MoviePass Family Plan

As MoviePass‘ troubles persist, CEO Mitch Lowe has taken to Reddit to speak directly to its subscribers. Lowe participated in a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, answering questions about the popular ticket-buying service’s money problems, its plans for the future, and just what’s up with Gotti.

Here are a few things we learned from Lowe’s lengthy Reddit AMA.

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Disney Fox bid

In the ongoing battle for most of 21st Century Fox’s assets, here’s another point in favor of Disney. The Department of Justice has officially approved the latest Disney bid of $71.3 billion, as long as the Mouse House agrees to one condition. Learn about that condition below, and find out what moves Comcast is considering. Read More »

Alamo Drafthouse is joining the fray in the battle for the best ticket-buying subscription service. The beloved independent theater chain has announced the launch of a beta version of its new subscription plan, Alamo Season Pass, which it will begin testing out this summer.

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the man who killed don quixote rights

Reports of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote‘s death were greatly exaggerated. Although a French court ruled in former producer Paul Branco‘s favor over the long and drawn-out legal battle between him and director Terry Gilliam, apparently reports that Gilliam had lost the rights to his film were not true.

Gilliam retains The Man Who Killed Don Quixote rights, according to Gilliam’s current producer Mariela Busuievsky. As to those reports that Branco had won them in the court case? Busuievsky says that was a case of Branco simply being a little too boastful.

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Sinemia family plans

MoviePass will soon let you bring a friend to the movies, but Sinemia has released a new spate of plans that will let you bring your whole family.

On the heels of MoviePass’ recently announced “Bring a Friend” feature, Sinemia family plans have been introduced by the competing ticket-buying service. Under these new plans, Sinemia subscribers can purchase plans for up to six people.

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MoviePass troubles

Another day, another dent in MoviePass’s armor.

The movie theater subscription service’s parent company, Helios and Matheson Analytics, has launched a $164 million bond sale in an attempt to stay alive, and a new report says they could need more than $1.2 billion (!) of additional capital to maintain MoviePass’s growth and eventually become profitable. Below, we have a few fool-proof suggestions for how they can raise that money. Read More »

star wars spin-offs

Update: A new report suggests that the Star Wars spin-offs aren’t quite as dead previously rumored. We’ve added the new details below.

Here’s some interesting news from a galaxy far, far away: a new report claims that the Star Wars Story spin-off movies are being put on hold at Lucasfilm. Rian Johnson’s planned trilogy and the Game of Thrones creators’ series of movies are still in the works, but the long-awaited Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone movie and the planned Boba Fett film are reportedly on ice…for now. Read More »

MoviePass Family Plan

Even though MoviePass has been touting their three million subscribers and promises of a continued supply of movie tickets for a low price of $9.95 a month, the subscription service seems hellbent on showing customers that they’re desperate for money any way they can get it. And their latest change to the MoviePass subscription only confirms that.

Starting in July, monthly MoviePass subscribers will experience surge pricing for certain popular movies. That means if you have a monthly MoviePass subscription and not one of their annual memberships, you’ll pay $2 or higher for certain titles and showtimes that are in higher demand. So if you like to see movies on opening weekend, you’ll have to start paying a little bit for your ticket again.

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of a bunch of MoviePass subscribers flocking to the new AMC Theaters subscription service instead. Read More »

Comcast Fox deal

Update 6/20/2018: Bloomberg reports that Fox has accepted a $71.3 billion bid from Disney, which tops Comcast’s previous offer of $65 billion. Disney’s new offer “gives Fox shareholders the option to take their payment in the form of cash or stock, up to a 50-50 level”, and the company will also “take on about $13.8 billion of Fox’s net debt”, which brings the total value of the deal to north of $85 billion.

Update 6/19/2018: According to CNBC, Fox’s board meets tomorrow to discuss Comcast’s bid, and if Fox decides they prefer Comcast’s offer to Disney’s offer, Disney has five days to match. The Mouse House “is expected to add cash to its bid” in addition to the stock-based offer it currently has in place. Our original article follows.

Things just got slightly more complicated in the ongoing saga of 21st Century Fox. Many of the company’s assets were long thought to be acquired by Disney, but as promised, Comcast has now officially swooped in with a superior offer to acquire Fox’s film studio, most of its TV channels, and more. And it looks like they’re coming out swinging: a Comcast Fox deal would mean that Comcast would buy the Fox assets for a hefty $65 billion, far surpassing Disney’s offer of $52 billion.
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LaughPass Subscription

MoviePass has been shaking up the movie industry by offering a daily movie ticket to audiences for the low price of $9.95 a month. Since the subscription service seems to be working well for audiences so far, one stand-up comedy club in New York is looking to offer up their own subscription service for live laughs.

Stand-Up NY, one of the popular hot spots for stand-up comedy in the Big Apple, has introduced LaughPass. The new subscription service is an annual membership offering access to unlimited stand-up shows at the venue, a free drink when you arrive, preferred seating, and even an extra ticket to bring a friend. But that’s not all. Find out more about the LaughPass subscription below. Read More »