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Millions of Americans are going to be stuck at home for at least another month, maybe more, as we continue to fight the spread of the coronavirus pandemic across the United States. That means you’ll need all the movies and TV shows you can get your hands on in order to help pass the time, and cable giants Xfinity and AT&T will be helping out by making premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, Epix and more available for free for a limited time throughout April. Get the details below on how and when you can watch HBO for free and much more. Read More »

SXSW Cancellations

Concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus strain known as COVID-19 have been sweeping the globe. The United States doesn’t have nearly as many cases as Europe and Asia, but the numbers are starting to grow, and concerns about a pandemic have prompted cautious behavior from some of the world’s biggest companies, especially when it comes to attending events with large crowds. That’s why Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Warner Media have all pulled out of the South by Southwest (SXSW) film, TV, music and tech festival, slated to start on March 13. That means all of the premieres and screenings of the movies, TV shows, and panels they were bringing to the fest have been canceled as well.

UPDATE: Starz and Lionsgate are skipping the festival too. Get the new details below with the rest of our original report. Read More »

Starz first announced plans for a series set in the John Wick universe in January 2017, one year after the success of John Wick Chapter 2 in theaters. There have been sporadic updates on the series at each TCA and this year was no exception.

Starz President and CEO Jeffrey Hirsch gave an executive session for the Television Critics Association and /Film asked for an update on The Continental

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Starz Response to Orlando Jones Firing

Starz’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s book American Gods has had a troubled life on the network. After a successful first season, showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green exited in a dispute. Season 2 showrunner Jesse Alexander left before it aired. Season 3 has dropped cast members Orlando Jones and Mousa Kraish, with Jones claiming his firing was racially motivated.

Starz President and CEO Jeffrey Hirsch gave an executive session for the Television Critics Association on Tuesday. /Film asked for clarification on Jones’ firing, although Hirsch mostly backed up production company Freemantle’s version of event.

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american gods orlando jones

American Gods is having trouble in paradise…again. The constantly embattled Starz series which, after an acclaimed first season under showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, has seen a slew of replacement showrunners and an alarming number of cast turnovers. But the dropping of two actors of color who were upgraded to main roles in the second season has earned American Gods the wrong kind of attention again, especially after Orlando Jones‘ claimed that he was fired from the series for racial reasons.

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weeds sequel series

Weeds is taking root again at Starz. The Emmy-winning dramedy starring Mary-Louise Parker, which originally aired on Showtime for eight seasons, is getting a sequel series set 10 years later — in the era of legalization. It sounds like the Weeds sequel series will be a whole new vibe.

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starz ads on Disney+

Disney+ will soon make the streaming wars even more complicated when it launches next week, but getting their library of content in place wasn’t as easy as gathering all the titles they’ve distributed over the years. That’s because long before Disney+ was ever an idea, The Walt Disney Company had sold the licensing rights to their movies in deals with the likes of Netflix and Starz, giving them the exclusive opportunity to air and stream some of the studio’s biggest hits. And that came back to bite them in the butt when they needed those movies for Disney+. But in the end, a deal was struck to get the rights to some of those movies back, though it requires Disney+ to do something they never wanted. Read More »

blindspotting tv spin-off

It was a major oversight when Carlos López Estrada‘s electrifying 2018 debut feature Blindspotting went virtually ignored by last year’s Academy Awards. But perhaps Estrada’s charged film on race and gentrification, which starred and was written by Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal, will earn the audience it deserves on the small screen.

Blindspotting TV spin-off series is being developed by Starz, with Jasmine Cephas Jones set to reprise her role as Ashley from the film. It’s unclear whether Diggs and Casal will return, but they are confirmed to be writing the series.

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american gods cast

Two of cable TV’s most fantastical dramas just announced two very different cast additions. Rock star Marilyn Manson has been converted to the American Gods cast, joining the Starz series’ third season as — fittingly — a Viking death metal band lead singer. Meanwhile, Timothy Olyphant is returning to the FX family in a recurring guest star role in Fargo season 4.

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dublin murders trailer

How many chilling crime dramas centering around a series of small-town deaths can you have? Never too many, as the Dublin Murders trailer proves, delivering to us yet another crime drama filled with resolutely creepy imagery and lots of woods. The Starz crime drama follows two detectives as they investigate the mysterious death of a young girl on the outskirts of Dublin, which may be connected to a series of unexplained child murders. Watch the Dublin Murders trailer below.

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