promising young woman trailer

Promising Young Woman premiered to raves at Sundance ealrier this year, with many praising the rape revenge black comedy by Killing Eve head writer Emerald Fennell in her feature directorial debut, as well as star Carey Mulligan‘s sharp lead performance as a victim of sexual assault who enacts bloody vengeance on all men. Now it seems like Focus Features is staking it all on that lead performance, setting Promising Young Woman for a December release this year — just in time for an Oscar campaign for Mulligan. Watch the new Promising Young Woman trailer below.

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RBG in Theaters

Even though it may not be the best time to head back to movie theaters, Focus Features and Magnolia Pictures are paying tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by re-releasing two movies about the inspiring, fiery woman’s life back into theaters.

On the Basis of Sex, the 2018 drama starring Felicity Jones as a young Ruth Bader Ginsburg making her way through law school and taking on a groundbreaking case, and RBG, a documentary about the inspiring and personal story of Ginsburg’s rise to the nation’s highest court and her emergence as a pop culture icon, are both coming back to theaters starting this weekend. Read More »

The Way I See It release date

Pete Souza was the Chief Official White House Photographer for President Ronald Reagan and President Barack Obama, and he’s now the subject of a new documentary called The Way I See It, which is directed by Dawn Porter and produced by Laura Dern.

Focus Features is giving the movie a limited theatrical release that begins later this month, and the studio has revealed that the movie will make its cable debut on MSNBC before the 2020 presidential election. In the ludicrous event that October rolls around and you’re still somehow undecided about who to vote for, you may want to watch this. Learn the The Way I See It release date below. Read More »

Come Play Trailer

It’s a tradition in horror movies to have a kid who sees the threat of ghosts and demons hiding in the shadows, and parents refuse to believe them almost every single time. Focus Features new horror movie Come Play takes on that trope head-on, but as the first trailer reveals, they’ve added some refreshing elements to mix up the formula a little bit. Not only is the young lead in this movie a boy with autism, but it makes clever use of tablets and camera filters as a way to create suspense and scares. Read More »

The Way I See It Trailer

There’s a lot that the American people don’t get to see when it comes to the responsibilities of the President of the United States of America. But Pete Souza has seen more than most as official White House photographer, capturing the Commander-in-Chief at nearly every turn. Souza served for two very different administrations, that of Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, and now a new documentary called The Way I See It introduces the man who hasn’t minced words about the differences between these two presidents from different sides of the aisle and the corrupt, pathetic, shell of a man currently in office. Read More »

Kajillionaire trailer

It’s been nine years since Miranda July last released a feature film, and the indie darling has returned in fine form with her new con artist dramedy Kajillionaire. Starring Evan Rachel WoodGina Rodriguez, Richard Jenkins, and Debra WingerKajillionaire debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival to critical raves. While it’s a little less certain how the moviegoing season will shape up this fall, the one certainty is that Kajillionaire is one of the must-see indie films of the season. Watch the Kajillionaire trailer below.

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last night in soho tone

Despite flirting with the genre at the beginning of his career with 2004’s Shaun of the DeadEdgar Wright has never made a full-fledged horror film. But that’s all going to change when his highly anticipated psychological thriller Last Night in Soho hits theaters next year.

Wright has been hailed for his singular grasp on visual comedy and sleek action filmmaking, but psychological horror is something that he hasn’t really dipped his toes in. Which is why Last Night in Soho will “feel very different” from his past films, Wright teased in a new interview. While the filmmaker remained tight-lipped on details for the film, which features a star-studded cast led by Anya Taylor-Joy and takes place in both 1960s and contemporary London, Wright did have plenty new things to tease about the distinctive Last Night in Soho tone.

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Irresistible Trailer

Jon Stewart used to be a welcome voice of reason in the world of politics as the host of The Daily Show. After leaving the news satire program on Comedy Central, he’s mostly been laying low, but now he’s back in the political arena again, this time as a writer/director with a new comedy about the convoluted and perplexing election process in the United States.

Irresistible follows Steve Carell, himself a former correspondent of The Daily Show, as Democratic political consultant who tries to turn a retired Marine colonel (Chris Cooper) into a mayoral candidate in a small Wisconsin town. This gets the attention of the national Republican party, and they bring in their own consultant in the form of Carell’s rival, played by Rose Byrne (Bridesmaids). And that’s when the game of politics really heats up in the new Irresistible trailer. Read More »

the high note review

Too many female-led comedies focus on the romance of it all. The chick flick, the rom-com – they’re terms that are interchangeable. But there is so much more depth of emotion that women feel, so many more nuanced relationships that women have, that are rarely show on the big screen. Only a handful of so-called “rom-coms” dig into them, but they’re often mislabeled because it’s less about the romance, or even the comedy, then it is about the women at the center of them.

One of the more recent films to nail the complexity of female relationships was Nisha Ganatra‘s 2019 dramedy Late Night, which followed Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling as a reluctant late-night show employer and employee pairing who become close friends. Ganatra seeks to repeat this formula with The High Note, a flashy comedy/drama that stars Tracee Ellis Ross and Dakota Johnson in those roles, but now set in the glamorous music industry. But with newcomer Flora Greeson on the script and none of Kaling’s winking humor to drive the drama, Ganatra’s attempt to recapture the success of her previous female-led workplace dramedy unfortunately falls a bit flat.

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Last Night In Soho release date

Last Night in Soho has a new release date. Edgar Wright‘s upcoming psychological thriller starring Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch) was one of our most highly anticipated movies of 2020, with an initial release date set for this fall. But after last week’s reports saying that Last Night in Soho would be moving to next year, Wright and Focus Features have confirmed that the new release date has been set for April 2021.

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