Alice Sweet Alice Vinyl Soundtrack

Alice, Sweet Alice is a contemporary classic slasher that is a must-see for anyone who wishes to call themselves a student and connoisseur of the horror genre. But the film’s soundtrack has evaded fans for years, having never been made available in any format. Thankfully, that has changed thanks to the genre lovers at Waxwork Records, who are releasing the soundtrack on vinyl. Read More »

PG: Psycho Goreman Vinyl Soundtrack

With a mix of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Turbo Kid, the wild PG: Psycho Goreman (available on VOD now) finds writer/director Steven Kostanski combining the nostalgic sci-fi kid adventures of the 1980s and 1990s with a whole lot of violence and over-the-top gore and practical effects. The story of a young brother and sister who unwittingly resurrect an ancient extraterrestrial overlord is the kind of sci-fi horror insanity that we like to see, especially when it’s accompanied by a syth-fueled soundtrack that you can now get on vinyl from Waxwork Records. Read More »

Henry: Potrait of a Serial Killer Vinyl Soundtrack

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the psychological horror thriller Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, starring Michael Rooker and Tom Towles in a story loosely based on real life serial killers Henry Lee Lucas and Otis Toole. In honor of the milestone anniversary, Waxwork Records is releasing a deluxe vinyl soundtrack featuring the synth-fueled score by Robert McNaughton, Steven A. Jones, and Ken Hale. Get a look at the Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer vinyl soundtrack. Read More »

Mondo vinyl

Mondo is kicking off 2021 the only way they know how: by honoring the only superhero movie that features an octopus playing the drums.

The company has announced that it will be celebrating the heroes of the DC Universe throughout 2021 with “the premiere vinyl pressings” of soundtracks to multiple DC films and TV shows, beginning with Rupert Gregson-Williams‘ score for James Wan‘s Aquaman. Other films and TV soundtracks to receive Mondo vinyl releases this year include Shazam!, the first and second seasons of Doom Patrol, and one especially exciting score that still stands as one of the best collection of music from any DC-related property: 1978’s Superman: The Movie.
Read More »

Godzilla Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set

The piercing roar of Godzilla is unmistakable, and along with it comes an impressive array of motion picture scores that have helped bring Japan’s most famous kaiju to life in epic fashion. This spring, you can own a massive vinyl box set of Godzilla soundtracks from Japan’s Showa era of the monster’s reign on the big screen.

In collaboration with Toho, Waxwork Records is releasing GODZILLA: The Showa Era Soundtracks, 1954-1975, a box set of 15 Godzilla soundtracks pressed on vinyl, complete with amazing new artwork by Robert Sammelin, 18 colored vinyl discs, a turntable slipmat, and more. Check out the entire Godzilla vinyl soundtrack box set from Waxwork Records below. Read More »

Waxword Records 2021 Subscription

Waxwork Records is one of our favorite vinyl soundtrack suppliers, and almost every week, they’re putting out a great new horror, fantasy, sci-fi or genre movie soundtrack. On top of the frequent new vinyl soundtracks, for the past six years, they’ve offered a special annual subscription package that brings a handful of exclusive vinyl releases and additional goodies. Next year will keep the tradition alive with the 2021 Waxwork Records Subscription bundle, which will kick off with the first ever Killer Klowns from Outer Space vinyl soundtrack release. And that’s just the beginning! Read More »

Edward Scissorhands Vinyl Soundtrack

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton‘s suburban fantasy romance Edward Scissorhands. To honor the milestone, Waxwork Records is releasing the film’s score composed by Danny Elfman as a deluxe vinyl soundtrack with some outstanding album artwork created by Ruiz Burgos. Check out the Edward Scissorhands vinyl soundtrack below. Read More »

Waxwork Records The Mummy Spinature

The Universal Monsters line of Spinatures from Waxwork Records continues to expand. It began with Frankenstein and the incredible likeness of Boris Karloff as the titular doctor’s monster, and now the likeness of the iconic horror actor is returning in the form of another monster: The Mummy.

Waxwork Records is released The Mummy Spinature collectible for pre-order today, just in time for you to get wrapped up in holiday shopping. Inspired by the classic 1932 movie, it has the signature monster with his arms folded across the chest, as if he’s just been awakened from his tomb. Read More »

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Vinyl Soundtrack

Last week was Friday the 13th, and in honor of the terrifying day that comes around every so often, Waxwork Records announced the arrival of the Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan soundtrack on vinyl. Jason stalks a group of high school graduates on a ship on the way to New York City, and he has quite the graduation present for them. The album art for the first-ever vinyl release of the score by Fred Mollin features Jason peeking through a porthole window and peeking through the subway. Read More »

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Halloween Spinatures

Hot on the heels of Waxwork Records kicking off their new collectible line of Spinatures mini-busts with the classic Universal Monsters known as Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, the next wave of spinning characters comes from the Halloween franchise.

Michael Myers from Halloween II will stalk your vinyl collection, but he might not last long since he’s been shot several times, with two shots even blinding him. Right behind him is the trio of tranced trick-or-treaters from Halloween III: The Season of the Witch, who have succumbed to the Silver Shamrock microchip music. Check out all the Halloween Spinatures below. Read More »