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6. Bad Guys Get Killed In Creative Ways

At one point, Braven turns into a kind of ultra-violent Home Alone remake, with the lead character standing in for Kevin McAllister, fending off the crooks trying to break into his place. Just like Kevin, Joe Braven finds creative ways to dispatch his enemies. For instance, Braven takes a some wrought iron Long Grabber fireplace tongs, heats them up in hot flames of the fireplace, and grabs a guy by the neck with the now red-hot tongs. Sizzling of skin and high-pitched screams follow. Don’t mess with Joe Braven, folks. He will burn your neck. 

Braven Axe

7. Axe Throwing

When he’s not being creative with his kills, Joe Braven is being direct. At one point, Joe Braven snaps the handle off an axe and then throws it directly into some guy’s forehead at point-blank range. Don’t lie: you want to see that. I know you do. I did.

Mrs. Braven

8. Braven’s Wife Also Kicks Ass

Action movies tend to sideline female characters, or worse, turn them into damsels in distress. Not Braven. Joe Braven’s wife, Stephanie (Jill Wagner), is an archer – a fact that’s teased early on in the film. When the shit hits the fan, rather than wait at home worrying, Mrs. Braven picks up her bow and arrows and charges out to help her man. From there, Stephanie is shooting arrows into the necks of bad guys left and right. She can handle herself, and there’s never a scene where she needs her husband to come rescue her. That’s the way to do it, Braven.

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9. Braven is Impervious to Icy Water

In one scene, Joe Braven gets into a brawl with a bad guy in the snow. An ATV is also thrown into the fight for good measure. The two men roll around, punching and kicking each other, and eventually they fall off a cliff. The bad guy crashes into some rocks, dying, while Joe Braven falls into a raging, icy sea. If you thought that would stop him, think again: Joe Braven comes strolling out of that icy water, perfectly fine. Perhaps this is a prequel to Aquaman, and Joe Braven is Aquaman’s new secret identity, and that’s why he survived so naturally in the water. Or perhaps Joe Braven is just the toughest man alive.


10. Braven Deliberately Steps on a Bear Trap

I’m getting into possible spoiler territory here, but I had to mention this, because it’s incredible. Near the very end of the film, our hero deliberately steps on a bear trap. I won’t tell you why, or the context of the scene, but needless to say, this move that would cause great, crippling pain to you or I barely phases Joe Braven. In fact, rather than provide harm, the bear trap move helps Braven. Have you ever seen a movie where a man intentionally steps on a bear trap, and the bear trap that’s cutting into his foot helps him? No, you haven’t. Not until you see Braven, at least. 


Braven is available On Demand and in select theaters today.

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