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. Read More »

Clifford the Big Red Dog Movie Trailer

Clifford the Big Red Dog has been a good boy since his creation in the pages of Norman Bridwell’s books in 1963. Since then, he’s gotten his own animated series, straight-to-video movies, video games, and plenty of merchandise. Now he’s being turned into nightmare fuel in a new live-action adaptation from Paramount Pictures, and the Clifford the Big Red Dog movie trailer shows how terrifying the concept of a huge ass red dog in the real world would actually be, especially in a place like New York City. Read More »

Game of Thrones anniversary

George R. R. Martin is just like us — full of regrets. More importantly, he shares the fan consensus that Game of Thrones was much more likable when adapting from his books.

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foundation trailer new

The work of Isaac Asimov serves as inspiration for the flashy new Apple TV+ sci-fi series Foundation. The upcoming show follows a band of exiles on a journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization during the fall of the Galactic Empire (note: this is not the same Galactic Empire from Star Wars, so please don’t get confused). Jared Harris and Lee Pace lead the series, which comes from showrunner David S. Goyer. Watch the latest Foundation trailer below.

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Devolution Movie

Last year, Legendary Entertainment picked up the rights to Max Brooks‘ new book Devolution, an exploration of the Bigfoot myth framed in a series of journals written by a woman who was trying to survive in a tech-focused, “green” community that is suddenly left isolated from the modern world by a natural disaster. Things take a turn for the worse when a pack of Sasquatch creatures enter the fray. Now Legendary has brought in Coming Home in the Dark director James Ashcroft to take the helm of the project. Read More »