The Simpsons Vans Collection

There has been so much merchandise based on The Simpsons that you could probably fill an entire museum with it all. Most of it isn’t anything that you want to keep forever, but this new collection of Vans apparel and accessories inspired by the animated series is quite a stylish set of clothing that you can wear for years. Check out The Simpsons Vans collection below. Read More »

The Simpsons - Carl and Dr. Hibbert

Back at the beginning of the year, Hank Azaria decided to vacate the role of convenience store owner Apu on The Simpsons after the character became embroiled in controversy for not just encouraging stereotypes of Indian characters, but for being voiced by an actor who was white. Now The Simpsons will be following suit across the board by no longer having white actors voice any characters of color from here on out.

The Simpsons isn’t the only FOX animated series making changes with how they cast characters of color. Family Guy voice actor Mike Henry will be walking away from voicing the role of Cleveland Brown, a character he has played since the beginning of the series back in 1999. Read More »

dan harmon animated series

Dan Harmon, the creator of NBC’s brilliant meta-sitcom Community and co-creator of Adult Swim’s acclaimed sci-fi comedy Rick and Morty, has signed a deal with Fox Entertainment to create a brand new animated series for the network. Here’s what we know about the Dan Harmon animated series deal so far. Read More »

The Simpsons 2020 Commencement Speech

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the graduates of the class of 2020 aren’t getting their traditional commencement ceremonies. But because of that, countless celebrities have stepped up to give virtual commencement speeches to inspire the next generation of great thinkers who can hopefully save us from the hell we’re experiencing now.

YouTube has put together a whole assembly of videos from famous faces called Dear Class of 2020, and The Simpsons chimed in with some encouragement. Well, at least Lisa Simpson did. The rest of the family kinda phones it in, literally and figuratively. Read More »

Parks and Recreation Cast as Bob's Burgers Characters

Parks and Recreation is fresh off cheering everyone up with their coronavirus relief reunion special (which you can watch online for free right now). Not only was it an uplifting return of the comedy series that has been off the air for years, but it resulted in Subaru and State Farm each giving $150,000 in donations to COVID-19 relief efforts, as well as another $500,000 from the cast of the series.

In honor of the recent charming and charitable Parks and Recreation special, a storyboard artist at Bob’s Burgers imagined what all of the main characters from the NBC comedy series would look like in the animated world of the FOX comedy series created by Loren Bouchard. Check out the Parks and Recreation cast as Bob’s Burgers characters below. Read More »

The Simpsons Style Guide

The Simpsons has a distinct animation style, and that’s thanks to the talented animators who have been working on the series for years. Because that style is so integral to the overall vibe of The Simpsons, there’s a massive style guide for animators to follow so the characters are never feel off from their original design. If you want to see the kind of rules there are for animating The Simpsons, you can see a couple pages from an early style guide thanks to former showrunner Josh Weinstein. Read More »

The Simpsons Extreme Sports Couch Gag

In recent years, The Simpsons has really enjoyed coming up with wild new ways to pull off the couch gag that begins every episode of the series. The opening credits sequence has paid tribute to the likes of Adventure Time, Frozen, Rick and Morty, Futurama and even the entire history of The Simpsons itself. But this weekend, The Simpsons pays tribute to everyone who is stuck at home wishing life was back to normal by taking the animated family on a virtual extreme sports journey that has an animation style unlike anything the series has done before.

Watch The Simpsons extreme sports couch gag below, and find out how this weekend’s episode connects to the new “Playdate with Destiny” animated short, which you can watch for free online this weekend, even if you don’t have a Disney+ subscription. Read More »

Empire Series Finale

This spring was meant to see the sixth and final season of Empire come to a close. The music biz series starring Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard would have ended with the 20th episode this season, but thanks to the coronavirus pandemic shutting down production on the show earlier than planned, the series finale will also arrive ahead of schedule, and it will cut the series a little short. Read More »

Almost Family Canceled

After one season on FOX, the drama series Almost Family has been canceled. News of the show’s cancellation follows the shocking revelation of rape allegations against one of the show’s stars, Oscar winner Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People, Iceman). Though the reason for cancellation has not been confirmed to have ties to these accusations, the timing would seem to indicate that one brought about the other in quick fashion. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

The Simpsons Avengers Parody

Kevin Feige is already the master of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but soon he’ll be the star of a major comic book movie franchise within the animated world of The Simpsons.

An upcoming episode of the 31st season of FOX’s animated family sitcom will lean into superhero movies in a big way when Bart Simpson ends up seeing an early screening of the latest sequel in the Vindicator comic book movie franchise. Instead of playing the shepherd behind the scenes of this superhero franchise, Kevin Feige will be playing the Vindicator’s villain Chinnos, a riff on the Avengers villain Thanos and his massive, bulbous chin. Before the episode premieres this weekend, you can get a tease of Kevin Feige voicing Chinnos in The Simpsons Avengers parody clip below. Read More »