April Saturday Night Live Hosts

Saturday Night Live is taking a short break between new episodes, but when the late night sketch comedy returns at the end of the month, they’ll be churning out three episodes in a row. After how great the recent back-to-back episodes hosted by John Mulaney and Idris Elba turned out to be, the pressure is on to keep the momentum going.

Thankfully, the three upcoming Saturday Night Live hosts set for the spring are exciting prospects since two of them are stars of hit TV shows hosting for the first time, and another is a comedy treasure who will be hosting for the fourth time.  Read More »

Idris Elba Hosted Saturday Night Live

Idris Elba is best known for his roles in shows like The Wire or Luther, and big screen performances in the likes of Pacific Rim, Thor, Beasts of No Nation and Molly’s Game. But he’s certainly not known for his comedic chops. However, we’re hoping that changes after his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Not only was Idris Elba surprisingly hilarious, but he was extremely comfortable, and the result was an exceptional follow-up to last weekend’s stellar episode with John Mulaney.

So let’s run through the best and worst sketches of the Idris Elba hosted Saturday Night Live. Read More »

Saturday Night Live Stefon Movie

Back when Bill Hader was a cast member on Saturday Night Live, the character he became best known for playing was undoubtedly Stefon. The nightlife expert frequently appeared on Weekend Update to offer advice on New York’s hottest locations for various holidays and activities (even though he initially appeared in a completely different sketch when he was first created).

When Hader left the series in 2013, he was sent off with a wedding to his boy-toy Seth Meyers. Stefon has returned a couple times since then just for fun, but according to former SNL writer and Stefon co-creator and John Mulaney (who just hosted SNL again recently), there was once the nugget of an idea to give Stefon more screen time with his own movie. Find out about the Saturday Night Live Stefon movie below. Read More »

John Mulaney Hosted Saturday Night Live

John Mulaney returned to host Saturday Night Live for a second time this weekend. He’s a veteran of the late night sketch show, and he’s one of the best stand-up comedians working today, so the excitement was high. Mulaney somehow exceeded expectations, thanks to former cast member Bill Hader popping up a couple times, but also because the line-up of sketches for this episode was incredible. Even the worst sketch of the episode wasn’t terrible.

Let’s run through the best and worst sketches of the John Mulaney hosted Saturday Night Live. Read More »

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Renewed for Season 7 at NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Renewed

FOX may have canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but NBC saved it. And even though the series is only six episodes into the sixth season, NBC is already satisfied enough with the show’s performance to renew it for a seventh season. NOICE! Read More »

Idris Elba and John Mulaney Hosting Saturday Night Live

After last weekend’s new episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by first-time host Don Cheadle, the late night sketch comedy series is done with February. But they’ve already got us excited for March, when we’ll get an SNL veteran returning to host for a second time, and another first-time host who hasn’t really stretched his comedic muscles very often.

John Mulaney will return to Studio 8H to host Saturday Night Live, and Idris Elba will follow him. Read More »

Don Cheadle Hosted Saturday Night Live

Seriously, why did it take so long for Don Cheadle to host Saturday Night Live? The star of such films as Ocean’s 11, Hotel Rwanda, Boogie Nights and more has long been known to have stellar comedic chops to go with his acclaimed dramatic performances. And as he proved in this weekend’s new episode of Saturday Night Live, he has no problem hamming it up on live TV and acting like a complete goofball.

So let’s break down the best and worst sketches of a pretty damn good Don Cheadle hosted Saturday Night Live. Read More »

brooklyn nine-nine lin-manuel miranda

Ever since Lin-Manuel Miranda banded together with Mark Hamill, Guillermo del Toro, Sean Astin, and Seth Myers to form the most unlikely super group to save Brooklyn Nine-Nine from cancellation, fans wondered if the Mary Poppins Returns star would make an appearance on the beloved NBC comedy series. After all, Miranda is no stranger to popping up in various TV shows as a celebrity cameo – or, before he became a megastar with Hamilton, in a bit part. And it turns out, all we needed to do was wait for it (wait for it).

NBC confirmed a Brooklyn Nine-Nine Lin-Manuel Miranda guest spot with two images giving us a first look at the actor as one of Amy Santiago’s (Melissa Fumero)’s brothers. The only way this episode, which is set to air on March 7, could get any better is if Miranda got his entire group chat to appear. Mark Hamill as a kooky criminal, anyone?

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Halsey Hosted Saturday Night Live

This weekend brought one of those rare instances where the host of Saturday Night Live also doubles as musical guest. Chart-topping singer Halsey joined the ranks of Justin Timberlake, Paul Simon, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and more with her hosting debut this weekend, where she also performed two songs. Unfortunately, the show around her didn’t really let her break out too much as a commendable comedic presence, but the episode wasn’t entirely a wash either.

So let’s dive into the best and worst sketches of the Halsey hosted Saturday Night Live.

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