space jam a new legacy 30 for 30

Even Looney Tunes deserve the sleek 30 for 30 documentary treatment from ESPN. The sports network has dropped a fun featurette ahead of the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy in the style of its acclaimed documentary series 30 for 30, which highlight famous athletes’ careers and legacies. Those documentaries are thorough and well-researched, featuring interviews with people who were present for amazing events and incredible archival footage.

And now, we have a Space Jam: A New Legacy 30 for 30 documentary to spotlight the beloved Tune Squad.

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American Gladiators Documentary

ESPN has released some of the best sports documentaries out there with their ongoing 30 for 30 series. Last year, they tackled Bruce Lee with Be Water, the home run battle between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa in Long Gone Summer, and the career and controversy stirred up by cyclist Lance Armstrong in Lance. But soon they’ll dig into a cross-section of pop culture and sports that was a huge hit back in the 1990s.

American Gladiators, the hit athletic competition series that ran from 1989 through 1996, will be the subject of a new 30 for 30 documentary from Vice Studios, ESPN Films, and director Ben Berman, who was at the helm of The Amazing Jonathan Documentary from 2019. Read More »

Muppet Night Football

The Muppets are celebrating the holidays with, uh, football. During tonight’s Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN, the Muppets are going to stop by for something dubbed Muppet Night Football. Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy will kick things off in the broadcast booth while Fozzie Bear reports from the field, and all of this is leading towards a Carol of the Bells music video featuring the Muppets.

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1986 New York Mets Documentary

Sports fans can’t get enough of ESPN’s 30 for 30 sports documentaries. While the series was already popular before, there’s been a surge in interest recently due to the lack of new sports due to the coronavirus pandemic. The success of the 10-part documentary series The Last Dance about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls certainly helped boost the network’s sports documentary profile, and ESPN Films is planning another multi-part sports documentary, this time looking to the 1986 New York Mets baseball team and their amazing comeback to win the World Series against the Boston Red Sox. Read More »

Colin Kaepernick documentary series

Activist, producer, and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is already going to be the narrator of an upcoming documentary series about his childhood that’s being produced by Ava DuVernay. But now Kaepernick will be the focus of another documentary series focusing on his last five years, during which point he became a household name in the football world and sparked a movement which also turned him into one of the world’s most famous activists.

Kaepernick’s Ra Vision Media production company has signed a first-look deal with The Walt Disney Company, which extends across all of the company’s platforms, “including Walt Disney Television, ESPN, Hulu, Pixar, and The Undefeated,” according to a press release. The new show will be the first project of their freshly-inked deal. Get more details below.
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The Last Dance interview

ESPN had a monster hit on their hands from April through May thanks to the release of the 10-hour documentary series The Last Dance, a chronicle of the final championship season run by NBA superstar Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Netflix also had a hand in producing the documentary, and even though it was made available on the streaming service in international markets, the only way US audiences could enjoy it was through ESPN. Thankfully, that’s changing very soon.

The Last Dance is officially coming to Netflix in the United States later this month, which means you can relive the incredible documentary series and light up a cigar with Michael Jordan after you watch the Chicago Bulls win their sixth championship title all over again. Read More »

born to play trailer

The Boston Renegades were born to play. The women’s tackle football team is the subject of the latest ESPN documentary, Born to Play, which follows the athletes throughout their 2018 season as they tried to capture the WFA national championship. Watch the Born to Play trailer below.

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Long Gone Summer Trailer

Following the massive success of the Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls documentary series The Last Dance, ESPN is trying to keep the hype alive by releasing new 30 for 30 sports documentaries on Sundays. One of them will be Long Gone Summer, which chronicles the famous home run battle in the summer of 1998 between St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Mark McGwire and Chicago Cubs outfielder Sammy Sosa. The first Long Gone Summer trailer has arrived to tease the film’s arrival next week. Read More »

Be Water trailer

In the wake of the fantastic Michael Jordan-centric documentary series The Last Dance, which broke viewership records for ESPN, the sports network is hoping that its slate of 30 for 30 documentaries is able to keep audiences’ attention. They’re currently airing Lance, a multi-part look at the life and controversy of cyclist Lance Armstrong, but coming up next month, they’ll tackle a subject that seems likely to attract the attention of folks outside of sports fandom: martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Check out the trailer for Be Water below. Read More »

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ESPN Films - ESPN Documentaries

Faced with an ongoing lack of sports, ESPN has still found ratings success with The Last Dance, a 10-part series chronicling the final championship run of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Since sports aren’t slated to return anytime soon, ESPN is bumping up a few more documentaries from their ongoing 30 for 30 series that were originally scheduled to premiere later this year.

After The Last Dance comes to an end in the middle of May, the following Sundays will see new documentary premieres focusing on scandalous cyclist Lance Armstrong, martial arts legend Bruce Lee, and the famous home run battle between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa in 1998. Get details on the new ESPN documentaries coming in May and June below. Read More »