Warner Bros. Discovery logo

The era of corporate consolidation continues in Hollywood, with AT&T announcing last month the intention of a merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery. There are still lots of questions about what that new entity is going to look like (whether HBO Max and Discovery+ will be rolled into one streaming service, for example), but one big question has now been answered: the name.

According to reports from a staff meeting held today, the new company name will be Warner Bros. Discovery – and it’s using a quote from one of WB’s most famous movies to try to sell itself to investors. Read More »

warnermedia streaming service

AT&T spent $85 billion on Time Warner in 2016 and it looks like it wants its money back. Just as the streaming wars have reached their heights, the telecommunications conglomerate appears to be pulling the plug on its entertainment ambitions with a deal with Discovery that will spin off its WarnerMedia assets, including HBO Max, into a new standalone media company.

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Expedition: Back to the Future Trailer

The Discovery Channel is about to do a little bit of time traveling with the new series Expedition: Back to the Future. Slated for streaming exclusively on Discovery+, the series from Expedition Unknown host Josh Gates will bring in Doc Brown actor Christopher Lloyd for an adventure to track down the original DeLorean time machine from the first Back to the Future movie. And there are plenty more treats in store for fans of the time traveling franchise. Read More »

Attack of the Murder Hornets Clip

As if the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t enough to deal with last year, the United States also had to confront the threat of a potential invasion of murder hornets. While that might sound like the premise of a B-movie from the 1950s, it was a very worrisome situation when these bee-slaughtering insects typically found in Japan were suddenly spotted in America. It’s a fascinating subject for Discovery+ to cover in a new documentary called Attack of the Murder Hornets, and we have an exclusive clip for you to watch. Read More »

Discovery Streaming Service

Just when you thought the last of the streaming services had launched, Discovery has announced the launch of yet another in January 2021.

The new streaming service is called discovery+, and it will come with the largest-ever content library for a new streaming service at launch. The library will feature over 55,000 episodes from over 2,500 shows from across Discovery, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, OWN, Travel Channel, and Animal Planet, not to mention programs from A&E, History Channel and Lifetime, as well as BBC’s Natural History collection. That’s a hell of a lot of non-fiction programing. Read More »