Felicity Jones Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

Susan B. Anthony – In one of his stand-up specials, Aziz Ansari (who is hosting SNL next week) has a great bit about how no one ever sees any contemporary ghosts, but only people from decades or even centuries ago. SNL has taken another approach to that idea by having the ghost of Susan B. Anthony be a little out of touch with the modern world and even a little annoying as a group of women try to get a cab after finishing a walkthrough of her museum. But she’s certainly not more annoying than the group of women themselves, which is kind of the idea, but the sketch doesn’t really go anywhere beyond the premise, though it is fairly amusing.

Movie Interview – Even though hearing Felicity Jones, Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney talk so earnestly about a movie so ridiculous does inspire a bit of a chuckle, it still wasn’t really laugh out loud hilarious. Seeing a clip from the movie helped a bit, and the mocking of Fandango itself was a funny jab, but still, this wasn’t anything noteworthy.

Beard Hunk – Saturday Night Live has done parodies of The Bachelor like this before, and this one certainly had some funny moments from the batshit crazy contestants, but it wasn’t one of the best. It was fun to see Felicity Jones play one of the nightmarish women this time, but the sketch as a whole wasn’t anything special.

The Worst

The Princess and the Curse – The theme of this episode of SNL was having a funny basic premise that didn’t really go anywhere, and this one was no exception. On top of that, this was one of the weaker basic premises that didn’t feel like it could sustain an entire sketch. The production quality added something to it, but I can’t help but feel like it might have worked better live.

Shondra & Malik – What is Vanessa Bayer even doing in this sketch? This pre-recorded segment feels like a first draft. I really don’t have anything else to say beyond that. This just felt sloppy and uninspired.

Felicity Jones Hosted Saturday Night Live

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