my lovely wife

Nicole Kidman‘s Blossom Films and Amazon Studios are about to form a union to make My Lovely Wife. Based on the novel of the same name by Samantha Downing, the story is described as “Dexter meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” There’s no word yet on whether Kidman will star in the film as the titular lovely wife, but considering her success on TV in recent years, it wouldn’t be surprising if that happened.

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tales from the loop trailer

What is Tales From the Loop? Well, for one thing, it’s the first TV series to ever be adapted from digital paintings. The show is inspired by the dreamy, surreal sci-fi artwork from Simon Stålenhag, and this adaptation appears to have perfectly captured the nature of Stålenhag’s paintings. In the first Tales From the Loop trailer below, the imagery is strange and tantalizing, drawing you into what is sure to be a unique new series.

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outer range

Josh Brolin is set to star in the Amazon series Outer Range, which he’ll also executive produce with Brad Pitt‘s Plan B Entertainment and Amazon Studios. Written and created by playwright Brian Watkins, the series follows a rancher who discovers “an unfathomable mystery” on his land. That sounds downright Lovecraftian, but that might just be wishful thinking on my part.

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dawn tv series

Ava DuVernay is teaming up with the first female Star Wars director Victoria Mahoney to develop a new sci-fi project at Amazon. DuVernay and Mahoney are developing a Dawn TV series based on the Octavia E. Butler 1987 sci-fi novel of the same name which follows an African-American woman who works with aliens to resurrect the long-dead human race.

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Hunters Auschwitz

Being in a disagreement with the official Auschwitz Memorial is not an ideal position for anyone, but given the circumstances, Hunters creator and co-showrunner David Weil seems to be doing it about as respectfully and thoughtfully as possible.

Over the weekend, the official Auschwitz Memorial Twitter account criticized the new Amazon series, which stars Al Pacino as the leader of a group of Nazi hunters in the 1970s, for “inventing a fake game of human chess” for a concentration camp flashback, calling it “dangerous foolishness & caricature.” Now Weil has responded, explaining his decision in a way that comes off as level-headed instead of overly defensive. Read More »

bosch ending

R.I.P., Bosch. The series, which stars  Titus Welliver as Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch (yes, that’s his name), was just renewed for a seventh and final season, which will make it Amazon’s longest-running show to date. Season six has yet to premiere, but it’s time for you Bosch-heads to start getting ready to say your goodbyes. Based on the books by Michael Connelly, Bosch launched on Amazon in 2014.

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hunters trailer

Amazon Prime Video has released a new trailer for the Jordan Peele-produced series Hunters, and it finally lets Al Pacino curse at Nazis. The alt-history series follows a team of Nazi hunters living in New York in the 1970s who are on a mission to uncover the hundreds of high-ranking Nazis hiding out in the U.S. Watch the new red band Hunters trailer below.

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Theatrical Movies Streamed More at Home

Even though Netflix and Disney+ are making a habit out of releasing movies exclusively to their streaming platforms without giving them a theatrical release, it might not get the movie in front of as many eyes as they’d hoped.

According to a new survey conducted by Ernst & Young, about 62% of the 2,620 peoplesurveyed said they were more likely to watch a movie through a streaming service if it was given a theatrical release beforehand. Maybe skipping the theatrical release isn’t the best path for streamers to take with their movies? Read More »

blow the man down trailer

A murder in a sleepy New England fishing town? Two sisters who quietly cover it up? Beloved character actress Margot Martindale going up against a gang of aggrieved older ladies? Blow the Man Down, an upcoming Amazon Studios film, seems like it has everything. The chilly crime drama debuted at Tribeca last year and finally gets a release on Amazon Prime Video streaming later next month. Watch the Blow the Man Down trailer below.

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Hunters Trailer

Amazon would like you to watch their new drama series Hunters and they’ve spent Super Bowl cash to create a new trailer and put it in front of the largest possible audience. Ahead of the weekend’s big game, a new trailer for the upcoming series about Nazi-hunters seeking out and destroying fascists-in-hiding in 1970s New York City has arrived and it looks slick and brutal. Watch it for yourself below.

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