If I asked what single location represents Breaking Bad more than any other, you might say “meth lab.” But the real answer is Los Pollos Hermanos, the chain chicken restaurant run by Gus Fring. It has not only succulent meats, but also illegal treats in the form of meth created by Walt and Jesse. Plus its suburban, happy exterior is the perfect juxtaposition to the horror that happens behind closed doors.

Los Pollos Hermanos is the subject of the next poster in the Breaking Bad Art Project and was done by Jessica Deahl. Check it out below.

The poster was revealed at Familia Skateshop in Minneapolis, MN. Fans who showed up got an 8×10 of the White family by Kirk Demarais (seen here) revealing the website usingonlythefreshestherbs.com and this poster.

Los Pollos Hermanos by Jessica Deahl is an 18 x 24 inch screenprint that goes on sale soon.
We’re over a good way through the Breaking Bad Art Project and rumor has it the artists are about to get much, much bigger with the next poster. To keep updated, keep an eye on breakinggifs.com and @breakinggifs.
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