Disney+ Movies and TV Shows List

Last week, a trial run of Disney+ became available to users in The Netherlands, revealing the streaming service’s interface and the library of movies and TV shows that will be available when it arrives in the United States later this fall. There are plenty of videos of users showing off the streaming service, but because of the size of the library, it took a little while for a comprehensive list of all the titles to become available. Thankfully, the complete list of Disney+ movies and TV shows has finally surfaced, giving us an idea of what will be available on launch day. Check it out below. Read More »

the mandalorian cast

As we near the premiere of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, two more actors have revealed that they have joined the highly anticipated Star Wars series. Natalia Tena, of Game of Thrones and Harry Potter fame, and comedian Bill Burr, best known for his role in Breaking Bad, confirmed that they have boarded The Mandalorian cast, as two characters we might have already gotten a glimpse of in the latest trailers.

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Spider-Man cartoons

Disney+ is currently available in the Netherlands as part of a sneak preview of the company’s new streaming service, and some of those early subscribers noticed that both X-Men: The Animated Series and Spider-Man: The Animated Series are available to stream. Their inclusion in the Disney+ library is news to us, but as someone who spent a considerable portion of my childhood watching these shows, I’m psyched to see them so easily available again.
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Disney+ free trial

Disney+ won’t launch in the United States until November 12. But viewers over in the Netherlands are already enjoying Disney’s new streaming services thanks to an early two month free trial available until the launch date. Thankfully, some of the more excited Disney fans have taken to YouTube with a glimpse at how Disney+ operates, the content available, and much more. So let’s dive into this Disney+ free trial and see how the service looks. Read More »

Star Wars Legends in The Mandalorian

We’re exactly two months out from the debut of the Disney+ streaming service, which means we’re also two months out from seeing the first episode of the live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian. The teaser trailer has everyone pumped and now writer and executive producer Jon Favreau is trying to get Star Wars fans of every kind excited all over again with a tease of what the series has yet to reveal, including the possibility of seeing stories known as Star Wars Legends in the show. Read More »

The Mandalorian

Disney and Lucasfilm are bringing the first season of The Mandalorian to the new Disney+ streaming service starting on November 12. It’s the first live-action Star Wars series ever, and after the first teaser trailer debuted during The D23 Expo last month, fans are extremely excited to see what the show has to offer, and that’s largely thanks to the passion of executive producer Jon Favreau.

The Iron Man and The Lion King director wrote four episodes of the series before Disney and Lucasfilm even expressed interest in making the series, but Favreau decided to focus on getting the show up and running instead of stepping behind the camera as director, opting to let some other talented names take the reins instead. But whenever The Mandalorian season 2 rolls around, Fareau has already decided that he’ll get back in the director’s chair. Read More »

the muppets disney+ series

Turns out the Muppets won’t be living another day. Disney+ has scrapped the Muppets comedy series created by Once Upon a Time‘s Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis and Frozen actor Josh Gad. The scripted comedy series, called Muppets Live Another Day, was rumored to be in the works since early this year, but the creators have since exited the project, leading the House of Mouse to abandon the Muppets Disney+ series altogether.

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MCU Kate Bishop

Looks like Marvel Studios just hit another casting bullseye: the company’s Disney+ series Hawkeye has targeted Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit, Bumblebee) to play the MCU Kate Bishop. If the deal goes through, she’ll join Jeremy Renner and presumably take over as the MCU’s primary archer – because every good superhero team needs that person with a bow and arrow running around as the team’s X factor.
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hawkeye series writer

Marvel’s Hawkeye series has been eyeing a main writer recently, but now it’s finally hit the bullseye with Mad Men scribe Jonathan Igla. Marvel has tapped Igla, who wrote Mad Men for five years, as the Hawkeye series writer and executive producer.

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Mandalorian cast

The Mandalorian premieres in just over two months, but we’re still finding out about new additions to its cast. The latest: Julia Jones, who you may remember from her role as Leah Clearwater in the Twilight films, has come on board showrunner Jon Favreau‘s Star Wars series in a mystery role. Read More »