Ultra Violet and Blue Demon

We typically don’t cover Disney Channel original series on /Film, but we’ve heard good things about Ultra Violet and Blue Demon from a trusted friend of the site, so we wanted to put it on your radar in case your kids are looking for something good to watch. The series, which involves wrestling and superheroes, has officially been picked up after finding young actress Scarlett Estevez to star as its 13-year-old heroine. It also provides a showcase for what a new press release describes as “a predominately Latinx main cast and producing team,” which is worth celebrating.
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the proud family revival

The Proud Family is coming back, and they’re louder and prouder than ever. More than 18 years after the beloved animated sitcom debuted on Disney Channel, Disney+ has ordered The Proud Family revival with the original voice cast set to return. Titled The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, the revival is currently in production at Disney Television Animation, with creator and executive producer Bruce W. Smith and executive producer Ralph Farquhar, who led the original series, both at the helm.

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Ultra Violet and Blue Demon Jr.

Wrestling might be a big deal in the United States for fans of the WWE, but down in Mexico, wrestling is essentially a national pastime. But below the border, it’s called lucha libre (or freestyle wrestling), and it features colorfully masked and costumed luchadors trying to take each other down. And now a real life luchador will serve as the inspiration for a coming-of-age superhero action comedy called Ultra Violet & Blue Demon over at The Disney Channel. Read More »

star wars gay representation

Despite taking place a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away, the Star Wars universe has been sorely lacking in LGBT representation on the screen. But amidst the dozens of Star Wars TV shows there has to at least one canonically gay couple. The Star Wars: Resistance executive producers confirmed that there is, and they’ve been hiding in plain sight.

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lizzie mcguire sequel series

Hey now, hey now. Disney+ is slowly becoming what dreams are made of. Disney announced that a Lizzie McGuire sequel series is in the works for Disney+, with Hilary Duff set to reprise her role as the wisecracking teen with a cartoon persona. But this time, she’s all grown up.

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star wars resistance season 2 trailer

Star Wars Resistance returns for its second and final season this October. The new season of the Emmy-nominated series, which takes place during the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and leads up to the upcoming The Rise of Skywalker, follows Kaz and his fellow Resistance fighters as they continue to wage their war against the First Order. But a few familiar faces enter the scene, upping the stakes even more. Watch the Star Wars Resistance season 2 trailer below. Read More »

disney+ content

Disney+ is stacking up to be Netflix’s biggest competitor, with over 25 original series, 10-plus movies and specials, 7500 past episodes of television, 100-plus recent titles, and 400-plus library titles set to populate the ad-free streaming service when it launches on November 12, 2019. But what titles will be available when? And when can we actually watch that Falcon & Winter Soldier series?

There’s a timeline for the Disney content coming to Disney+ over the next few years, and we’ve broken it down for you below.

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kim possible trailer

So what’s the sitch on the Kim Possible live-action movie? It looks, well, like a Disney Channel movie: as cheesy and friendly-family as can be. And while it may only be the second-best superhero trailer that came out today, the Kim Possible trailer can’t help but hit all the right nostalgia buttons for fans of the popular Disney Channel animated series. See the Kim Possible trailer below.

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Star Wars Resistance Trailer

If you’re not yet excited about the forthcoming animated series Star Wars Resistance, this latest trailer might do the trick.

Star Wars Resistance is an anime-inspired series from Star Wars Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni that focuses on an ace pilot team stationed on the space station Colossus. When they’re not racing around the ocean, they’re taking to the skies and space to battle the First Order, and a new trailer has plenty of starship action, as well as some appearances of familiar faces from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Read More »

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star wars resistance elijah wood

That small (or maybe large?) cross-section of Star Wars Resistance fans and Lord of the Rings fans are about to get a whole lot happier.

The Disney Channel animated series has just revealed that Elijah Wood will be guest starring in an upcoming episode of Star Wars Resistance, joining his fellow Lord of the Rings co-star Dominic Monaghan, who was recently announced to appear in Star Wars Episode 9, in the Star Wars universe.

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