the rook trailer

One superhero franchise about caches of humans with special abilities may be fizzling out this week, but Starz is introducing a new supernatural spy thriller series that could replace that X-shaped hole in our hearts. The Rook, based on Daniel O’Malley’s novel of the same name, follows an amnesiac woman who slowly discovers that she may have a connection to a mysterous secret service that fends off threats that are a little paranormal. Watch The Rook trailer below.

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now apocalypse streaming

Fans of Gregg Araki‘s surreal stoner comedy Now Apocalypse can now watch the entire first season on streaming now. Starz has released the first season of Now Apocalypse on all of its non-linear platforms, including the Starz app, Starz On-Demand, and StarzPlay in the U.S., U.K., and Canada starting today.

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american gods season 3

The gods have spoken, and they have blessed the troubled fantasy series American Gods with a new season and a new showrunner. Starz has officially picked up American Gods season 3, which will be overseen by The Walking Dead alum Charles “Chic” Eglee.

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apple streaming service networks

Apple is gearing up to be a strong competitor against streaming giants Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. In addition to its slew of forthcoming original titles, the Apple streaming service is currently negotiating with high-profile cable networks HBO, Showtime, and Starz to feature their shows and movies on its platform. With most of Apple’s star-studded originals still early in development, these potential deals would allow the service to draw new subscribers in with the help of established libraries from content partners. Read more about the Apple streaming service networks negotiations below.

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american gods season 2 featurette

The gods walk among us, and they’re about to go to war. Starz has released a new American Gods season 2 featurette that delves into the oncoming war between the Old Gods, led by the enigmatic Wednesday (Ian McShane), and the New Gods, who rule over a people held captive by the media and technology. Caught in the middle is the mere human Shadow (Ricky Whittle), the ex-con who has found himself ensnared in Wednesday’s machinations, and his undead wife Laura (Emily Browning).

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It’s been two years since Starz had a Television Critics Association panel for American Gods. That’s because it took two years to make the second season. In that time, original showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green left. The new showrunner Jesse Alexander left as well and the only producer on the season 2  panel was original author Neil Gaiman. Despite the problems behind-the-scenes, the TCA panel assured fans that everything was all good for the new season.

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Counterpart Canceled

Before the likes of Netflix and Hulu came around, most shows that got canceled were gone forever. But thanks to the popularity of streaming services, we’re now living in an age where the axing of a show doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dead. Another show has been added to the purgatory of cancellation for the time being, but there’s a chance it might be picked up elsewhere.

Counterpart is a sci-fi espionage thriller at Starz starring J.K. Simmons that has been running for two seasons. Sadly, the series has just been canceled, but Media Rights Capital is already shopping it around to other streaming platforms. Read More »

american gods season 2 trailer full

American Gods is returning this March, and the full trailer is here to sound the alarm. The second season of the Starz adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s novel will unleash all-out war as the old gods go to battle with the new. This trailer certainly looks epic, but can the show distance itself from its many behind-the-scenes troubles? Time will tell. Watch the American Gods season 2 trailer below.

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now apocalypse trailer

It turns out the end of the world is a lot trippier and sexier than we anticipated. But it’s not really the apocalypse as the new Starz series Now Apocalypse implies. It’s just the romantic trials and tribulations of the millennials at the center of the series created by Gregg Araki and executive produced by Steven Soderbergh that seem world-ending — and peppered with an odd amount of hallucinations and monsters. Watch the Now Apocalypse trailer below.

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american gods season 2 premiere date

America Gods season 2 finally has a premiere date. The Starz series adapted from Neil Gaiman‘s novel has gone through some turbulent times getting to its second season, changing showrunners, losing cast members, and sparking several eyebrow raising rumors. Now, Starz has officially locked a return date down for March.

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