Empire - Fake Jussie Smollett Attack

Jussie Smollett has been suspended from the current season of FOX’s music industry drama Empire. The decision comes after the actor was arrested for allegedly staging a hate crime attack against himself in Chicago. Read More »

The Gifted Season 2

Matt Nix created the X-Men TV series The Gifted for Fox. He has previously spoken with /Film before season 1 and season 2. This new season has introduced Reeva Payge and the Inner Circle as new foils for the Mutant Underground.

At the Fox party for the Television Critics Association this month, Nix spoke with /Film again about the rest of the season and where he sees The Gifted going in the future. There’s a good chance it won’t stay on Fox.

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Bless the Harts King of the Hill

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are returning to TV animation with the Fox series Bless the Harts. Created and run by Emily Spivey, the Harts are a southern family. Spivey becomes the first female animation showrunner on Fox, with Lord and Miller producing. With the show in production for a straight to series order, the cast gave a table read for the Television Critics Association. Afterwards, the producers and cast answered questions about the upcoming Fox Sunday night series.

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Lethal Weapon - Seann William Scott Damon Wayans

The Fox TV adaptation of Lethal Weapon was a hit, so it was surprising when Clayne Crawford, the actor who played Mel Gibson’s character Martin Riggs, was fired and a new character, Wesley Cole (Sean William Scott) was introduced. Crawford went on the Dunkin’ Bros. podcast last August to tell his side of the story.

Today, Lethal Weapon producer Matt Miller was on a panel of Fox drama showrunners. After the panel, /Film asked him to respond to Crawford’s side of the story.

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Gotham Final Season

Fox presented a panel for Gotham’s final season, which is subtitled “Legend of the Dark Knight.” The DC series began as a Batman-less Batman show centered on Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and the rogues gallery of Batman’s villains. Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) finally dons the batsuit as the series comes to a close, and the cast and creators previewed the finale.

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fox fall 2018 tv

Since the announcement of the Disney/Fox acquisition, the Fox Broadcasting side has referred to themselves as New Fox. The Fox network, Fox News Channel and other cable platforms will remain separate from the 20th Century Fox productions and other assets acquired by Disney. Today, Charlie Collier, the new CEO of Fox Entertainment, discussed the future of Fox.

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the simpsons season 31

Fox announced today that The Simpsons has been renewed for two more seasons, ensuring the animated show will last through season 32. However, this is more than just a renewal of their longest legacy show. As the Fox/Disney merger comes to fruition, 20th Century Fox productions falls under the Disney side. 20th Century Fox produces The Simpsons, but this renewal is the first time the Fox network has made a Simpsons deal with Disney in the mix.

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rent live snafu

With Grease: Live and A Christmas Story, Fox can claim at least 50% credit for bringing the live musical back to TV. NBC has done their share of live musical heavy lifting too. However, Rent: Live was the first production that did not go according to plan. An injury prevented star Brennan Hunt from performing live, so a prerecorded dress rehearsal was aired instead.

Speaking with the Television Critics Association today, new Fox Entertainment president Charlie Collier stood by the Rent: Live production. A reporter asked if they’d consider understudies in future live musicals, but Collier said that wouldn’t be possible.

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24 remake

Last summer, previous Fox network presidents Dana Walden and Gary Newman said that two 24 spinoffs were in the works. Walden and Newman knew that they would not necessarily remain at the network after the Disney/Fox merger goes through and as the final merger looms, Charlie Collier has taken over as Fox CEO. Today, he told the Television Critics Association that no iteration of 24 is currently in the works.

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the simpsons final season

The Simpsons has been on for…*checks notes*…500 years, and it shows no signs of stopping. But that might change once Disney takes control of Fox properties as part of the big Disney/Fox deal. It’s not that Disney has anything personal against The Simpsons. Instead, it looks like the animated series is worth more dead than alive to the House of Mouse – all because of that sweet, sweet syndication money. Is The Simpsons final season at hand?

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