The Simpsons IKEA Living Room

IKEA is famous for providing furniture that can take forever to build and breaking up what seem like solid relationships in record time. But every now and then, they do something cool with pop culture that’s worth pointing out. This time, the Swedish furniture company has recreated the living rooms from The Simpsons, Stranger Things and Friends using their own furniture and some creativity. It’s actually kind of impressive how they pulled this off. Read More »

Stranger Things Ice Cream

The third season of Stranger Things is bringing a shopping mall to Hawkins, Indiana. There’s nothing more representative of the 1980s than this bastion of consumerism all in one place, and since all the stores are eager to keep you from leaving the mall, there’s also some food and snacks to entice you. That includes cool treats from the Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop that Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) and new character Robin (Maya Hawke) work at.

Unfortunately, we don’t have our own Scoops Ahoy in the real world, so Baskin-Robbins has stepped up to provide Stranger Things ice cream creations and some exclusive Scoops Ahoy gear that you can only get in their shops. Check out the special Stranger Things Baskin-Robbins ice cream treats and items you can pick up now. Read More »

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Custom Lightsabers

Star Wars Celebration 2019 is over, but before the convention honoring a galaxy far, far way came to an end, Disney and Lucasfilm offered up one final look at some of the incredible merchandise coming exclusively to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge when the Disney Parks expansion opens this summer. And the last round revealed the custom, high quality lightsabers fans will be able to build themselves on Batuu, as well as the collection of prop replicas and collectibles inspired by the films over the years. Get a closer look at this last round of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge merchandise below. Read More »

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Merchandise - Droid Depot

Over the weekend Star Wars Celebration gave us a look at the exclusive merchandise that will be on sale at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at shops like First Order Cargo and Resistance Supply. Plus, we got a glimpse at the stuff you’ll be able to get at Toydarian Toymaker, the Creature Stall and Black Spire Outpost. Now you get to see what’s coming from the Droid Depot, including your own customizable robot companion, a few collectible statues, and some gear decked out in droids. Check out the latest Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge merchandise below. Read More »

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Merchandise

Just last week, new pieces of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge concept art showed off what a couple of the shops within the Disney theme park expansion will look like. One focused on gear for the First Order, and the other featured stuff for the Resistance. Now, straight from the floor of Star Wars Celebration 2019 in Chicago, we have our first look at some of the merchandise you’ll be able to buy at each of the shops. It includes apparel, toys, collectible pins and patches, stylized housewares, and more. Check out some of the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge merchandise below. Read More »

Star Wars Celebration 2019 Exclusives

We’re one week away from the start of Star Wars Celebration 2019. The convention for fans of everything from a galaxy far, far away is being held in Chicago this year from April 11 through April 15, and /Film will be there to cover all the big news about Star Wars Episode 9, the live-action series The Mandalorian, the latest updates on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, a sneak peek at the return of The Clone Wars, and much more.

But we’re not just covering Star Wars Celebration. We’re also geeking out because we’re huge Star Wars nerds, and we’ll be trying to get our hands on some of the merchandise that will only be available at this year’s Star Wars convention. We already caught a glimpse of the offerings from LEGO, Funko and Hasbro, but new a bunch of new shirts, hats, home goods, and more. Check out the latest Star Wars Celebration 2019 exclusives below. Read More »

Jurassic Park Print and Indiana Jones Trilogy Prints

Thankfully, the non-existent war between Steven Spielberg and Netflix is over before it really began. That means we can get back to burning money by buying collectible art, enamel pins and t-shirts inspired by the legendary filmmaker’s movies.

This week we have an entire slate of new prints from Karl Fitzgerald honoring the entire Indiana Jones trilogy. Plus, Mondo has a whole batch of new Jurassic Park goodies, including a new print by Matthew Woodsman, enamel pins by Scott C., and an awesome t-shirt designed by Bruce Yan. Check out the new Indiana Jones trilogy prints and all the Jurassic Park paraphernalia below. Read More »

Nine Inch Nails Captain Marvel Shirt

Captain Marvel takes audiences back to the 90s, a decade that doesn’t feel like it’s been over for nearly 20 years. That means we not only get a soundtrack full of tunes taken straight from the Billboard charts of the 90s, but also some fashion celebrating some of the most popular bands of the decade. Throughout a big chunk of the movie, Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) is sporting a Nine Inch Nails shirt with the band’s signature logo. Now you can show your love of both the band and the movie with a new limited edition Nine Inch Nails Captain Marvel shirt from the band’s official store. Read More »

Game of Thrones Sneakers

When the weather warms up this spring, you just might be lucky enough to show off a new pair of sneakers inspired by your favorite characters from Game of Thrones.

Adidas has announced a new Game of Thrones sneakers collection based on theĀ Ultra Boost 4.0 sneaker design. Each of the six limited edition pairs are inspired by House Targaryen, House Stark, House Lannister, the Night’s Watch, the White Walkers and the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen. They’ll be available sometime this spring, but you can get a glimpse of the new kicks below. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Black Panther Tribal Mask

Black Panther is one of the biggest blockbuster sensations of 2018. Not only did the movie make huge bank at the box office, but it was critically acclaimed, and it’s been getting more awards attention than pretty every superhero movie that came before it. And if you’re the kind of fan looking for a cool way to show your love for the movie, we have something that’s subtle that only true Black Panther fans will recognize.

One of the best scenes in Black Panther has the film’s villain Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) pulling off an impressive heist where he not only makes a getaway with a vibranium weapon from Wakanda, but a genuine tribal mask from Africa. Now you can own a replica of that Black Panther tribal mask if you’re feelin’ it as much as Killmonger was in the movie. Read More »