The Art of The Mandalorian Book

This December, fans of the Star Wars series The Mandalorian will be able to get their hands on some of the incredible concept art from the making of the first season. Lucasfilm and Abrams Books are releasing The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian by Lucasfilm creative art manager Phil Szostak, and he’s just revealed a sneak peek at some of the concept art from inside the book, including alternate designs for the Mandalorian himself and some adorable new images of The Child affectionately called Baby Yoda. Read More »

Star Wars Resistance Series Finale Review

The ending of Star Wars Resistance feels like a paradox, finished and unfinished. So many opportunities have been untouched in the previous season, yet so much has unraveled in the finale that provides a closure that feels decisive and open-ended without being a cliffhanger. All the little humanities in the past bubble up into emotional highs in the finale “The Escape.”

Tam Ryvora (Susie McGrath) and Jace Rucklin (Elijah Wood) observe as the First Order lay waste on the Aeosians, who allied briefly with the Colossus in “The New World.” The genocide horrifies Tam but pleases Rucklin. Using her old comlink, Tam relays a coded message to Team Fireball back on the Colossus. Kaz (Christopher Sean) and Neeku (Josh Brener) decode it and surmise Tam wants to come home. Read More »

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Episode 12 Review

If you found the recent The Mandalorian “The Reckoning” cliffhanger anxiety-inducing, now you’re faced with a Star Wars Resistance cliffhanger in the latest “The Missing Agent.”

The episode opens on an unknown planet with a humanoid alien fellow, Norath Kev (Daveed Diggs), and his rollie droid running fast in the night from an ominous force. He takes refuge, conceals intel, and sends a distress signal on a Resistance frequency. But then he is snatched away by a hulking bounty hunter.

The Colossus receives his Resistance distress signal. Captain Doza (Jason Hightower) worries it could be a trap (he’s right). Kaz (Christopher Sean), Yeager (Scott Lawrence), and Synara (Nazneen Contractor) decide to investigate the planet for the missing agent. If they don’t make it back on time, the Colossus must hyper-jump away and leave them behind. But as they get closer to Norath’s whereabouts, things go wrong. Read More »

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Episode 11 Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Episode 11 Review

A love and pining for home haunts the fast-paced action of Star Wars Resistance in “Station to Station.” This episode would not have worked as well if the viewer hadn’t witnessed the civilian idyllics on the Colossus in the lighthearted “Kaz’s Curse.” Even though the Colossus never appears in this episode, its humble homeliness is an emotional core in “Station to Station”. Read More »

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Episode 10

The day on the Colossus starts off idyllic in this episode of Star Wars Resistance. While no spoken attention is brought to it, the Colossus citizens seem to be enjoying a spurt of economic activity after the Aces’ racing stint in “The Voxx Vortex 5000.” Kaz (Christopher Sean) is blithely gambling against a pirate. And miraculously, he’s winning jackpot after jackpot! Aggravated, the pirate, Leoz (Steve Blum), mumbles some words and licks Kaz’s forehead, instilling him with a supposed curse. Kaz dismisses the idea of the curse, but his supposed bad luck sabotages his Ace obligation to protect the Colossus. So he and Neeku (Josh Brener) sets out to reverse the curse. Read More »

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Episode 9

“The Voxx Vortex 5000” is a rather breezy episode in the second season of Star Wars Resistance. Bored by the absence of racing aboard the Colossus, the lead Ace, Hype Fazon (Donald Faison), proposes that the Colossus pay a visit to a floating space-station casino owned by a hutt known as Vranki the Blue (John DiMaggio), his former employer, so he can race again as well as earn money for the Colossus.

Hype wagers himself to Vranki, confident he can traverse the hazardous asteroid-littered racing course. If he wins, he gets the money. But if he loses, he works for Vranki. At first, Hype’s run on the asteroid belt goes fine, but he discovers that Vranki deployed racing droids that play dirty and sabotage Hype’s run. Not only that, Vranki has seeded fatal obstacles into the racecourse.  Read More »

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Episode 7 Review

“The Relic Raiders” is the first Star Wars Resistance episode to directly engage in the Force. For the majority of Resistance, the Force itself has been virtually non-existent as an explicit presence, despite exploration of its vacated worship sites and references to practitioners like the Knight of Ren and Jedi. The closest the Force came to an appearance was on par with a guest star in the breezy slice-of-life episode, “Bibo,” where the siblings Kel (Antony Del Rio) and Eila (Nikki SooHoo), orphaned by Kylo Ren, exhibit symptoms of being Force-sensitive by expressing vague dreams that come true. And the two kids’ suggested Force-sensitivity is more of a developing matter here.

Read More »

the simpsons on disney+ aspect ratio

You might not want to get rid of your The Simpsons Blu-rays and DVDs just yet. The long-running animated series is now streaming on Disney+, but here’s the problem: it’s in the wrong aspect ratio. The earlier – and best – seasons of the show have been stretched to a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, which inadvertently ends up cutting off chunks of the screen. This is a particularly irksome problem for The Simpsons because the show is chock-full of visual gags, and many of those gags are now being cropped out of the frame.

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Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Episode 6

The Colossus sends a shuttle with Kaz (Christopher Sean), Torra (Myrna Velasco), and Flix (Jim Rash) and Orka (Bobby Moynihan) to Flix’s stormy homeworld of Drahgor III. After their run from the First Order back in “The Engineer,” they’re in desperate need of fuel, and Flix’s family refinery could be their salvation. If not, the entire Colossus community will be stranded. But Flix must persuade his snarky estranged and identical cousins to relinquish some fuel. He is incensed to discover that their operation is now engaging in deep-core drilling, warning them that their drilling will disturb some beasts. Kaz barters with Flix’s cousins to fix their drill deep in the bowels of the planet’s core in exchange for fuel. However, they must confront those beasts below.

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Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Episode 5

Neeku (Josh Brener) is perhaps an underrated hero of the Star Wars universe. His kid-appeal existence could easily be as clunky as Jar Jar Binks, the alien comedy relief sidekick that’s largely considered more annoying than endearing (the heartwarming movement to rehabilitate Jar Jar’s image is another conversation entirely). Except Neeku’s character in Star Wars Resistance works from the get-go simply because he has a developed personhood and his moments of comedy relief register as much as his emotional needs, as best expressed in “Bibo,” one of the breezier episodes of Resistance. So it’s interesting and heartbreaking to see his faith in others get tested here in “The Engineer,” written by Sarah Carbiner and Erica Rosbe. Read More »