lizzie mcguire sequel series

Hey now, hey now. Disney+ is slowly becoming what dreams are made of. Disney announced that a Lizzie McGuire sequel series is in the works for Disney+, with Hilary Duff set to reprise her role as the wisecracking teen with a cartoon persona. But this time, she’s all grown up.

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star wars resistance season 2 trailer

Star Wars Resistance returns for its second and final season this October. The new season of the Emmy-nominated series, which takes place during the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and leads up to the upcoming The Rise of Skywalker, follows Kaz and his fellow Resistance fighters as they continue to wage their war against the First Order. But a few familiar faces enter the scene, upping the stakes even more. Watch the Star Wars Resistance season 2 trailer below. Read More »

disney+ content

Disney+ is stacking up to be Netflix’s biggest competitor, with over 25 original series, 10-plus movies and specials, 7500 past episodes of television, 100-plus recent titles, and 400-plus library titles set to populate the ad-free streaming service when it launches on November 12, 2019. But what titles will be available when? And when can we actually watch that Falcon & Winter Soldier series?

There’s a timeline for the Disney content coming to Disney+ over the next few years, and we’ve broken it down for you below.

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kim possible trailer

So what’s the sitch on the Kim Possible live-action movie? It looks, well, like a Disney Channel movie: as cheesy and friendly-family as can be. And while it may only be the second-best superhero trailer that came out today, the Kim Possible trailer can’t help but hit all the right nostalgia buttons for fans of the popular Disney Channel animated series. See the Kim Possible trailer below.

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Star Wars Resistance Trailer

If you’re not yet excited about the forthcoming animated series Star Wars Resistance, this latest trailer might do the trick.

Star Wars Resistance is an anime-inspired series from Star Wars Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni that focuses on an ace pilot team stationed on the space station Colossus. When they’re not racing around the ocean, they’re taking to the skies and space to battle the First Order, and a new trailer has plenty of starship action, as well as some appearances of familiar faces from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Read More »

star wars resistance elijah wood

That small (or maybe large?) cross-section of Star Wars Resistance fans and Lord of the Rings fans are about to get a whole lot happier.

The Disney Channel animated series has just revealed that Elijah Wood will be guest starring in an upcoming episode of Star Wars Resistance, joining his fellow Lord of the Rings co-star Dominic Monaghan, who was recently announced to appear in Star Wars Episode 9, in the Star Wars universe.

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ducktales season 3

When the DuckTales reboot debuted in 2017, it exceeded the sky-high expectations for the beloved Disney animated franchise, meeting almost universal acclaim. And audiences have responded in kind, leading to show being renewed for a second season immediately.

Now, a month a before the second season is set to premiere, Disney Channel has announced that it has picked up DuckTales season 3. And of course, this being the tongue-in-cheek show that it is, the DuckTales cast announced it with a totally fun behind-the-scenes video. Plus, we have word on some of the exciting guest stars coming in the second season.

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Star Wars Resistance Featurette

We’re just a few weeks away from the debut of the latest entry in the Star Wars universe, a new animated series called Star Wars Resistance. Set during the time period of the latest Star Wars trilogy, the series will introduce to a new set of characters who are fighting with the Resistance against the tyrannical First Order, but you can meet them right now in a new Star Wars Resistance featurette. Read More »

marvel rising secret warriors trailer

You don’t have to wait for the 5th or 6th phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to meet the new generation of Marvel superheroes — they’re already here. Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors introduces a new group of superpowered teens that make up Marvel’s most diverse onscreen team yet.

Disney Channel’s Marvel Rising franchise introduced young audiences to fan-favorite comic book characters through comics and animated prequel shorts, but now takes things a step further with an 80-minute animated film. Lead by the beloved heroes Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel, Marvel’s most diverse team yet makes its debut in the Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors trailer.

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star wars resistance featurette

The best part of any new Star Wars series is the plethora of colorful characters they introduce, many of whom become fan-favorite badasses who cross over into comic books and novels. And it looks like the scrappy characters of Star Wars Resistance are no different. A new Star Wars Resistance featurette introduces us to Team Fireball, the main characters who will headline the Disney Channel animated series.

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