i'm a killer maid tv series

Hey, are you a killer maid? If so, you might be interested in I’m a Killer Maid, a new TV series being developed by Legendary from a series of popular Chinese webcomics. It’s being hailed as a “rare example of Chinese IP being developed for an audience outside China,” and is being described as “Mary Poppins turned John Wick…with shades of Freaky Friday and Killing Eve.” Which is certainly something!

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texas chainsaw reboot poster

Leatherface is ready to fire-up the old chainsaw again for yet another Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot. The new Texas Chainsaw is due out sometime next year, and ahead of that release, a new website for the film has launched, complete with an admittedly cool teaser poster. The poster promises that in the new movie, the “face of madness” will return. Check it out below.

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Buck Rogers movie

Hollywood is once again trying to bring space opera hero Buck Rogers to the big screen. Legendary Pictures and producers Don Murphy and Susan Montford are developing a new Buck Rogers movie with hopes of launching a franchise – because these days you can’t adapt a character like this without promising it’ll spawn several sequels. The character originated in the pulp magazine Amazing Stories in 1928 and went on to appear in a comic strip, a radio program, a film serial, a television series, and more. In the stories, Buck Rogers is a man from the 20th century who is knocked out in an abandoned mine, only to wake up in the year 2429 A.D.

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Console Wars Review

Though Atari was the first massively successful home video game system, a flood of terrible games, including the infamously awful E.T. video game, brought the industry crashing down in the early 1980s. But in 1985, the world of home video gaming was brought back from the dead thanks to innovation from Japan in the form of Nintendo.

What followed was a massive behemoth of a video game company who dominated the entire market. Nintendo was raking in the dough and made it so that no other game system could even come close to challenging them, not even the return of Atari. But just as the Nintendo Entertainment System and Mario rose out of Japan to reinvigorate home video gaming, so too would SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog.

In 1989, SEGA was the new, cool kid on the video game block that mixed slick American marketing with traditional Japanese business, literally changing the game and sparking what pop culture would come to know as the Console Wars. It’s all chronicled in the new fascinating and sleek feature documentary of the same name, available today on CBS All Access. Read More »

texas chainsaw massacre sequel

Ryan and Andy Tohill, the duo behind the 2018 British-Irish film The Dig, were hired back in February to direct Legendary’s new Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel, which picks up the story after the events of Tobe Hooper’s original 1974 film. But things went south quickly once they got to the set, because the studio is completely starting over after just a week of production: the duo has now been replaced behind the camera and all of the footage they shot has been thrown out.
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tenet release date delayed again

In a move that virtually everyone saw coming, Warner Bros. has moved the Tenet release date yet again. The big Christopher Nolan action pic was meant to revive the stagnant movie theater industry and single-handedly save the summer movie season by opening in mid-July. However, as coronavirus cases continue to surge across the country, Warners moved the film first to July 31, and then to August 12. Now, the film’s release date has been pushed back again – indefinitely.

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mothra twins

Remember Godzilla: King of the Monsters? It was the most recent entry in Legendary’s MonsterVerse, and it introduced a whole slew of new kaiju creatures alongside Godzilla, including Mothra. In the original Mothra films, Mothra was accompanied by two tiny twins who spoke for the gargantuan moth. That wouldn’t exactly fly in the serious, gritty MonsterVerse, but director Mike Dougherty did manage to have a version of the Mothra Twins in his film – albeit in a truncated form. In a recent Instagram post, Dougherty revealed we would’ve gotten another glimpse of the twins as part of an unfilmed post-credit scene.

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Legendary Entertainment has acquired the screen rights to Devolution, a new book by World War Z author Max Brooks. The book, which just hit shelves today, is subtitled “A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre,” and is Brooks’ exploration of the legend of Bigfoot.

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tenet trailer new

Can Christopher Nolan save the movies with Tenet? Everyone sure hopes so, and they’re looking to Nolan’s latest action mind-bender to jumpstart movie-going after so many theaters have been shut down. As is usually the case with a new Nolan movie, we don’t know much about it – save for the suggestion that the story involves some way to alter time while not being a time travel movie. Watch the latest Tenet trailer below.

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Good Bad & Undead

Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa, two actors who appeared on Game of Thrones (though they never shared a scene) are teaming up for the vampire flick Good Bad & Undead. Momoa will play a vampire who has made a pact to stop killing people while Dinklage will play Van Helsing, the legendary vampire hunter from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

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