his dark materials the idea of the north review

I’m not usually one to encourage people to stick around with a show because “it gets good later!” But if newcomers to His Dark Materials were uncertain about this series after the intriguing but confusing first episode, then the second episode may be the one to hook them. Not that “The Idea of the North” is any less mystifying or provides any more answers to the many mysteries that it’s juggling. But with its mid-episode reveal — which comes as a surprise even to longtime book fans — it dramatically opens up the world(s) of the HBO fantasy series.

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watchmen episode 5 promo

We all get a little extra-dimensional anxiety. But it’s only in HBO’s Watchmen series that there are whole support groups for people suffering from this affliction. One such member of one of these extra-dimensional anxiety support groups is Tim Blake Nelson‘s Looking Glass, who appears to take the spotlight in the Watchmen episode 5 promo for “Little Fear of Lightning.”

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Watchmen If You Don't Like My Story Write Your Own Easter Eggs

While the return of Silk Spectre and the revelation of the identity of Jeremy Irons’ character are now out of the way, Watchmen is still not done introducing new characters. In this week’s episode, we finally met the elusive and mysterious Lady Trieu, and the story around Ozymandias’ situation took a turn. Though not as heavy on lore from the graphic novel, there’s still plenty going on in “If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own.” As always, we’re were to guide you through all the references to the original Watchmen and more. Once again, this will be spoiler-heavy.

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Westworld Season 3 Teaser

HBO’s Westworld series has already ingrained us in the futuristic corporate world with Delos Incorporated and their revolutionary approach to truly immersive experiences. Of course, things haven’t been going so well for the company since a serious malfunction at Westworld started to shake things up. The ramifications of those events are still being felt, and the third season will continue to tell that story. But there will be a new fictional company entering the fray.

As part of the recent Wired 25 tech event, a panel called “The Future of Data: The Promise and Peril” was sponsored by a company called Incite Inc. During the panel, a minute-long advertisement features Jefferson Mays as Liam Dempsey Sr. talking about the benefits of trusting in a tech company like Incite, which has “unprecedented computing abilities, analyzing data for life’s most unsolvable problems.” They tout being able to protect the climate while helping someone find a job. Surely there’s nothing more nefarious or worrisome happening behind the scenes, right?

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Watchmen masks episode 3

This week’s episode of Watchmen, “She Was Killed By Space Junk,” was a very unique episode in this series. Admittedly, this is only one of three episodes to air thus far. But what made it unique is how it utilized the traditional “character study” episode to not only push the story forward, but also reveal the show’s thesis statement. Here’s what I uncovered. Read More »


HBO, often associated with the best of the best when it comes to television, cares about the viewing experience – specifically, the viewing experience for college students who may be sharing a dorm room with roommates who don’t mind their own business. The network has designed a new product called The HBO Box to help combat this apparently rampant problem, and as you can see in this slickly-produced video, it’s basically a viewing enclosure that you can slide into so you can watch HBO content in peace. And that’s absolutely the only thing you can do with it. Read More »

his dark materials season trailer

His Dark Materials got off to a strong, albeit imperfect, start last night, dropping viewers right into the alternate world where human souls take on the form of animals and James McAvoy is a bad uncle. While the first episode was comprised of a lot of Dafne Keen‘s bull-headed protagonist Lyra Belacqua running on rooftops and foreshadowing things to come, the rest of the first season of His Dark Materials looks to be packed with plot and action.

HBO has released a new His Dark Materials trailer teasing the weeks ahead of the first season, which adapts the first book in Philip Pullman’s beloved fantasy trilogy. But as we see in the intriguing new His Dark Materials season trailer, there are plenty of hints to events even further down the line.

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his dark materials lyra's jordan review

His Dark Materials wants you to take it seriously now. And with the first episode of HBO and BBC’s TV series adaptation of Philip Pullman‘s beloved fantasy adventure novels, it achieves just that — albeit to both positive and negative effects.

Long tucked away in the children’s sections of libraries and bookstores, the His Dark Materials novels have legions of fans who have desperately wished for Pullman’s twist on Milton’s Paradise Lost to be taken seriously as a smart, even times philosophical, fantasy adventure story. In its first episode, “Lyra’s Jordan,” it’s clear that His Dark Materials TV series is most definitely “made for adults.” Prestige director Tom Hooper bestows upon the series a muted color palette and lots of shadowy corners for the whispered schemes to take place, while Jack Thorne‘s script crafts a vast web of intersecting storylines that are much more complicated than that of the book’s original adventure story revolving around the bull-headed orphan Lyra Belacqua (Dafne Keen) on a quest to rescue her friend. But by shifting the focus away from Keen’s fiery little heroine, we never get to really know “Lyra’s Jordan” or the rich, vibrant world that Pullman created — the first episode is a little too heavy on table-setting and a little too fixated on those shadowy corners.

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the new pope trailer

You can’t teach a new pope old tricks, and John Malkovich‘s John Paul III is certainly more of a stickler for tradition than Jude Law‘s flashy Pope Pius XIII of Paolo Sorrentino’s The Young Pope. But thankfully, in the follow-up season of the HBO series The New Pope, this successor seems to have just as much of an ego.

“Everyone in the world should know who the pope is,” John Paul III tells his staff. “It’s not vanity; it’s necessity.” But despite enjoying the fruits of his new role, the new pope does harbor a paranoia that that mischievous young pope may wake from his coma after all. Watch The New Pope trailer.

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watchmen episode 4 promo

After three episodes of whispered references to a mysterious “Lady Trieu,” we finally get to meet her face to face in the Watchmen episode 4 promo. Right off the bat, Hong Chau‘s trillionaire businesswoman strikes an intimidating figure, saying “a legacy…legacy as in blood.” But that’s not the only intriguing thing about this promo, which teases a “reckoning” after the events of the past three episodes. Watch the Watchmen season 4 promo below.

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