Black Christmas trailer

We’ve already seen two versions of the holiday horror film Black ChristmasBob Clark‘s low-budget 1974 original cult classic, and Glen Morgan‘s slicker, more expensive remake in 2006. But now the story of a group of sorority sisters terrorized by a serial killer during the holidays is getting a woman’s touch: Sophia Takal (Always Shine) is directing another remake for Blumhouse that puts a new spin on the familiar story. Check out the first trailer below.
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Blumhouse Body-Swapping Thriller

Every once in a while, the movie gods bless us with a concept so wacky that it’s hard to resist. Such is the case with a new Blumhouse body-swapping thriller from Happy Death Day director Chris Landon. The untitled film will find Vince Vaughn playing a serial killer who swaps bodies with a teenage girl, played by Kathryn Newton. Just to clarify: that means Vince Vaughn will be playing a teenage girl, and Kathryn Newton will be playing…well, Vince Vaughn. Sold!

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the hunt release

Earlier this month, Universal’s decided to indefinitely shelve the The Hunt in lieu of a string of tragic mass shootings and political controversy stirred up by Fox News and Donald Trump. The decision was treated with some derision among critics who argued that the polarizing logline for the satirical action thriller, which follows a group of elite liberals who are hunting down a group of people from conservative red states referred to as “deplorables,” shouldn’t be the sole reason that the movie was scrapped. But The Hunt may have a future in theaters if producer Jason Blum has anything to say about it. The Blumhouse Productions CEO revealed that he thinks a release for The Hunt could happen at some point in the future.

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Christopher Landon Blumhouse

The Happy Death Day franchise is dead unless a service like Netflix comes along to fund a third entry, but that’s not going to keep director Christopher Landon down. The filmmaker, who directed the first Happy Death Day and both wrote and directed its sequel, is now developing a new horror movie to direct at Blumhouse, the low budget/high control production company where he’s worked extensively over the past decade. Here’s what we know about his mysterious new project. Read More »

Bloodline trailer

If you’re longing for the early days of the Showtime drama Dexter, a new movie called Bloodline seems like it may scratch that specific itch. Seann William Scott trades his smirky comedic persona for a creepy blank stare here, playing a high school social worker who systematically murders the abusers of his students. Check out the trailer below. Read More »

the purge 5 director

Ready to put on a weird mask and engage in totally legal crime for 24-hours? Well, you can’t. But you can see that happen in The Purge 5, the latest, and presumably last, Purge movie. The Blumhouse horror sequel is gearing up for production and has found itself a director: Everardo Gout. Gout helmed the TV series Mars and has directed episodes of Luke Cage and the upcoming Snowpiercer TV series.

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Fantasy Island movie

Fantasy Island was a popular TV series with new guest stars every week, as new visitors came to live out their fantasies on that island. Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize were the regulars as the proprietors of the island. For the film adaptation, Blumhouse cast a full slate of Fantasy Island guests, including Michael Rooker, Portia Doubleday and Ryan Hansen.

Hansen was at Hulu’s lunch for the Television Critics Association on Friday, since season 4 of Veronica Mars had just premiered on the streaming service. /Film spoke with Hansen about the Fantasy Island movie and a new TV series he’s pitching with the creator of Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television.

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the hunt trailer

The trailer for The Hunt played in theaters before Crawl, yet Blumhouse made the odd decision to hold it back from online release. Why? You’d have to ask them. But the trailer is here now, giving more viewers a chance to get a look at the new thriller where a group of unlucky humans is being hunted for sport. GLOW‘s Betty Gilpin leads the cast and gets to kick a bunch of ass. Watch The Hunt trailer below.

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don't let go trailer

Don’t Let Go premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival under the somewhat clunky title Relive. It didn’t make much of an impression at the fest, but now Blumhouse hopes audiences will be interested enough based on its much better title, and its pretty engaging trailer. The film stars David Oyelowo as a cop who suffers a terrible blow when members of his family, including his beloved niece (Storm Reid), are murdered. Then things get even weirder when the dead niece calls Oyelowo’s character on the phone…from the past. Watch the Don’t Let Go trailer below.

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invisible man cast

Oliver Jackson-Cohen is about to get transparent for The Invisible Man. The Haunting of Hill House star has landed the titular role in Blumhouse’s horror reboot, which also stars Elisabeth Moss. Leigh Whannel is directing this new take on the tale, which subverts the original story about a mad scientist who ends up turning himself invisible.

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