doctor who nycc panel

Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker was joined by her companions played by Mandip Gill and Bradley Walsh to reflect on the game-changing twelfth season of the beloved BBC sci-fi series, and give a tease for the highly anticipated holiday special “Revolution of the Daleks” at this year’s virtual New York Comic-Con. While we didn’t learn much about the holiday special, including what its “holiday” designation means for a release date (is it Christmas or New Years?! Tell us BBC!), we did get two first look images from “Revolution of the Daleks,” which show Team TARDIS in a tight spot. See the first look images, and the details teased by NYCC panel moderator Melanie McFarland from, below.

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daleks animated series

Every science-fiction franchise has its iconic monster. Star Trek has the Borg, Star Wars has too many to count, and Doctor Who has the Daleks. At first glance, these glorified salt-and-pepper shakers with a plunger look unimpressive, but something about these formerly low-budget creations have stuck in the public consciousness. They’ve gotten their own TV shows, movies, lunch boxes, and have even survived to become an important part of the modern-day revival of Doctor Who. And now they’re back in the spotlight again with their very own animated TV series, Daleks!, the final piece of the ongoing Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious multimedia crossover event.

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doctor who christopher eccleston

Here’s some truly fantastic news to lighten up your Monday: Christopher Eccleston, who helped bring Doctor Who to the 21st century with his portrayal of the Ninth Doctor in the modern-day revival of the classic British sci-fi series, is returning to the role after 15 years. Well, in audio form. But regardless of the medium, this is a big deal considering the actor’s famous split with the BBC after his short-lived one season run on Doctor Who, and his reluctance to associate with the role of the beloved time-traveling alien in the years since.

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killing eve season 4 delayed

One day, I won’t have to write a non-stop stream of stories about things being delayed due to COVID-19 – but today is not that day. The latest: production on Killing Eve season 4 has been delayed indefinitely. The series shoots in Europe, and filming on the latest season was supposed to begin in August. Now, that’s off the table, and no one knows when things will be able to officially start.

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his dark materials season 2

His Dark Materials is back and it’s not being subtle. All bets are off with the second season of the HBO/BBC fantasy series, which adapts the second book, The Subtle Knife, in the acclaimed trilogy by Philip Pullman and is set to take its audience onto a whirlwind adventure through multiple worlds. And feelings about a Fleabag reunion.

The virtual Comic-Con at Home panel for His Dark Materials brought together cast members Dafne KeenRuth WilsonAriyon BakareAmir Wilson, and Lin-Manuel Miranda with executive producers Jane Tranter and Jack Thorne and the show’s newest cast member Andrew Scott, who revealed a surprise Fleabag reunion in season 2 of His Dark Materials.

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Luther Movie

Before he canceled the apocalypse in Pacific Rim, actor Idris Elba was working as a Detective Chief Inspector for the Serious Crime Unit in London on the BBC series Luther. Since debuting in 2010, there have been five total seasons, though they have arrived with decreasing frequency, with the most recent fifth season arriving in 2019. Though there’s been no indication of a sixth season, Idris Elba says they’re “this close” to getting a Luther movie off the ground. Read More »

doctor who holiday special

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic put TV and movie productions around the world on hold, casting doubt on the future of dozens of ongoing TV shows. But, perhaps owing to the show’s gift with time travel, Doctor Who, won’t be one of those shows. The long-running BBC sci-fi series managed to film its upcoming holiday special, titled “Revolution of the Daleks,” right under the wire, wrapping shooting on the episode before the pandemic hit. This was confirmed by series star Mandip Gill, who plays companion Yasmin Khan to Jodie Whittaker‘s 13th Doctor.

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little britain streaming

Little Britainone of the most popular BBC shows when it premiered in 2003, remains widely unknown outside of the U.K. But it will likely be remembered for its notoriety now, as the sketch comedy series written by and starring Matt Lucas and David Walliams has been pulled from streaming on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Britbox over its use of blackface.

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doctor who minisode

One of the greatest tragedies of Doctor Who season 10 — aside from being our last season with Peter Capaldi and for the alarmingly sad endings for our core characters — is that we only got one season with the TARDIS dream team that was Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, and Matt Lucas. Together, that trio was one of the most underrated ensembles of modern Who, and it’s still a shame that we only got 12 episodes with them. But in the latest special Doctor Who minisode released as part of the series’ ongoing lockdown content, former showrunner Steven Moffat is giving us a chance to see Mackie’s Bill Potts and Lucas’ Nardole back together again — sort of.

The minisode, titled “The Best of Days,” is a message exchange between Bill and Nardole after the events of the season 10 finale The Doctor Falls, as they give each other updates on their respective situations, both of which are a bit grim. Nardole is stuck in a spaceship orbiting a black hole that is slowly being overtaken by Cybermen, sure, but Bill is now back on Earth in the midst of a pandemic and a worldwide movement against police brutality. But in the sweet and heartwarming short story, which will apparently be Moffat’s last time writing for Doctor Who, the duo try to look on the bright side of things.

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martin scorsese lockdown short film

Are you bored in lockdown? Listless? Finding yourself with nothing but time on your hands? Isolation can be distressing for everyone, but rather than lounging around with nothing to do, legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese decided to take advantage of the extra time. Scorsese has already shot and edited a short film about his experience in lockdown for BBC, which will debut the short this week on BBC’s flagship arts program Front Row Late.

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