tales from the loop review

In Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag‘s surreal paintings, humans are dwarfed by the eerie visions of a retrofuturistic future: a dilapidated mech with a cartoonish cat visage lays smoking atop an elevated freeway, a red-eyed robot tangled in cords looms over a lone farmer, blonde-haired children aim a device at a tractor without a pilot. They give a sense of another time and place — made all the more uncanny by Stålenhag’s method of using digital tools to create the illusion of an oil painting. Stålenhag’s haunting paintings makes us humans look insignificant, small, unimportant. And so, so lonely.

But in Amazon’s Tales From the Loop, inspired by Stålenhag’s and his 2014 narrative art book of the same name, humanity dwarfs everything else.

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amazon delivery delay

If you’re prone to boredom shopping on Amazon you’re going to have to wait a while before you receive your items. Due to increased demand because of the coronavirus, the e-commerce juggernaut is delaying shipments on non-essential items – and that includes movies, sorry – for up to a month. This delay also includes Amazon Prime items, which under normal circumstances arrive in one to two days.

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children's shows streaming on amazon

Amazon has dropped the paywall for the kids’ programming streaming on its Prime Video platform. Children shows streaming on Amazon such as Arthur, Caillou, Peppa Pig, and more will be available for free to all customers worldwide, regardless of whether they have an Amazon Prime account. More than 40 children’s shows will be available to stream for free.

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Amazon Prime Cinema

With almost all the movie theaters closed around the United States, movie studios are releasing some recent and upcoming theatrical releases on VOD much further in advance than usual. Universal Pictures was the first to take a step in this direction, and they’ll be shaking things up even more when they release Trolls: World Tour on VOD on the same date it was intended to be released in theaters. Since then, other studios have followed suit with movies like Sonic the Hedgehog and Bloodshot arriving on VOD early. So Amazon has unveiled a dedicated space for them to be featured, and it’s called Amazon Prime Cinema.

As for how the former theatrical releases of movies like The Invisible Man and Onward are faring so far, it’s only Disney’s latest Pixar Animation adventure that seems to have cracked Top 10 lists. Instead, it’s the cheaper VOD movies that were more recently released on home video have been dominating the charts. Get the lowdown below. Read More »

Tales from the Loop featurette

Since we’re all cooped up inside and movie theaters seem to be on the brink of extinction (thanks, coronavirus), here’s a bit of good news: a new show is coming to Amazon Prime Video that just might become your next obsession.

Tales From the Loop is based on the moody sci-fi art of Simon Stålenhag, and the enigmatic-looking first season will be directed by a murder’s row of terrific talent. Check out a new look at the series below.
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Bosch season 6 trailer

A doctor has been murdered, radioactive material has been stolen from a lab, and domestic terrorists seem hellbent on using it to hold the city hostage. It’s all just another day in Bosch‘s Los Angeles, where Detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch (Titus Welliver, who also appeared in Lost and The Town) and his team are all that stands between the blissfully ignorant city residents and their total destruction.

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Upload trailer - Robbie Amell

Earlier this year, Parks and Recreation co-creator Mike Schur wrapped up the final season of The Good Place, his brilliant series about what happens to a group of people after they die. Now the other co-creator of Parks and Rec, Greg Daniels, is premiering his own show about the afterlife – but this one has a technological twist.

Daniels’ new Amazon Prime Video series, Upload, is a science fiction comedy about a dying man whose consciousness is uploaded into a virtual reality environment. Trust me, it’s funnier than that description makes it sound. Check out the trailer below.
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The Pale Horse Review

The Pale Horse, a two-part series now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, is loosely based on the eponymous book written by Agatha Christie. Those expecting a nail-biting whodunit filled with Christie’s trademark cheek, however, will not find that here. And that’s not a bad thing, necessarily, as some of the best film and TV adaptations out there drift far from their source material.

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SXSW Cancellations

Concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus strain known as COVID-19 have been sweeping the globe. The United States doesn’t have nearly as many cases as Europe and Asia, but the numbers are starting to grow, and concerns about a pandemic have prompted cautious behavior from some of the world’s biggest companies, especially when it comes to attending events with large crowds. That’s why Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Warner Media have all pulled out of the South by Southwest (SXSW) film, TV, music and tech festival, slated to start on March 13. That means all of the premieres and screenings of the movies, TV shows, and panels they were bringing to the fest have been canceled as well.

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kids in the hall revival

Amazon is ready for some of that prime cut Canadian humor with The Kids in the Hall. The streaming service just announced an official Kids in the Hall revival, featuring the original cast together again for 8 new episodes. The original Kids in the Hall debuted in 1989 and drew a cult following, lasting for five seasons and coming to an end in 1995. After the show ended, the group returned for a film, Brain Candy.

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