Cobra Kai ending

According to Netflix’s in-app chart, Cobra Kai was the number one show in the United States on the streaming service over the weekend, so it’s clear that the Karate Kid sequel series has carved its way into the cultural consciousness in a big way with its third season. Season 4 has already been given the go-ahead, but how long will the series last? “We have an endgame in our heads,” the showrunners said in a new interview, and they’ve hinted that we could be seeing much more of this story play out before they wrap things up.

Plus, find out how 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg helped facilitate one of Cobra Kai season 3’s big reveals. Spoilers for season 3 ahead.
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Borat's Daughter

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is a comedic triumph that builds upon the insanity of the first mockumentary, but takes it to a new level thanks to the heightened ridiculousness of our current political and social climate. A big part of that success comes from the surprisingly touching story that develops between Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) and his teenage daughter, played phenomenally by Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova. But how did director Jason Woliner find such a finely tuned comedic talent who could keep up with Sacha Baron Cohen and trick unsuspecting subjects, including the bridge troll with a law degree known as Rudy Giuliani? Read More »

Memento Connection to Tenet

Christopher Nolan‘s Tenet is all about going backwards and forwards in time in a manner more complex and visually stimulating than any other time travel movie before. So it only makes sense that the filmmaker’s breakout movie Memento, which also played with narrative chronology, planted the seed of what he would bring with his future blockbuster.

While making the publicity rounds for the home video release of Tenet, Christopher Nolan discussed how the opening scene of Memento wasn’t just a way to introduce the audience to the film’s non-chronological storytelling. The scene also harbored the filmmaker’s larger ambition to bring that kind of temporal narrative style into the blockbuster arena for the movie that would become Tenet. Read More »

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Early Cut

The Harry Potter book series took the world by storm and the story of The Boy Who Lived was a phenomenon by the late 1990s. Of course, that meant the books were destined to be adapted for the big screen, and director Chris Columbus was the one who was tapped to take a crack at it for Warner Bros. Pictures. The pressure was on for the Home Alone director to deliver the fantastical world that fans have been imagining in their heads for years. That’s why an early cut of the movie screened for audiences was almost as long as the theatrical cut of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, which came close to hitting the three-hour mark. Read More »

Pixar's Soul Story Development

Pixar’s Soul is coming to Disney+ on Christmas Day, and as with any movie from the acclaimed animation studio, it’s been a long road to get there. With production lasting several years and a creative workflow that allows for constant changes to be made in order to deliver the best story possible, there were several different iterations of the movie that evolved throughout development. In fact, director Pete Docter said the movie actually started off as a heist movie.

/Film was lucky enough to chat with director Docter and co-director/writer Kemp Powers about their work on Soul, and we wanted to know about some of the major changes that the movie went through in order to give us the story you’ll see when the movie hits Disney+ later this month. Read More »

Suicide Squad setting

Question: what does James Gunn‘s The Suicide Squad, the upcoming supervillain comic book film from DC and Warner Bros., have in common with DC’s rivals over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Answer: an unusual location – or more accurately, the name of an unusual location.
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Chris Farley and David Spade Fight

Tommy Boy is a modern comedy classic, and it’s largely thanks to the real-life camaraderie between Saturday Night Live stars Chris Farley and David Spade. The two were best friends in real life, so pairing them up as frenemies makes for perfect comedic chemistry. But best friends can still fight, and that’s exactly what happened on the set of Tommy Boy, and it’s all because of co-star Rob Lowe. Read More »

Scream 3 - Courteney Cox Haircut

Scream 3 leaned more into the campier side of slasher movies by retconning the past and making the origins of Ghostface and the Woodsboro murders a little more complicated and cheesy. It’s still full of suspense, but perhaps the scariest thing in Scream 3 is the terrible new haircut sported by Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers. How did something this terrible make it to the big screen? It turns out we can blame her ex-husband and co-star David Arquette for that poor hairstyling choice. Read More »

The Office

It’s been over seven years since The Office came to an end, but people have never stopped talking about the show. That’s mostly because it’s been available on Netflix for the longest time (though it will jump to Peacock next year), and reruns always seem to be playing somewhere. This year, there has been even more discussion around The Office thanks to a recently published oral history book, as well as a new oral history podcast hosted by cast member Brian Baumgartner. And we have a new round of The Office anecdotes from those who were there on set making comedy history.

The Office Ladies podcast, hosted by series stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, has taken a dive into a pivotal emotional scene for Pam Beesly where she had a major breakdown in the office and only Dwight Schrute was there to console her. Plus, we also have a fun tidbit from the Television Critics Association panel for a new show from comedian Larry Wilmore, who was a writer on The Office who also appeared as the diversity training seminar leader in the early cringeworthy first season episode “Diversity Day.” It turns out there were even wilder scenes shot for that episode that ended up on the cutting room floor. Read More »

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