Peter: You mentioned Iron Giant. I love that film.

Brad: Oh thanks.

Peter: Seeing Iron Giant in Ready Player One, I wanted to ask you about that. Because he’s kind of used as a weapon in that and that felt a little weird to me.

Brad: Uh huh. I don’t know. I heard that he was in the book, the Iron Giant, one of my sons read the book and said he was in there. And I didn’t go that deep with it. I was just like, Spielberg wants to use Iron Giant? Cool, he’s my hero and he gave me my first break, so that’s really cool. You know?

incredibles 2 trailer

Peter: You also mentioned Jack Jack and I love that short in the original DVD. Is there any chance that we’ll get an Edna Mode babysitting Jack Jack short on this one? Because I feel like I need a short film to see what…?

Brad: Well, we are not talking about the Blu-ray too much. That’s its own thing that we kind of has its own announcing schedule. But I think it’ll be a good one. Yeah, it’s got a lot of stuff on it.

jonny quest

Peter: I wanted to ask about Jonny Quest and Outer Limits. And I understand that those things inspire you, inspired this. But it’s why are used in this movie. Until now, in Pixar, I think we’ve only seen Hello, Dolly in Wall-E. We haven’t really seen pieces of the outside world, our outside world, in there. 

Brad: Well, I have a slightly different rule and that’s that if you’re do an animated film, what’s on TV should also be animated. And Andrew and I kind of were comparing concepts with this. ‘Cause Andrew went the other direction and I think it works very nicely in Wall-E. But I wanted to pay tribute to one of the things that made me wanna make The Incredibles, which is this animated show that has every single thing a young boy wants to see in entertainment. And the opening titles practically made me explode when I first saw them because every single thing that I liked was in this show. There were Komodo Dragons and jetpacks and lasers and Mummies and Pterodactyls and explosions and it was just like oh my God, you know. And very few people remember that when it premiered it was in primetime. And so it was also in the adult time of the night. It wasn’t Saturday morning where it’s been reclassified somehow as coming from. And people died in it. And Johnny Quest’s bodyguard had an affair with Jezebel Jade and there was and she was kind of dark and it might be a bad guy, might not, you don’t know. And I love that. It was an animated thing and it was didn’t exclude kids. But an adult could have a rockin’ good time watching that show. And what can I say? That’s one of the things that made me wanna do Incredibles is just like to capture the feeling I had when I saw Jonny Quest.

outer limits

Peter: What about Outer Limits?

Brad: Outer Limits, it just seemed there it somehow dovetailed, first of all, Outer Limits scared the shit out of me. And even the opening titles where they’re taking control of my television made me hide from it. And yet I wouldn’t leave the room, but I would wanna hide. And there was something about that and the Screenslaver thing that really dovetailed nicely. And graphically I love the opening of Outer Limits. And it fit. If I waited another minute it wouldn’t fit in our universe. But the graphic quality of the titles fit beautifully in the Incredibles world. So it just was too cool to not do.

Gallery Nucleus - Incredibles 2 Art Show

Peter: Eric Tan is an artist I love. I love his work and I think I discovered him through some of the released art on the original Incredibles. You have expanded that with this film and his involvement in theme parks. I know he doesn’t work at Pixar, but is in Disney consumer products, but there seems to be an interesting collaboration you have with him and I’ve always wondered about it.

Brad: I don’t think it was a strategy or anything. I just really like his work. And he seemed to get what our vibe was really readily. Teddy Newton who’s kind of our version of Eric Tan and worked on and did a lot of design work on and was working on the Incredicoaster as well.

Peter: They have similar sensibilities.

Brad: They do. And he just seems like a friend of the pod. You know what I mean?

Peter: Yeah.

Nicole: He did not work up at Pixar.

Brad: He didn’t work up at Pixar, but we loved the work. And I think it’s the first time we’ve displayed artwork from outside the studio in our lobby, because it so fits with our film.

John: His work would just show up and we’d go, oh man.

Brad: Okay. Great.

Nicole: Done. Approved.

Brad: Done. Approved. Yeah.


Peter: One quick last thing, The Underminer reappears in the beginning of this film but is again a loose thread. Will we ever find out what happens to the Underminer?

Brad: You know, if you say no, then you’re trapped by that. And if you say yes, then you’re also trapped by that. So I’ll just say [mumbles incoherently]. Yeah.

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