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This week’s Parks & Recreation finale proved a worthy sendoff for the show’s main characters. But as we say goodbye to Leslie, Ron, and the rest of the gang, we also wanted to take a look at some of our favorite side characters through the years.

Parks and Recreation has maybe the deepest bench of supporting players this side of The Simpsons — far too many to honor here. So after the jump, we’ve listed our 20 top 20 Parks and Recreation recurring characters, plus our 5 favorite single-episode guest stars.

Some of Parks and Recreation‘s best loved supporting players cropped up so frequently, they almost felt like main characters themselves. Others managed to make a big splash in just one appearance. Let’s start with the latter group.

The 5 Best Parks and Recreation Single-Episode Guest Stars

5. Steve Wyatt (Jonathan Banks)

Unlike Breaking Bad‘s Mike Ehrmentraut, Ben’s dad probably isn’t a fixer for a high-powered drug ring run by a megalomaniac cancer patient. But he is, if anything, even less approachable than Mike was. Just look at the way he growls, “We’re a Twizzlers family.”

Parks and Recreation - Steve Wyatt

4. August Clementine (John Hodgman)

Is there anyone better at playing insufferably pompous than John Hodgman? He puts those specific skills to good use as Eagletonian public radio host August Clementine, whose habit of interrupting and use of unnecessary French phrases drives his Pawneean counterpart to perhaps the most soft-spoken on-air outburst in history.

3. Tynnyfer (June Diane Raphael)

Tynnyfer is a spot-on parody of a certain type of female douchebag. Which, naturally, means April wants to travel the world with her. It’s just a bummer she never actually got to, because we would’ve totally watched that spinoff.

Parks and Recreation- Season 6

2. Keg Jeggings (Werner Herzog)

The improbably named Keg Jeggings is basically living April’s dream life — he lives in a haunted holding cell for people who went insane on the assembly line for the Pawnee doll-head factory. Plus, he looks and sounds just like Werner Herzog. But that eerie exterior masks a playful soul who just wants to move closer to Disney World.

1. Garth Blundin (Patton Oswalt)

In a single episode, Patton Oswalt delivered one of the most epic Parks and Recreation scenes of all time. Truth be told, we’re still a little bummed this isn’t the real plot of Star Wars Episode VII. C’mon, Disney — you’re just leaving money on the table if you don’t introduce the Infinity Gems into the Star Wars galaxy.

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On the next page, we’ll move on to the 20 best Parks and Recreation recurring characters.

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