Free HBO Content

HBO wants you to stay the hell home during the coronavirus, and to better encourage you to do so, they’re offering a whole bunch of stuff for free. Nine full original series, 10 documentaries and docuseries, and 20 Warner Bros. theatrical films will all be available to stream on HBO for free – as in, you don’t need an HBO subscription to watch them. Plus: Amazon is breaking with tradition, and making in-app purchases, including renting and buying films and TV shows, possible.

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Watch HBO for Free and Other Premium Content on AT&T and Xfinity Cable

Millions of Americans are going to be stuck at home for at least another month, maybe more, as we continue to fight the spread of the coronavirus pandemic across the United States. That means you’ll need all the movies and TV shows you can get your hands on in order to help pass the time, and cable giants Xfinity and AT&T will be helping out by making premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, Epix and more available for free for a limited time throughout April. Get the details below on how and when you can watch HBO for free and much more. Read More »

The Undoing trailer

Update: We’d previously covered HBO’s officially-released teasers for this show, but the premium channel has since replaced them with different versions. The biggest difference is that the earlier versions said the show would be premiering on May 10, 2020, but these new versions have changed the premiere date to a more vague “this fall.” Our original article continues.

Nicole Kidman continues her HBO show reign with The Undoing, a new limited series Kidman stars in and executive produces. Based on the novel You Should Have Known, the series finds Kidman playing a therapist whose life unravels following a murder and a public disaster that may or may not involve her husband, played by Hugh Grant. It’s all very mysterious and tense, and is likely designed to keep viewers addicted and hungry for more episodes. Watch The Undoing trailer below.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry David

(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

The Series: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Where You Can Stream It: HBO Go/HBO Now

The Pitch: Television writer Larry David, playing a fictionalized version of himself, bumbles his way through modern day Los Angeles, hanging out with his wife (Cheryl Hines) and manager (Jeff Garlin) and often letting his bristling personality get him into ludicrous (and hilarious) situations. It’s basically HBO’s version of Seinfeld, but about a real-life George Costanza. Oh, and there’s a seemingly endless parade of recognizable faces (a young Melissa McCarthy! Ted Danson! Martin Scorsese!) and most of the dialogue is improv’d within a loose outline for each episode.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: I’m incredibly late to the party on this show – twenty years late, in fact. Curb is currently in its 10th season (it took some long breaks between seasons), but my wife and I have just started to catch up with it over the past couple of months and have found that, at least in the early seasons, it’s been an incredibly helpful distraction from [flails arms, Larry David-style] all of this. Read More »

westworld the winter line review

After a strong premiere episode that felt like a soft reboot, Westworld returns to its roots with the second episode of season 3. And while some may welcome the return, the end result was a bit of a wash. The show is quickly falling back into old habits, dumping tuns of cryptic exposition on our heads and forcing Thandie Newton to call people “darling” every ten seconds. To the episode’s credit, it doesn’t keep us dangling for too long, and actually provides us with some answers – something past episodes have struggled with. But is that enough? Let’s find out what happened this week on Westworld season 3.

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i know this much is true trailer

Update: HBO has unveiled a new release date for the limited series, which we’ve added to the bottom of this article. Our original piece continues.

Mark Ruffalo is the latest actor to pull double duty in a prestige television series — following the footsteps of James Franco in The Deuce and Ewan McGregor in Fargo — playing identical twins in HBO’s I Know This Much Is True. Ruffalo stars as identical twin brothers, one of whom is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, in an intense limited series based on Wally Lamb‘s bestselling novel of the same name. Watch the I Know This Much Is True trailer below.

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Westworld Season 3 Reading Guide

The much-anticipated third season premiere of Westworld dropped this Sunday, and while there’s still a lot we don’t know about what’s in store for the rest of the season, one thing is certain: we will have to wait another week to find out what happens next.

A week can be a long time, especially when a lot of us will be spending more time at home than usual. And while there is plenty of other things to watch on TV, if you’re looking for a different entertainment outlet and a bit more of that Westworld feeling, don’t fret—there are books! Several sci-fi stories capture the vibe of HBO’s Westworld. You can start with the obvious one—Michael Crichton’s 1974 eponymous screenplay—but there are many other books out there that will also help you scratch that “sentient human-like robots live among us and maybe want to destroy us and/or indirectly teach us what humanity actually means” itch. Read on for some book suggestions to get you through the week before the next episode. 

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The Last of Us composer

Composer Gustavo Santaolalla, who won back-to-back Academy Awards in the mid-2000s for his scores for Brokeback Mountain and Babel, made his first foray into composing scores for video games with 2013’s The Last of Us. That game, which is widely considered among the best of all time, is now being adapted into an HBO television show, and Santaolalla will be bringing his talents back into the TV world to tackle the show’s score. Read comments about Santaolalla’s hiring from The Last of Us co-director Neil Druckmann and writer Craig Mazin below. Read More »

the outsider season 2

Will we see The Outsider season 2? The HBO Stephen King adaptation was originally announced as a limited series, and the show covered the events of King’s book in full. But right before the series premiered, HBO switched things up and removed the “limited series” tag from the show. Now, the ratings are in, and it looks like The Outsider finale scored higher ratings than both Watchmen and True Detective, two very buzzworthy HBO shows. With all this in mind, it seems all but inevitable that a second season will arrive. But what the heck is it going to be about?

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the third day teaser

A secluded island paradise can sound pretty tempting, but not the one that Jude Law gets trapped on in the upcoming HBO limited series The Third Day. While visiting a mysterious island off the British coast, Law’s character encounters a group of inhabitants who are hell-bent on preserving the island’s traditions — at any cost. It all sounds very spooky and thrilling, and the eerie teaser makes it seem even more so. Watch The Third Day teaser below.

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