El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie

The last time we saw Jesse Pinkman, he was finally a free man, albeit one with enough baggage and damage to last several lifetimes. But the series finale of Breaking Bad left what came next for the show’s most tragic character deliberately ambiguous – what happened after he drove into the darkness, away from Walter White’s final bloodbath?

We’ll soon find out, as it has been revealed that the Breaking Bad movie will arrive this October on Netflix. The movie is called El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie, and there’s a teaser announcing the release date too.

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breaking bad movie

Earlier this summer, Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul had the internet aflutter when they began posting pictures of two donkeys, and then the two actors hanging out together, sparking speculation that they could be shooting the upcoming Breaking Bad movie. It turned out to be a false alarm – the photos were to promote their new mezcal company.

But now actor Bob Odenkirk, who played a supporting role on the acclaimed crime drama and stars on the AMC prequel series Better Call Saul, says the upcoming movie has already been filmed. Read his comments below.
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third Walking Dead show

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director of 2017’s Kong: Skull Island, is stepping into another existing universe. He’ll direct AMC’s third Walking Dead series, the untitled spin-off which will follow members of a separate civilization which survived the zombie apocalypse – specifically, a group of young people who grew up in the relative safety of a walled community. Read on for more information about the upcoming spin-off, including its newly-announced star. Read More »

the terror infamy featurette

The Terror: Infamy introduces audiences to a whole new group of characters who find themselves in peril. Set during World War II, Infamy follows a Japanese-American community dealing with both paranormal happenings and the disturbing realities of the Japenese internment camps the United States government set up after Pearl Harbor. A new The Terror Infamy featurette introduces you to the many characters you’ll meet on the AMC series this season.

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preacher season 4 teaser

Repent, the end is near! The end of Preacher, that is. The AMC series from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, based on the graphic novel series, is drawing to a close with its upcoming fourth season, and there’s a vague new teaser to prepare you for Judgement Day. Watch the Preacher season 4 teaser, and see a new poster, below. The series returns for its final season this August.

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the terror season 2 trailer full

The Terror is returning with an unsettling and timely tale of terror. Season 2, officially titled The Terror: Infamy, is set in a Japanese internment camp during World War II. And if the existence of the camp itself wasn’t disturbing enough, the show also throws some creepy ghosts into the mix as well. The end result looks markedly different than the first season, but just as dread-inducing. Watch The Terror season 2 trailer below.

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NOS4A2 teaser

AMC is bringing a new vampire to television this summer. NOS4A2 is based on the book by Joe Hill, and showrunner Jami O’Brien adapted it for television. Zachary Quinto stars as Charlie Manx, a 135-year-old vampire who feeds off the energy of children. His make-up to transform into an ancient vampire is impressive, but NOS4A2’s biggest effects are seamless.

O’Brien and Hill spoke with reporters at WonderCon in Anaheim last week. Here’s what we learned.

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the terror season 2 premiere

The Terror season 2, officially titled The Terror: Infamy, is set to make this summer extra scary. The second season of AMC’s horror anthology series has just announced an August premiere date, and there’s a set of first-look photos to go with it. Season 1 was an adaptation of Dan Simmons’ historical horror novel The Terror, about an expedition to the Arctic gone terribly wrong. Season 2 will tell a brand new story, set among a Japanese-American community during World War II. See the pics, and learn the Terror season 2 premiere date below.

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the walking dead spin-off

It’s going to take more than an axe to the head to kill The Walking Dead. AMC’s most lucrative TV series has already spun off into a moderately successful second series, Fear the Walking Dead, and now it will be adding a third series into the ever-expanding Walking Dead universe. AMC is reportedly planning a new The Walking Dead spin-off series that will be lead by two young female protagonists and debut sometime in 2020.

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fear the walking dead season 5 trailer

AMC’s The Walking Dead shows are known for being bleak, relentlessly grim pieces of television, but could Fear the Walking Dead be introducing a ray of hope? The spin-off series has been walking that path toward the light since Lennie James‘ Morgan Jones made the crossover from The Walking Dead, bringing with him his philosophy of benevolence, community, and hope. Now in the Fear the Walking Dead season 5 trailer, he’s putting that philosophy into action, and the rest of the core group are along for the ride.

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