What are some things you want to deal with in season five?

Oh, I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about it yet. I haven’t prepped myself on what my talking points are for season five. It’s still very fresh in my mind and very messy. I think we go to some fun places and some dark places. It’s more of the show that people like and/or don’t like but I hope in some new surprising ways.

Is Bojack’s relationship with his mother resolved after season four?

In some ways but I also think there’s more to explore there. I think Bojack is someone whose relationship with his mother will never quite be fully resolved.

As most people’s aren’t.

As many people’s, yes.

What about Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter?

We’re going to have to see, won’t we?

Has that relationship been a roller coaster for four seasons?

It has and that’s something that’s been really fun to explore. Really every season we go into it being like, “Okay, how are we feeling about this now? Where do we want to go with it?” It’s actually really exciting for me to work on the show and work on stories that don’t have a predetermined idea of what I’m trying to say or what this means, but just feels like okay, based on the story we’ve told so far, where does that land us here? A lot of times on TV, you do see stories about couples where it’s like okay, this is the good couple and we love them and we’re so excited for them and we want them to be together and work out their problems. Or, this is the bad couple, it’s not working, we want them to just break up. I think the fun thing for me about Diane and Peanutbutter is they’ve kind of been both, which feels more real to me. It’s not just this example of a kind of couple. It’s this very specific couple and the way these two interact with each other. My opinions about it have shifted over the years as we’ve seen how they continue to relate to each other. We explore that more in season five and I think we’ll continue to explore it and it’s very exciting.

Have Princess Caroline’s relationships been exciting to explore in the same way?

I would say she’s been a delight to explore. I think again, Amy is so good and it’s so fun to find different things for her to do or different things for her to play. I think she’s an amazing woman, an amazing character so it has not been hard to find men that don’t quite measure up. I think what has yet to be discovered if we can find a man who will measure up, but it’s been fun playing her with different people in different seasons and that we have the flexibility to do something as serious as the Ralph arc which was a pretty straightforward romantic arc for her with real drama, but then also we have the Vincent Adultman arc which is one of the silliest things we’ve ever done. I love that our show fits in both worlds.

Is the Ryan Seacrest type dead for good?

Well, not in the new season.

Oh, did he already come back?

Oh you mean because he got hit with a car. I thought you meant because of the allegations about Ryan Seacrest. Yes, in the show he was still alive because also it’s unclear if each time we see a Ryan Seacrest type if it’s actually the same guy or other Ryan Seacrest types.

And is character actress and fugitive from the law Margo Martindale still alive?

You know what? That is something we’ll have to discover in season five although I believe she’s already done interviews where she’s spilled the beans on that. As far as I’m concerned, my lips are sealed.

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