the martian channing tatum

Ridley Scott’s acclaimed sci-fi film The Martian asked the big questions: What would it take for NASA to rescue an astronaut who got left behind on Mars? How would a man realistically survive on a barren planet given limited resources and a bunch of potatoes? And why can Aquaman control whales? But one big question might have changed the movie completely: what if Channing Tatum was cast in the lead role instead of Matt Damon? It sounds like a random hypothetical, but according to The Martian author Andy Weir, it could’ve happened.

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west side story trailer

Steven Spielberg has always wanted to make a musical, and now he has, with West Side Story. Based on the Broadway musical that first launched in 1957, and was then turned into a film in 1961, West Side Story is the tale of star-crossed lovers in 1957 New York. Unlike the 1961 film, Spielberg only wanted actors with Hispanic backgrounds to play Hispanic characters, and he’s assembled a cast of familiar faces and new names. He’s also brought back Rita Moreno, who won an Oscar for her role in the 1961 film, and here plays a new character. Watch the West Side Story trailer below.

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no one will save you

Kaitlyn Dever has found her next feature film project. The Booksmart star had a banner year in 2019, breaking out in the Olivia Wilde-directed teen comedy before showing her dramatic chops in the Netflix limited series Unbelievable. Roles lined up for Dever, including a part in the feature film adaptation of hit Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. Now Dever has found her next movie with Spontaneous writer/director Brian Duffield.

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predator lawsuit

Jim and John Thomas, the screenwriting duo who wrote the 1987 action movie Predator, want the rights to the franchise to get back to the choppa. The Thomas brothers are suing Disney to recapture the rights to the franchise, while Disney’s 20th Century Studios has filed its own suit to retain the rights to the sci-fi action series.

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starlight movie joe cornish

After Attack the Block arrived in 2011, lots of folks expected Joe Cornish to become a prolific filmmaker hired by big studios to make great, original movies. Instead, he’s only directed one other film – The Kid Who Would Be King in 2019. Thankfully, Cornish is about to get back in the director’s chair again with Starlight, an adaptation of the Mark Millar comic of the same name. Cornish will write and direct the film for 20th Century Studios. The comic follows a space hero who saves the galaxy only to discover no one believes the stories of his adventures when he returns to Earth.

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death on the nile release date

Death on the Nile has faced more stalls than most other star-studded sequels of its caliber — first getting lost in the Fox-Disney reshuffle before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic put a stop to 2020 release plans. But the latest one might the hardest to navigate for the Kenneth Branagh murder mystery film. It’s the problem of star Armie Hammer, who was recently accused of rape and is at the center of an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

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ally mcbeal revival

Of all the shows clamoring for a reboot, Ally McBeal might not be the first one to come to mind. But ready your dancing (baby) shoes, because an Ally McBeal revival is what you’re going to get.

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avatar china

Since its re-release in China earlier this month, Avatar has already seen sky-high success — winning back its title as highest-grossing movie of all time, and adding tens of millions to is already absurd $2.83 billion total haul. One more achievement to add to the 10-year-old movie’s list: surpassing Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan, which was generally rejected by Chinese audiences when it hit theaters last year.

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The Simpsons Movie Honest Trailer

When you have a beloved animated show like The Simpsons that has been credited with predicting the future over and over again, it should come as no surprise that when they finally get around to turning it into a movie, they’ve already covered all the same ground before. The Simpsons Movie Honest Trailer reminds us about all the plot points in the movie that we’ve seen in episodes of The Simpsons, but ultimately admits that it doesn’t stop anyone from wanting to see a sequel. Read More »

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‘Clue’ Animated Series in the Works at Fox

clue animated series

Grab your candlestick and meet me in the Conservatory, because I have something to tell you: there’s a Clue animated series on the way. There aren’t many specifics at the moment, but c’mon – it’s Clue. You know the drill. A bunch of colorful characters gathers in some sort of mansion, someone gets killed, and everyone is a suspect. Of course, how do you adapt that into a TV show? And an animated show at that? Is this a kids cartoon we’re talking, or a more adult-driven show? I mean, the game is about murder, after all. That’s not exactly kid-friendly.

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