Netflix Best Picture Nominees

Here we go again. In what is becoming a tradition, AMC and Regal Theater chains are refusing to screen Netflix’s Best Picture nominees, because that’s just how they roll. The chains typically do a showcase of Best Picture nominees in which they bring the nominated movies back to theaters, but the two Netflix titles – The Irishman and Marriage Story – won’t be included. The same thing happened last year with Netflix’s Roma.

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the irishman ratings

The Oscar nominations are here, which means it’s time to be alternately enraged and excited. But whatever your personal opinion about who was snubbed and who snuck in a surprise nomination, the Oscars are all about celebrating movies and not reducing them into mere numbers like some kind of horse race, right? Sure! But let’s take a look at those numbers for a second, and see what kind of records were set, which were broken, and which didn’t even become a factor at the 2o20 Oscars.

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Oscar Snubs 2019

With typically only five nominees per category, someone is always bound to be left by the wayside when the Oscar nominations arrive. 2020 is no different. But with the snubs also come the surprises – the films, filmmakers, and actors who no one expected to land a nomination suddenly find themselves invited to the biggest awards ceremony Hollywood has to offer.

We’ve combed through this morning’s nominations and have put together a list of the biggest snubs and surprises from the latest batch of nominations. How much outrage you decide to bring to this list is up to you.

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2020 Oscar Nominations

Early this morning, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the 2020 Academy Awards nominees, celebrating the best of the previous year in film. As usual, many of the predicted films and filmmakers were among the new batch of Oscar nominees, but there were also plenty of surprises (and snubs, of course).

Read on for our complete list of the 2020 Oscar nominees.

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2019 Oscars Winners

The 2019 Oscar ceremony went without a host. It was a somewhat last minute decision. The Academy hired Kevin Hart to host the show, but then asked him to apologize for old tweets making homophobic jokes. Two days later, Hart stepped down as host leaving the Academy and network little time to find a replacement. Apparently, the hostless show was successful enough that the network has decided to repeat it for the 2020 Oscars.

ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke spoke to the Television Critics Association today when she made that announcement. Taking questions from reporters, Burke explained the decision and why the network is confident they’ll have another successful Oscars telecast.

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cats oscar

Cats is no longer Universal’s Jellicle choice for its Oscar contenders. The studio has removed Tom Hooper‘s feature film adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical from its FYC page — the page listing Universal’s Oscar-qualifying movies. This effectively removes (or declaws) Cats chances for the major Academy Awards categories that the musical cat-tastrophe was aiming for, including visual effects and original song.

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Oscars might remove a category

The Oscars is like a living, breathing entity, constantly evolving and seeming to either be skirting or courting controversy with practically every decision its voting bodies make. Let’s introduce the Popular Oscar! Just kidding, that’s not happening. Let’s relegate cinematographer speeches to the commercials! On second thought, we’re including everyone in the broadcast. Let’s hire Kevin Hart as the host! Actually, never mind, we’re going host-less.

At least it keeps things interesting.

The latest potential change isn’t garnering the same level of outrage as those previous decisions, perhaps because this one actually seems to be pretty good idea: the governors of the Academy’s sound branch are reportedly “favoring” the concept of consolidating the Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing awards into a single “Best Sound for a Motion Picture” award. Read their reasoning below.
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Best Visual Effects

When I think of the Oscar for Best Visual Effects, I often think of the loudest and most cacophonous movies to play in a theater in a given year. But perhaps that’s unfair, because upon closer inspection, it seems that those types of films are rarely rewarded with the actual prize. So while there are a fair share of obnoxious movies on this year’s shortlist of candidates, the Academy will narrow the field soon for the actual nominees. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the 20 final contenders and see if we can use some recent history to predict the eventual winner. Read More »

best actor 2019

Grab your Dracula cape, bust out the candy corn, and light all the pumpkins. It’s the spookiest season of the year! I’m talking, of course, about awards season. As 2019 draws to an end, we’re rolling into awards season, where some of the year’s best films will be recognized by voters across the board. This awards season is resulting in a surprisingly large amount of potential awards movies featuring two male leads – Once Upon a Time In HollywoodThe LighthouseA Beautiful Day in the NeighborhoodFord v Ferrari. This has resulted in the respective films (and their respective stars) having to decide which filed to campaign in: Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor. The results may surprise you. Or they may not surprise you at all, since some of them seem a bit obvious once you see the movies in question.

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oscars 2020 best animated feature submissions

Academy voters rarely take animation seriously, but they’re going to seriously narrow the field of contenders for Best Animated Feature. The field for the Oscars 2020 best animated features submissions reached a record high this year, with a whopping 32 films submitted for the category.

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