IFC Films Unlimited

Independent distributor IFC Films is poised to launch its own streaming service called IFC Films Unlimited, which will initially be accessible through Amazon Prime Video Channels. The service will include hundreds of movies, including The Babadook, The TripY Tu Mama TambienCertified Copy, Gomorrah, and more.

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mary magdalene trailer

Mary Magdalene‘s journey to the big screen has been Biblical unto itself, as the film starring Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix was hit with delay after delay. But as the spiritual drama directed by Garth Davis finally readies itself for an April theatrical release, IFC films has released a new Mary Magdalene trailer. Watch it below.

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The Nightingale release

The Nightingale, the latest film from The Babadook director Jennifer Kent, had its debut at the Venice Film Festival in September of 2018, and then promptly vanished. The hype and buzz that surrounded Babadook didn’t seem to be swirling around The Nightingale as much, and many of us wondered when we’d finally get to see the movie. Now we know, thanks to IFC Films. IFC, who also distributed The Babadook, have snapped up the U.S. rights to the film, and plan to release it in summer 2019. The film is set in 1825, and follows a woman chasing a man through the Tasmanian wilderness on a quest for revenge.

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House That Jack Built director's cut release

Oh, IFC Films. Now you’ve gone and done it. After failing to get the appropriate waiver to screen the unrated The House That Jack Built director’s cut last week, IFC Films is now pushing the official release date back a few months. The House That Jack Built director’s cut release was originally set for next week, but this MPAA kerfuffle has bumped Lars von Trier‘s controversial serial killer flick into June of 2019.

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House That Jack Built spoiler review

(In our Spoiler Reviews, we take a deep dive into a new release and get to the heart of what makes it tick…and every story point is up for discussion. In this entry: The House That Jack Built.)

It’s been five years since Lars Von Trier released Nymphomaniac, the bold and astonishing two-parter that figuratively put a period (or exclamation mark, if you rather) on the end of his filmography. Where does a provocateur like Von Trier go from there? What else is left to say? The answer is The House That Jack Built, a deranged, pitch-black comedy (yes, really) that explores the life of a narccisistic serial killer, played by Matt Dillon (again: yes, really).

As is typically the case with Von Trier, the story is far more thematically complex and layered than that short synopsis might suggest, and every bit as unsettling and occasionally brutal as you might expect. But is the director’s cut – which screened in theaters for one night only – as controversial as some have claimed?

Major spoilers to follow.

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House That Jack Built Unrated Screening

Last night, theaters across the country screened the controversial, unrated The House That Jack Built director’s cut. The screening was a much-hyped, one-night-only event that played up how shocking and rule-breaking Lars von Trier‘s latest misery opus is. But the screening might have broken one rule too many. IFC Films is now facing sanctions by the MPAA for screening the film without getting the appropriate waiver. Whoops.

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the house that jack built director's cut

Lars von Trier returned to Cannes this year after being banned from the festival for 7 years, and immediately infuriated everyone. The film von Trier brought with him, the serial killer drama The House That Jack Built, was derided as needlessly cruel, overly violent, and downright terrible. And now the general public will have a chance to see it! Not only that, but von Trier’s House that Jack Built director’s cut will head to theaters for one night only, before an R-rated cut rolls out a month later.

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Wildlife Trailer

With the Toronto International Film Festival in full swing, we’re starting to get a better glimpse of some of the movies playing the festival. Several of them have already made the rounds on the festival circuit as far back as Sundance in January but are now ramping up their marketing campaign as awards season lingers around the corner. That’s where Paul Dano‘s directorial debut comes into play.

Wildlife is an adaptation of Richard Ford’s acclaimed novel of the same name, and it finds Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan as a couple on the outs in 1960s Montana as a forest fire rages in the mountains not too far away. It’s up to their son Joe (Ed Oxenbould of The Visit) to become the man of the house and try to keep his family together, even as all seems hopeless. Watch the new Wildlife trailer below. Read More »

our house review

Anthony Scott BurnsOur House is a surprisingly conventional departure from his ultra-haunting Holidays segment “Father’s Day.” As a ghost story? It’s still plenty successful at weighing the heft of post-tragedy grief. But as Burns’ follow-up to a short that builds mystifying dread with a fraction of the production capabilities? This remake of Matt Osterman’s 2010 Ghost from the Machine is vastly more linear than one might assume.

Maybe that’s because Burns didn’t write his own screenplay (credit Nathan Parker). Maybe it’s feature-length debut pressures (doubt it). Don’t read this as “Anthony Scott Burns punts his first directorial opportunity.” One just has to ponder how a filmmaker who’s proven himself creatively unshackled ends up channeling formulaic expectations (while still sticking the landing).

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our house clip

In the Spring of 2016, writer/director Anthony Scott Burns became an overnight genre sensation thanks to the Tribeca premiere and subsequent release of horror anthology Holidays. His “Father’s Day” segment pulsated with atmosphere and it wasn’t long before fans were demanding Burns be offered his feature-length due – which, given how it’s July of 2018, didn’t take all that long.

Hot off its Fantasia Film Festival premiere comes Our House, Mr. Burns’ remake of Matt Osterman’s Ghost From The Machine (part of Fantasia’s 2010 programming). It’s a ghost story about loss, grief and tampering with portals to afterlife dimensions in a very family haunter kind of tone (screenplay by Nathan Parker). We’ll have a full review for you here shortly on /Film – and by we, I mean yours truly – but in the meantime, the people at IFC Midnight have been nice enough to gift y’all a tasty little tease with this exclusive clip.

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