dracula reboot

Welcome to a whole new world of gods and monsters. In the wake of the box office and critical success of The Invisible Man, there’s a mad dash for a monster mash, with more and more classic monsters being rebooted. The latest: Jason Blum‘s Blumhouse is about to sink its fangs into Dracula reboot and they have The Invitation and Destroyer director Karyn Kusama set to helm.

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halloween horror nights movie

Halloween Horror Nights has become a big deal at the Universal Studios theme parks, bringing familiar horror movie characters to haunted houses, scare zones and live entertainment every Halloween season. And Blumhouse has gotten in on the action as well, with events themed around The Purge franchise, the Insidious series, Happy Death Day, and more. And according to Blumhouse founder Jason Blum, bringing all of this to the big screen in the form of a Blumhouse-produced Halloween Horror Nights movie is a real possibility.

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blumhouse frankenstein

Now that The Invisible Man is a huge hit for Blumhouse, more Universal monster reboots are all but guaranteed. Universal already has the Dracula spin-off Renfield in the works, as well as Elizabeth Banks’s Invisible Woman. What else could we see in the future? According to Blumhouse head Jason Blum, the answer is Frankenstein. Blum recently revealed he’d love to make a new Frankenstein movie – and this isn’t just wishful thinking. He’s actually reached out to filmmakers to try to develop a new adaptation.

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paranormal activity 7 writer

Christopher Landon, who wrote Paranormal Activity 2 through 5 (and directed 5, too) is returning to the franchise for the new film – the seventh in the series. Not much is known about Paranormal Activity 7, but it’s safe to assume the movie will involve found-footage and also things going bump in the night. It’s currently slated for a March 19, 2021 release date.

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Leigh Whannell Blumhouse Deal

Director Leigh Whannell is having an outstanding weekend. Not only is the filmmaker’s remake of the classic Universal monster movie The Invisible Man at the top of the box office with a $29 million debut on a budget of just $7 million, but now he’s striking a two-year first look deal with the film’s producer Jason Blum and his horror movie factory Blumhouse. Could this possibly pave the way for Whannell overseeing a proper reboot of Universal’s movie monster universe? Read More »

the hunt trailer

Who is hunting whom in the new international trailer for The Hunt? The controversial Blumhouse thriller that was pulled from release, then put back, has a new trailer with a big twist at the center. We all know the premise of this polarizing satirical horror movie: a group of “elites” hunt down “deplorables” as part of a demented game. But not if Betty Gilpin‘s character has anything to say about it. Watch the new international The Hunt trailer below.

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the invisible man clips

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions have released two clips from director Leigh Whannell‘s remake of the classic monster movie The Invisible Man. The remake takes the sci-fi concept of a man rendered invisible to the world, and turns it into a metaphor for domestic abuse, with Elisabeth Moss‘ Cecilia unable to escape her abusive ex — figuratively and literally. The two new The Invisible Man clips show Moss’ character attempting an escape, and finding later on that there’s no real escape for an abusive relationship.

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the hunt trailer new release

The Hunt was all set to open in September…and then everything changed. Word that the film was about “elites” hunting “deplorables” trickled-out, leading to intense backlash from several people, including a certain constantly-angry American president who loves to shout on Twitter all damn day. Blumhouse and Universal buckled to the criticism and pulled the film from release. Now, The Hunt is back, with a new trailer and a new release date. As a result, the movie now has a new marketing tactic, urging people to check out “the most talked about movie of the year” that “no one’s actually seen.”

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the thing remake

Universal and Blumhouse may be teaming up to remake The Thing, with the new version based on the recently surfaced long-lost pages of the original novel by John W. Campbell Jr. Campbell Jr.’s short novella, Who Goes There? — which became the basis for three previous film adaptations — was originally published in the August 1938 issue of Astounding Science Fiction, but had been cut down for publication. But in 2018, a novel-length version of Campbell Jr.’s was discovered, and a Kickstarter was launched to release the entire novel, titled Frozen Hell. Now, Universal and Blumhouse are reportedly collaborating to adapt the original unpublished novel into the latest film version of this classic story.

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