Titans Season Finale Trailer

The first season of Titans is coming to an end. As you may recall, the first trailer for the DC Universe streaming series had Brenton Thwaites proudly proclaiming, “Fuck Batman,” and it sounds like The Dark Knight wasn’t too happy about that, because he’s coming back with a vengeance.

The Titans season finale trailer has arrived online, and instead of just talking about Batman, the Caped Crusader himself returns in a big way. After Commissioner Gordon is killed, Gotham City has gotten out of control, and apparently Batman is sick of it. He’s hellbent on killing The Joker, and it looks like he might be taking a couple other iconic DC Comics villains down too. So much for that whole rule about not killing people. Read More »

stargirl cast

Joel McHale has been cast in the DC Universe series Stargirl as the Golden Age superhero Starman. He is the second addition to the Stargirl cast following the announcement of Brec Bassinger as the titular teenager who becomes an unlikely superhero.

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young justice outsiders trailer

The latest Young Justice: Outsiders trailer packs quite a punch, as the third season of the beloved superhero animated show sends your favorite sidekicks to space. The team of not-so-young-anymore superheroes are fighting off a multi-universe threat that is somehow tied to a metahuman trafficking ring. It’s all a little confusing, but look! Impulse is so happy to be in space! And Batman skydives! Young Justice: Outsiders couldn’t come to the DC Universe streaming platform soon enough.

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dc universe

The Apocalypse is coming to Young Justice — more specifically, the fan-favorite superhero animated series is heading to Apokolips on the highly anticipated third season, Young Justice: Outsiders. A new teaser released for Young Justice: Outsiders gives us a glimpse at the dangerous alien planet as well as our first confirmation of the season’s official release date on DC Universe.

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Veronica Mars cast

Yesterday’s revival of The 4400 was Exhibit 9,457 in the ongoing case of Hollywood’s reliance on established intellectual property, and two upcoming TV shows, Veronica Mars and Swamp Thing, are both squarely in that category as well. New casting information for both shows has been revealed, and you can learn about the newest cast members below. Read More »

swamp thing cast

Meet the Sunderlands. Will Patton and Virginia Madsen have been cast as Avery and Maria Sunderland, respectively, in DC Universe’s upcoming Swamp Thing. The pair will be joining the Swamp Thing cast, which already includes Crystal Reed, and Maria Sten.

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Titans Trailer

After premiering at New York Comic-Con last night, DC Universe released a new trailer for the first season of Titans, showing off even more of the dark, seedy series featuring Robin (Brenton Thwaites), Raven (Teagan Croft), Starfire (Anna Diop) and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter).

With the early buzz being more positive than negative, DC Universe felt confident enough to renew the streaming series for a second season, even before the first episode has premiered. Read More »

Titans Reviews

DC Comics fans seem to mostly be split on their excitement for the DC Universe’s first streaming series. After the first Titans trailer arrived with the famous “Fuck Batman” line spouted out of Robin’s mouth, it was clear this was going to be a dark and gritty series taking full advantage of the lack censors that network television has to worry about. However, in the first reactions following the show’s premiere at New York Comic-Con, it seems like maybe Titans takes things a bit too far. But at the same time, a good amount of reviews find potential for the series to grow.

Read our Titans reviews round-up below to find out more. Read More »

Runaways and Titans

The Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe are chock-full of mostly adult superheroes, but streaming services are letting the younger roster of super-powered comic book characters take the spotlight.

Marvel’s Runaways is returning for a second season on Hulu this winter while Titans is debuting on DC Universe later this month, and two new trailers have arrived to showcase what each of the superhero ensembles have in store for comic book fans. Read More »

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stargirl series

DC Universe has found its StargirlSchool of Rock and The Goldbergs actress Brec Bassinger will don the star-spangled costume in the new TV series set to debut on the DC Universe digital subscription service, joining the likes of Titans, Doom Patrol, and more.

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