Cord Cutting Options

The battle among streaming services is getting a little more interesting, and further blows are being struck against overpriced cable providers as companies like Vudu and Hulu look to provide a more streamlined television experience at a much lower price.

The Walmart-owned Vudu, who recently struck a deal to develop their own original content with MGM, is planning to provide customers the ability to add-on premium subscriptions like HBO Now, Showtime and Starz. Meanwhile, Hulu is looking to provide subscribers with less-expensive live television bundles, making overstuffed cable packages even more obsolete.

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Bodyguard trailer

What happens when a secret service agent is assigned to protect someone with political views he absolutely despises? That’s the elevator pitch for a new TV drama called Bodyguard, which is coming to Netflix in just over two weeks. The show, which stars Richard Madden (Robb Stark from Game of Thrones) and Keeley Hawes (High Rise, MI-5), is already a smash hit in the United Kingdom, and it’s easy to see why: the trailer for the first season makes it look like an explosive series that could easily become the subject of your next binge session.
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pop culture imports

(Welcome to Pop Culture Imports, a column that compiles the best, wackiest, and weirdest foreign-language movies and TV shows streaming right now.)

We’re midway through October, so you’re probably expecting some foreign horror flicks in this week’s Pop Culture Imports. And you’ll get them in time, but for now, let me indulge you in some French dramas. They’re more interesting than they sound! Two of the said dramas are from electric French filmmaker Jacques Audiard, the director behind the searing prison drama Un prophète, while another features a stunning tour-de-force from Charlotte Rampling. But if you want to avoid all that French ennui, there’s also Park Chan-wook’s vicious Vengeance Trilogy and an Indian millennial comedy series.

Let’s fire up the subtitles and get streaming.

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Best Movies Streaming october 11

(Welcome to Now Stream This, a column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.) 

It’s that time again! I’ve gathered some not-so-obvious streaming options for you to enjoy this upcoming weekend, and beyond, because I’m just that kind of person. When I put together Now Stream This, I strive to pick titles that might not jump out to you normally. Are movies like Jaws streaming? Of course they are – but you’ve already seen Jaws. In fact, I bet you’ve seen it dozens of times. And that’s great! But if you’re looking for something new and different, that’s where this column comes in.

These are the best movies streaming right now. Let’s get streaming!

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‘Mr. Mom’ TV Series Coming from MGM and Vudu

mr. mom tv series

Mr. Mom, the 1983 Michael Keaton comedy about a man who must face the terrible fate of raising his children, is poised for a reboot. Walmart’s streaming service Vudu recently partnered with MGM to create original programming, and it looks like a Mr. Mom TV series is first on their list. This reboot will update the story from the ’80s into the 21st century.

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warnermedia streaming service

WarnerMedia is joining the streaming race. Four months after being acquired by AT&T, the conglomerate formerly known as Time Warner — and which owns assets such as Warner Bros., HBO, DC Comics, and more — is launching a streaming platform. With its planned launch in 2019, that put the WarnerMedia streaming service neck-and-neck with Disney’s upcoming streaming service set to debut next year.

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Ozark season 3

Byrde, Byrde, Byrde, Byrde’s the word.

The Byrde family will be coming back to Netflix for Ozark season 3, according to a new announcement by star, executive producer, and frequent director Jason Bateman. That sounds like good news, so you’ll have to keep reading to find out why Bateman is “concerned.”
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tell me a story trailer

Happy Halloween, here are some of your favorite fairy tales, made sexy and scary. Created by The Vampire Diaries creator Kevin Williamson, the CBS All Access Show Tell Me a Story reimagines three classic fairy tales, The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel in a “dark and twisted psychological thriller.”

The streaming service has released the official full Tell Me a Story trailer for the series which, in honor of the month of October, doubles down on the horror elements of this modern reimagining.

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22 July Theatrical Release

Filmmaker Paul Greengrass gets most of his credit for visual innovations behind the camera. It’s his work on the Bourne series that film scholar Jonathan Rosenbaum chose as an exemplar of a dominant style in contemporary Hollywood filmmaking, “intensified continuity,” an aesthetic that prioritizes visceral shocks over all story, logic or character matters. But that style’s association with his name masks Greengrass’ pattern of tackling sensitive political issues, a thematic connection that endures whether or not he wrote the script. All his post-9/11 work engages deeply with the world left in its wake – the very root of the War on Terror in United 93, the lingering effects of post colonialism in Captain Phillips – and the institutions calling the shots – the surveillance state in the Bourne series, the military-industrial complex in Green Zone.

22 July, the latest Greengrass project, moves away from an American-centered focus to examine a recent incident of far-right extremism in Norway. But if anyone believes the change of setting exculpates them from listening and heeding the warning, think again. Greengrass offers a thoughtful, terrifying portrait of how white nationalist hatred seeks to subvert the values of liberalism to validate its own existence.

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nightflyers premiere

Even cable network shows are trying to make themselves as binge-able as possible. Syfy has set a unique multi-platform rollout for its new series Nightflyers, based on the novella by George R.R. Martin.

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