Happytime Murders lawsuit

If you’re in the mood for a great cinematic blend of edgy comedy and detective thriller, combining the seamy underbelly of the big city with seemingly childish characters who have surprisingly adult predilections, good news: Who Framed Roger Rabbit is streaming on Hulu. It’s a classic!

If, on the other hand, you’re in the mood for a movie that apes the style of the 1988 masterpiece, as well as a handful of other not-terribly-recent films, then the dull and laugh-free The Happytime Murders is your only option. But there’s not much of a good reason to sit through the film outside of sheer, baffled curiosity.

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happytime murders lawsuit

Director Brian Henson‘s name may suggest wholesome family fare, but his new movie is anything but. The Happytime Murders is a raunchy comedy set in a world where puppets lie, cheat, steal, screw, and commit crimes. Sounds like a recipe for big laughs, right?

Well, the first reviews for the film are in and they’re…not good. In fact, more than several critics are calling this the worst film of the summer, if not the year. Take a look for yourself.

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Happytime Murders True Hollywood Story

This week sees the release of the R-rated puppet comedy The Happytime Murders, and the marketing campaign is finally making a big push to convince audiences to see the movie. So far, the footage from the actual film has been sparse, with only the initial red band trailer and an updated, shorter version with Twitter reactions giving us a taste of the movie. That has us worried that the movie itself doesn’t have the goods, but the original marketing creations have been commendable.

After releasing things like a warning against the dangerous drug syrup and a private investigator infomercial featuring the lead puppet characters, a new video has emerged that gives us the “P True Hollywood Story” of The Happytime Gang, the cast of the beloved television show of the same name that exists in this universe where humans and puppets co-exist. Like many stars who got too famous too fast, it’s mostly full of tragedy, but it’s the most detailed glimpse at the film’s characters we’ve seen yet. Read More »

Peter Berg directing Patriots Day

Director Peter Berg is not one for wasting time. He says as much, but it’s also evident when you’re on the set of one of his movies, speaking with an actor he’s worked with, or talking to the man himself. Look no further than his filmography the last few years to see the borderline light-speed pace at which he works. He’s made four movies in the last two years, including his latest pic, Mile 22. Nobody could ever call Peter Berg lazy, that’s for certain.

His newest and fourth collaboration with Mark Wahlberg is a significantly lighter film than their past work. It’s Berg, who made a remarkable directorial debut with The Rundown, returning to straight-up action movies. The Kingdom director brings his eye for fast-paced, practical, and point-of-view-driven action to his new lean and mean action movie. Recently, Berg told us about filming Mile 22‘s action, his respect for Wahlberg’s work ethic, when we’ll see his Rihanna documentary, and more.

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Mile 22 sequel

Mark Wahlberg is unleashed by director Peter Berg in Mile 22. Playing the unabashedly unsavory hero Jimmy Silva, Wahlberg gives a high-wired performance that never runs out of gas. If you like your Wahlberg fast and loud, Mile 22 has the performance for you.

Wahlberg’s work is reminiscent of some of his great supporting turns where he gets to play a character a little off-center and let loose. He makes Jimmy Silva feel like a supporting character that happens to be the star of the movie. The role is not too far off from the idea of a hothead character like Tommy from I Heart Huckabees (one of Wahlberg’s greatest achievement in my book) becoming an action hero for the U.S. government. The actor recently spoke to us about his fourth collaboration with Peter Berg, his very impressive work ethic, box office, and more.

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The Happytime Murders Infomercial

The Happytime Murders is only a couple weeks away from release, and the marketing campaign is finally ramping up to remind people that this raunchy puppet comedy is on the way. A short new red band trailer arrived earlier this week, now a batch of new videos featuring these filthy puppets has surfaced online.

First up, detective Phil Philips, one of the puppets assigned to a string of puppet murders, has quite the professional commercial for those in search of a private eye. Plus, check out a new PSA for the Alamo Drafthouse featuring a drug addicted puppet begging you to stop talking in theaters, and watch puppets read tweets reacting to the film’s red band trailer. Read More »

Mile 22 sequel

The good news about the new Peter Berg/Mark Wahlberg action movie Mile 22 is that it’s moderately short, clocking in at barely over an hour and a half. The bad news is that Mile 22 still isn’t short enough. Mile 22 goes in the same category as the recent Sicario: Day of the Soldado; it’s an often repugnant and obnoxious exercise in faux-cinema verite style that serves to beat down its audience into submission as opposed to being entertaining. The compact nature of the story is fairly novel, but the way in which its ticking-clock premise is executed is both exhausting and inexplicable.

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Happytime Murders Red Band Trailer

Since the first red band trailer exploded on the big screen before Deadpool 2 earlier this summer, we haven’t seen much more footage from the raunchy puppet comedy The Happytime Murders. However, a new red band trailer has arrived to showcase some more of the inappropriate humor coming in the film from Jim Henson’s son, Brian Henson. The only problem is that most of it just seems to be more footage from the scenes we glimpsed in the first trailer. Read More »

Happytime Murders PSA

As we come to the end of summer, we’re getting close to the release of what could be the raunchiest puppet movie you’ve ever seen. The Happytime Murders follows a murder mystery in a world where humans and puppets co-exist. But somebody is mercilessly killing the puppet cast members of a classic TV show, and it’s up to a human cop (Melissa McCarthy) and a puppet detective to solve the case.

However, murder isn’t the only danger in the world of The Happytime Murders. It turns out drug addiction is a big problem for some of our puppet pals, but they don’t do drugs like cocaine, heroin, acid or meth. Instead, puppets get their fix by doing syrup. And that’s not slang for anything. It actually means syrup, as in the kind you put on pancakes. If you don’t believe us, there’s a PSA warning puppets about the dangers of syrup that you can watch below. Read More »

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mile 22 clip

The marketing team behind Mile 22 is running full-speed ahead with new clips and featurettes. Perhaps they realize that they’re opening in the shadow of Mission: Impossible – Fallout or perhaps Migos isn’t as big of a draw as they hoped. Whatever the case, the latest Mile 22 clip gives us a glimpse of what we’re really watching this movie for: Iko Uwais.

The star of the cult Indonesian film, The Raid, Uwais is a both an acting and a martial arts powerhouse, and a new Mile 22 clip and featurette prove that this is still the case.

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