demonic trailer

Neill Blomkamp has helmed his first feature film since the 2015 misfire Chappie, and here’s the trailer to prove it. Blomkamp’s latest is Demonic, a horror movie about a young woman who unleashes some terrifying demons. There’s obviously more to the story than that, but everyone is playing things close to the vest here. Even the trailer is careful to not give too much away. See for yourself below.

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werewolves within trailer

A small town is besieged by a mysterious wolf-like predator. The town take shelter indoors, in one closed space together, and they slowly get picked off from inside. It sounds like a solid premise for a horror movie, but an even better one for a video game, and Werewolves Within is actually both: it started out as an Ubisoft multiplayer VR game published in 2016 which has now inspired a horror comedy movie starring Sam Richardson. Watch the latest Werewolves Within trailer below.

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Eric Bana‘s performance in The Dry is one of those reminders that less is more. Sometimes more is more, yes, but in the case of the hit Australian crime mystery, silence speaks loudly. Bana stars as Aaron, a man investigating a murder-suicide involving his old friend back home, where he is not welcomed with open arms. Similar to the cast of colorful supporting characters in director Robert Connolly‘s depiction of rural Australia, as an audience, you’re suspicious of Aaron because Bana gives everyone so little.

It’s a mystery Bana sells in the patient but a propulsive thriller, based on Jane Harper‘s novel. Harper’s hit book hooked the actor, who’s returned to Australian cinema with a bang. “It was a book that I loved and that our director Rob Connolly loved,” he told us, “and we tried to honor the book and try to elevate it as much as we could from a cinematic perspective and felt like it had the potential to really pack a punch.”

As usual in The Dry, Bana doesn’t use bells and whistles as a performer. When we think of his most well-regarded roles, he never goes for the wild transformations always bound to generate headlines. Instead, Bana’s work is more natural and, to the actor, more relatable as a result. During our interview with Bana, he told us why he’s drawn to subtle characters, as well as his fondness for his breakout film, Chopper.

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Demonic First Look Set Footage

It’s been six years since District 9 director Neill Blomkamp delivered a feature film, and it was the disappointing sci-fi action movie Chappie. But when Blomkamp returns to the big screen this year, it will be in an entirely new genre.

Demonic is a new supernatural horror thriller debuting at the end of the summer that involves a family rift between a mother and daughter and the literal demons that are at the root of their pain. Instead of coming right out of the gate with a teaser trailer, IFC Midnight has debuted some 8mm footage from the set of Demonic alongside a couple first look photos. Check it all out below. Read More »

Werewolves Within trailer

You’re probably familiar with Werewolf, the party game in which players are secretly assigned a role – either a werewolf or a villager. In between werewolf attacks, the villagers are tasked with sussing out who the werewolves are among the group before they’re all wiped out. That game was adapted into a virtual reality game called Werewolves Within a few years back, and now IFC Films is here with a movie adaptation of that game.

Instead of keeping the game’s old-timey setting of Gallowston, the movie shifts the action to modern day and a small town called Beaverfield, where a forest ranger and a postal worker try to help figure out what type of creature has been attacking the community. Read More »

mainstream trailer

Those darn kids these days, with their smartphones and Snapchats and, uh, LiveJournals! When will they stop looking at the screen and see the big picture? I don’t know, but in the meantime, here’s Mainstream, a very loud-seeming movie from director Gia Coppola. Stranger Things breakout Maya Hawke plays a young woman hoping for internet stardom, and she soon gets her wish when she teams up with a mysterious weirdo played by Andrew Garfield. But fame corrupts, as the saying goes, and online celebrity might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Watch the Mainstream trailer below.

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Demonic movie

Neill Blomkamp, of District 9 and Chappie fame, directed a horror movie in Canada last year during the pandemic that was cloaked in mystery, but now we finally know a little bit about it. The film is called Demonic, and IFC Midnight has announced that the company has picked up the U.S. distribution rights. Learn more about the project below. Read More »

Being alone indoors is a common facet of pandemic life, but in The Vigil and Saint Maud, it’s also a recipe for religious horror. These two films, which recently hit VOD and streaming, bend in opposite directions yet are cut from the same cloth. Both have first-time writer-directors at the helm and both are distributed by indie-horror labels (IFC Midnight and A24, respectively). Moreover, both center on an isolated individual who comes to believe that a supernatural force is reaching out to them. In The Vigil, it’s a demon from Jewish folklore, the mazzik. In Saint Maud, it’s a Welsh-speaking version of God himself.

Throw in a twitchy dead body under a white sheet, and a bed-ridden woman who’s ready to go Regan MacNeil on you, and you might think you were in store for a schlocky double feature. We’ve seen plenty of flicks like that (not naming any names, but there’s a whole subgenre of exorcism movies, many of which carry abysmally low Tomatometer scores.) What separates The Vigil and Saint Maud from those and unites them as thematic cousins is their serious-minded depiction of trauma and mental health.

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MLK/FBI Trailer

Every child learns about the historic efforts of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. to stop systemic racism in a society that continually treated Black people as inferior. But what they don’t often learn is how the Federal Bureau of Investigation, led by J. Edgar Hoover, was ordered to provide surveillance of King in order to get enough evidence to destroy him and the movement that he was leading. The new documentary MLK/FBI uncovers rarely seen facets of the FBI’s investigation into Martin Luther King Jr., and the first trailer has arrived online. Read More »

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Stardust Trailer

David Bowie passed away nearly five years ago after giving us a life full of incredible music, mesmerizing style, and endless inspiration. He’s a legend who deserves the ultimate biopic about his life and career. Unfortunately, the upcoming movie Stardust starring Johnny Flynn as the iconic recording artist doesn’t look like the kind of cinematic tribute that fans are waiting for.

The first Stardust trailer has arrived, and it looks like it’s desperately trying to be Bohemian Rhapsody, but with a much smaller window into David Bowie’s life and absolutely zero songs from The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, or any of his albums from over the years. Considering the movie seems to be leading to the creation of his famous persona, that feels like a problem. Read More »